The Evil Lair

This, in case you were wondering, is the Evil Lair of the Diabolical family, otherwise known as the Legacy House.  If this is not what you were looking for, GTFO.  If you were just dying to read all about the various forms of built and un-built the Legacy House has undergone, welcome!  ^_^

Generation #1

We begin with the classic Legacy Lawn Living with Max Diabolical.  Notice the riches of two counters and a microwave for instant hot-dogs.  Max deeply regretted allowing his Minion full reign over the furnishings purchased that day.  Sadly, he did not learn from this mistake.

1.4 - pic2

The next exhibit features a single room, housing most of the items currently owned by the Diabolical family.  It is, to put it bluntly, a shack.  Yet another example of Master Diabolical’s poor choice in Minion interior decorators.

The exterior:

House - 1.1 outside

The interior:

House - 1.1 inside

 After the marriage of Max and Kitty Diabolical, a truly joyous occasion, the shack was torn down and a proper house built in its place.  Though, the couple didn’t appreciate it immediately, as they had other things on their minds.

The exterior:

House - 1.2 outside

The interior:

House - 1.2 inside

Right before the twins age up into children, the Diabolical House was remodeled again.  This was to accommodate two children and the various surprises that were to come to the Diabolical family.

The exterior:

House - 1.3 outside

The interior, lv 1:   It’s a spider!  XD

House - 1.3 inside1

The interior, lv 2:

House - 1.3 inside2

Generation #2

The outside, init purty!


The interior, lv 1 (the ground floor):


The interior, lv 2 (unfinished):


The basement, lv 0 (unfinished):


Stay tuned for the next Evil Lair Update!