1.21 – Family Fun Time

Wow! Look at all this dust! *coughs out a lung* Damn!

Okay. What happened last time? Uh…Prom! Prom happened! And kitty birthdays! Totally didn’t have to read my own blog for that, nosiree! >.>

For anyone who’s curious, we’re in Week 5 Day 5 of the Diabolical Legacy. It’s been a while, I know, but I’m hoping to get to Generation 2 soon.

And so we begin a new day in the Diabolical Legacy.

1.21 - pic1

Okay, what’ve we got here?

1.21 - pic2

Moriarty: You left me all alone for four months and I’m HUNGRY!

Damn. Now I feel bad. >.>

1.21 - pic3

Rosie: Shut. Up

Moriarty: She just wants to see me WASTE AWAY!

Rosie: *just stares at wall*

Wait! Is it—?

1.21 - pic4

It is! It’s Rosie to the rescue yet again! (see chapter 1.20) You know, you could’ve just fed him in the nursery. 😉

Rosie: Fuck off! At least he’s not starving anymore! Get off my case!

O_O Ah, mood swing. Got it.

1.21 - pic5

What are you up to, lovely?

1.21 - pic6

Lili: I did a bad thing! 😀

That’s nice dear. Now go eat, you’re starving.

1.21 - pic7

Father and daughter enjoying a pleasant breakfast together, idiotic, exhausted paparazzi in the background.

Balding: I’m tired! I NEED that rocking chair!

Just go home! 😡

Grey Bun: But what if we miss something scandalous! Like a Diabolical without clothes!

1.21 - pic8

Rosie: Morning, Dad!

Fhjkdshhew! God damnit, Rosie! Go put on some clothes!

1.21 - pic9

Rosie: Food now. Clothes later. *inhales deeply*

1.21 - pic10

Um, Lili?  Get back in the house.

Balding: Her ass is amazing.

Lili: Just keep smiling.

1.21 - pic11

Uh, Max, something’s going on—

Max: Shh! Don’t follow me.

What? But—

1.21 - pic12

My eyes!

I’ll just head back out and check on Lil—what the hell happened here?!

1.21 - pic13

Mailman: Noob! LOL!

Balding: How did it come to this?

1.21 - pic14

Apparently, Lili’s back inside, doing…?

Lili: Hehehehehe! I’m evilly frying evil ice cream!

Dear…we should talk at some point.

1.21 - pic15

Oh my god! You got dressed! All by yourself!

Rosie: Yeah, whatever.

1.21 - pic16

It’s Leisure Day! And Kitty’s got a wish to go to the park. Why not? We’ll bring the whole family.

1.21 - pic17

Good time for a family photo.

1.21 - pic18


1.21 - pic19

Somehow, the Minion forgot that Kitty was, in fact, a vampire. And its a summer afternoon. Crap.

1.21 - pic20

Since she’s gathered up enough LTH points, the Minion sends out for some permanent sunscreen.

1.21 - pic21

And now she sparkles?! Alrighty then…

Anyway, after the family photo shoot everyone scatters.

1.21 - pic22

Rosie: Lime snowcones. The only reason I come on these family outings.

I’ll leave you to it. Besides, I see your mother doing weird shit.

1.21 - pic23

I don’t think that’s the way you skate, Kitty.

Kitty: On the contrary, this is the way I skate.

Alrighty! Lili! How’re you doing?

1.21 - pic24

Lili: Beautifully!

I didn’t think you took ballet…excellent form! Moving on!

1.21 - pic25

You know he’ll be too big for that tomorrow, right?

Max: Hmph.

Also, note that little sign on the left-hand side of the greeting card photo booth.

1.21 - pic26

XD  I’ve never noticed it before! But I love it!

1.21 - pic27

Eventually, the Diabolicals make it over to the family fun center.

1.21 - pic28

Rosie has far too much fun pummeling her family.

1.21 - pic29

Max evades Rosie’s onslaught by turning into a plane.

1.21 - pic30

Kitty and Lili aren’t nearly as dexterous.

1.21 - pic31

Critical fail!

Lili: Argflarghgrhgrhg!

1.21 - pic32

Moriarty ignores the antics of his family in favor of his imaginary friend.

Mori: They are all imbeciles.

1.21 - pic33

Mori: Isn’t that right, Irene?

1.21 - pic34

Mori: But someday we’ll rule the world. Yes, we will.

1.21 - pic35

Hey! Stop creeping, Steel!

1.21 - pic36

Seriously! He just stood there for several hours, staring at Moriarty, until the family left!

The Minion picks up the threat of impending zombie hoards and scoots everyone back to the house.

Hmmm…something seems to be missing…

1.21 - pic37

Mori: Hey? Where’d everybody go?


Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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