Suggested Reading

Just some sims stories I recommend.  Most of these are TS3, since I enjoy that setting more, but a few TS4 slip in every now and then.

These are organized alphabetically…or, at least, attempted to.

Completed But Should Definitely Still be Read

Alice and Kev

Elemental Legacy  {continued as the Mendeleev ISBI}

The Kyoti Legacy

The Seraphine Legacy

The Southern Prettacy

Pixel Perfect  {the Sims 3 prequel to Perfect Pixel Redux}

Beautifully Written Plots

As Far as the World Goes  {a Sims 3 graphic novel}

As Life Goes


The Chronicles of Clarke  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

Different Winters

Dustland Fairytale

Eight Cicadas

The Hartfield Legacy  {discontinued but being rewritten as The Talented}

Legacies of the Sims

The Loewe Legacy

Noble Doubt

Our Different Paths

The Untouchable Patels  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

Not So Much Plot, But Hilarious Reads

Absolutely Cuckoo

Bedlam ISBI

Dayes of Our Lives

The Dysfunkshunal Legacy

The Freshmen Legacy

The Frosted Legacy

The Gordon Legacy

I Don’t Play Sims 3 (A Legacy)

Insanity Doesn’t Compare

Kanto Legacy

The Maitland Round-Robin Legacy

The November Legacy

The Paradis Legacy

Pixel Perfect Redux  {the Sims 4 sequel to Pixel Perfect}

Rourke Epic Legacy

The Scatterday Matriarchy

Sim Salad

The Tale of the Bagleys

Stuff I’ve Written

The Mayfields, a Sims 3 Story  {the ongoing tale of my first ever Sims 3 family}