After posting chapter 1.8, I realized people might want to know where I get lots and stuff (‘cuz I certainly don’t build them!).  And I don’t want to take credit from those talented builders I’ve nabbed stuff from.  So, if you’re wondering about a certain snazzy lot I’ve pictured somewhere in my legacy, you can find them listed here.  ^_^

All lot’s are CC-free and arranged in alphabetical order…cuz’ I’m a nerd.

Clearwater Fire Station – Made by the same exchange creator as the Desert Bloom Consignment Shop below, so it matched very well in Lucky Palms.  I edited it a bit, but I can’t remember why.  This lot hasn’t been seen in-story…yet!

Desert Bloom Consignment Shop – A really pretty, desert-inspired consignment shop.  I just hated how EA’s consignment shop looked in Lucky Palms, so I went out and found another one, utilizing a list I found on the Sims 3 Forums featuring lots specifically for Lucky Palms.  Never thought I’d ever actually use it!  XD  This lot was pictured in Chapter 1.7.

The Desert Rose Wedding Chapel – This was a really pretty wedding lot I found in a list on the Sims 3 Forums featuring lots specifically for Lucky Palms.  I got it from the exchange, but edited it a bit, adding some bathrooms and changing some minor decor.  It’s really pretty, perfect for those indoor weddings.  Especially if its pouring in your game! XD  This lot was pictured in Chapter 1.8.

Tickytacky Elixir Shoppe – I might have changed the name…and I know I edited it…but I can’t remember why.  Meh.  I think it was just rearranging things to make it look more like a tourist trap, though the creator did a good enough job with that!  ^_^  This lot was pictured in Chapter 1.13.