Moriarty Diabolical

Moriarty Diabolical - toddlerMoriarty Diabolical - childMoriarty Diabolical - teen

Status:  Generation 2 Spare; Vampire

Legacy Points Earned:  1 (portrait)

Traits:  Brave, Genius, Evil, Angler

Lifetime Wish:  ????


Vampire son of Max & Kitty Diabolical.  Oh my god!  He’s super adorable!  😀  Moriarty is named for Professor Moriarty of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  It’s a complete coincidence that’s he’s an evil genius like his namesake.

Maxed Skills:  none

Skill Challenges Completed:  none

Partner:  none

Children:  none

Birthday:  February (right before Love Day)

Age:  teen

Favorites:  Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, R&B, Green

Sign:  Pisces