1.22 – Yes, My Dark Prince

Don’t worry. We get Mori back. 😉

1.22 - pic1

And that’s a good thing.

1.22 - pic2

Because it’s his birthday! 😀

First things first, though. Everyone needs to hightail it to school and work.

1.22 - pic3

Woah! Kitty?! What’s got you baring fangs?!

1.22 - pic4

Kitty: It seems I have a delinquent on my hands!

What’d you do?!

Lili: Bad things! 😦

1.22 - pic5

Oh, Lili. We really should talk about this evil thing.

1.22 - pic6

What are you doing with the baby?!

Rosie: Disposing of it now before it can run.


1.22 - pic7

Oh, thank GOD! Saved by the bus! *turns around*

1.22 - pic8

Max: Hehehehehehe, yet another peon falls! Bwahahahahaha!


Max: Yes.

Go cake the baby.

1.22 - pic9

These guys are just too cute.

Since mom and sisters are out doing grown-up things (work and school), our two men are left alone in a house full of cats.

1.22 - pic10

And I mean full. Seriously, as soon as an heir’s been chosen, some of these cats are being shipped out with the spares. We’ll definitely be keeping Rakshasa, Nikita’s daughter, and one of Dinah’s sons. I’m hoping to breed them together.

1.22 - pic11

Macavity. Don’t let the cute look fool you. He’s the cat this legacy deserves.

1.22 - pic12

Lynx. The kitty yogi. Adorably sweet and perfect, just like his mother.

1.22 - pic13

Max: Excuse me! My only son is aging up over here!

Oh yeah! No more baby. ;_;

1.22 - pic14

With no one else about, the maid joins in the fun.

Maid: Cake is serious business, not trivial fun.

1.22 - pic15

Our birthday boy blows out his candles…

1.22 - pic16

And the sparkles take him!

Moriarty: *derp*

1.22 - pic17

As is customary of the Diabolicals, the Evil trait is bestowed upon our young dark prince. This makes him an evil genius that’s not afraid of anything. That’s terrifying.

1.22 - pic18

And isn’t he just a darling little prince!

Moriarty: Grovel foolish minion. You have no idea the dark powers I am capable of wielding!

*pinches cheeks*

1.22 - pic19

In other news, Rosie gets an opportunity to get a job in exchange for an increase in school performance.

1.22 - pic20

And Kitty gets some incentive to finally max out her celebrity level.

1.22 - pic21

She calls over some celebrity friends of her husband’s and schmoozes.

Even undead and middle-aged, she’s gorgeous. Moriarty takes quite a bit after her.

1.22 - pic22

Speaking of young Mori, he’s sitting down to business with his doll. Good lad.

Moriarty: But of course! Irene is my most loyal subject.

His room was redecorated at some point. Consider this the token bedroom shot.

1.22 - pic23

As for the other children, instead of getting a job, Rosie finds it pertinent to do her homework at a swanky restaurant. At least she chose a seat with a view.

Lili: Pity I can’t enjoy it. Fucking social science bullshit!

1.22 - pic24

And Lili continues to be the least evil sim in the whole of the Sims 3.

Lili: Ice cream! 😀

Homework! Now!

1.22 - pic25

Lili: Homework! 😀

As the more productively evil members of the family, Max holds more meeting to increase general unpleasantness in the work office while Rosie joins the ranks of the minimum wage workers.

1.22 - pic27

Lili: How is this evil? It’s minimum wage, all the produce is subpar, and I have to deal with the so-called ‘citizens’ of this god-forsaken desert!

Consider me fiendishly delighted. >:)

1.22 - pic28

Interruption! Rakshasa is adorable!

Rakshasa: What’s up with him?

With who?

1.22 - pic29

Lynx: deeeeeerp


As birthdays approach, the girls are pushed for time on the romantic front.

1.22 - pic30

Lili: OMG! He’s, like, so cute!

Ignore the holes in the roof. This house needs to be rebuilt desperately.

1.22 - pic31

Rosie: I like good food. If you have poor taste you will feel the weight of my skillet against your skull.

Rosie! Don’t scare him off! Goddamnit!

Lili: Just making sure he has his priorities in the right order.

1.22 - pic32

Moriarty spends his first weekend as a child playing with Irene. We still haven’t got the pop-up saying she’s real. 😦

1.22 - pic33

But just in case we do later, Max is working on his logic.

1.22 - pic34

He’s got a long ways to go yet.

1.22 - pic35

For some reason, this encourages the maid to snap a few pics. Up until this point, this particular maid has been very well behaved, so I’ll let it slide. This time.

1.22 - pic36

Kitty’s back to painting.

Kitty: Living in the middle of the desert and far from town has inspired me.

Carry on.

Since she’s accomplished her LTW, brought in and raised the next generation of the legacy, and contributed several points to our score, Kitty is usual left on freewill unless she has wishes to fulfill or opportunities to do.

1.22 - pic37

Speaking of wishes, she’s completed enough to have accumulated over 100,000 Life-Time Happiness points. +1!

And we’ll end on that rather positive note!  😀

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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