Moriarty Diabolical

2.13 – The Halloween Birthday Bash

STOP!  I’ve been posting like crazy!  Here’s the FIRST ONE!  Okay, continue.

I lied, yup, there’s more birthdays.  But look on the bright side.  This is update #10!  We did it guys!  We did it!  We beat SimNaWriMo!  Gold pen thingy has been obtained!  Woo!


I’ve hoped aboard that lovely train that the Epic Rourkes started.  The romantic phone pictures are cute.


And it’s Mad Fireball’s birthday!  She’s aging up to a child.  She’ll start school tomorrow!  She was completely skilled up, so she should be able to receive the Evil trait.  And become a true heir potential!


And it’s also Magno Volt’s birthday!  He’s aging up to a toddler.  So we finally get to see what other genetics we’ve got to work with!


We bite the bullet and order a birthday party.  Max makes the call since he has the Legendary Host LTR.


The girls play together for the first and last time before Mad Fireball ages up.

Goodie Snow:  Where’d you go?  There you are!  8D

Mad Fireball:  Get.  Me  Out.

Sorry kiddo.  I believe in family interaction, however retarded some family may be.


Out on the back porch, a very much in love couple share a cozy breakfast while the sun rises above the dunes.

❤  Always.


And then its game time.  Isaiah and Rosie Dreamer are our first guests.  ^_^


Whatcha doing?

Rosie:  Shhh.


Rosie:  RawrMomsoutsidewiththreeotherguys!

Max:  The atoms in my heart have failed me!


Rosie:  Oh, hey Dad!  How’s it going?  >:D

Max:  Don’t look at me, I clearly named the wrong child heir to my evil legacy.


Speaking of the heir, now that she’s off maternity leave she’s actually getting promotions!  This is level 5…I think.


While waiting for the party to really get underway, Kitty finishes the last portrait for generation 2, Lili’s husband and father of generation 2, Hans Diabolical (Hudson).

I swear we got Mori’s portrait, but I don’t seem to have a screenshot of it.  I’ll show you later.


What’re you chuckling at?

Lili:  Mom moved out of her room just in time to get swarmed by fans!  >:)

…that’s not a bad thing.

Lili:  It’s not?  😦

Go get the babies.


There’s a party to start!  As elder heir potential, Mad Fireball goes first.

Her entire family makes it through the throng of people in time.  Hans & Max are just off screen.


Sparkle, sparkle!


Yes, yes, Evil trait!  Now what do you LOOK like!



Mad Fireball’s face is very angular, but it doesn’t remind me of Lili or Rosie.  She must take quite a lot after her father.  I might be okay with that.


Mad Fireball, in her everydaywear now, grabs cake while Lili brings Magno Volt to his cake.


Toddler Magno Volt incoming!


Oooo!  He’s got a softer face than his sisters!  But he’s got Max’s eyeshape.  And…red eyes?!  Red eyes!  Holy shit!  I’ve hit the genetic lottery for an evil legacy!  8D


Oh my.  He looks a bit creepy, doesn’t he?

Magno Volt:  Now why would you say that?

It’s the combination of the cute, chubby cheeks and those Diabolical, red eyes.  He’s a Halloween baby, clearly!


Magno Volt has an IF.  Its name is Pal.  I find that ironic.


Magno Volt:  You are MINE!  I will beat you into submission!


Magno Volt:  Oh, did that hurt?  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you, Pal.


Magno Volt:  I love you!  I’ll never let you go.  We’ll be together forever and ever.


Magno Volt:  Won’t we?


I feel like I should have named you “Damien“.

Happy Halloween, peoples!  And thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.11 – Birth Days Ahead, pt. 3

Hopefully this is the last of the birthday updates.  At least, for a little while.

We begin with a visit from beyond the grave.


Nikita:  ‘Sup bitches!  Miss me!

Yes!  T_T


And this is, apparently, how ghost cats floats.  Huh.

Nikita spent her first night as a ghost cat as she spent many nights while alive: stalking for prey.  Never change, Nikita.  T_T


And it’s baby time one more!  We made sure Lili was happy this time around.  We even braved the paparazzi to go to the library and read both pregnancy books!  No more disappointments!


I will never get tired of Lili’s birthing faces.  XD

Unfortunately, the hilarity and anticipation are being ruined by a certain disappointment.


Will you shut up?!

Perhaps I should be nicer.  This is the first sound it’s made since its birth.


Then, for some reason that eludes me, Hans puts baby Goodie Snow on the floor.






I like it!


Baby boy Magno Volt was born on the last day of Spring, at 10:02 am.  He’s Absent-minded and Loves the Cold.  He likes Rap music (interesting!), Tofu Tri-Tip Steak (…okay), and the color Hot Pink (hell yeah!).  He’s a Taurus.

Best of all, he’s not Good!  Whew!


Welcome, Diabolical spawn, welcome to the gorgeous world, ripe for the picking.  >:)

I suppose we’ll check on the disapp–


WHY?!?!  Why are YOU the red-head?!  T_T

Goodie Snow:  To spite you.  Lol!



As punishment, she’s relegated to the walker for the foreseeable future.

Goodie:  You can try, but with my red hair and big blue eyes, I’m too cute to ignore now!



And then its graduation time!  Mori’s a big help by letting everyone ignore his graduation.

Mori:  You must be stupid if you think I even told them.



He is the Class Valedictorian, like we all knew he would be, and is voted Most Likely to…Save…the World?  Bwahahahahahahahahah!  XD  Why?!  XD

Mori:  Because I successfully fooled them all.



You may be wondering where Rosie’s been besides grounding her baby brother and keeping the family afloat.

She’s just planning her wedding elopement with Isaiah.


Because she has reached level 10 of the Culinary Career!  Completing her LTW and getting us that fancy ass fridge!


Mmmm.  Fancy.


Rosie calls Isaiah over and marries him, fulfilling a wish both Max and Kitty have had for a while.



Then Rosie runs off into the sunset with her man successful wrapped in chains.  Make us adorabolical babies!

She takes many of the cats with her:  Rakshasa and two kittens.  We keep Jinx as the next heir in the kitty legacy.


The event calls for a new family photo!  The first of generation 2!


This took some finagling as Hans had to run off at the last second because there was a FIRE EMERGENCY!


Angry gnomes?


Angry gnomes!  Hell yeah!  😀


Hans actually does really well!  Grade A!

Kinda sad we don’t get to keep any of the captured gnomes though.  😦


He gets an award for Heroic Anti-Gnomeness.


And the final promotion to Fire Chief, level 10!  Woop!  Which does NOT fulfill his LTW…which is, apparently, to save 30 sims from fires.  Yeesh.  We’ve still got our work cut out for us.



One last thing before we part ways for now:  Max and Kitty have both reached the end of their life bars.  So, they could go at any time.  😦  They both have wishes to have more grandkids, but Max also has a wish to see Lili become an Emperor of Evil.  There might be more babies once Lili gets higher in her career.

A vote between two potential heirs is no fun anyways.  😉

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.10 – Birth Days Ahead, pt. 2

Welcome back to the Diabolical Legacy, Update #7 of SimNaWriMo!  That’s a silver feather in our cap, ladies and gents!

Last time, Rosie got engaged to her teenage boy toy and Mad Fireball aged into a toddler!  And that’s ALL that happened.  We won’t speak of the disappointment.  Have Mad Fireball spam!






Ignore the pink thing in that second crib.  It is a failure and will no doubt spontaneously combust like the defective thing it is.


Just in time to be replaced too!  Bring forth the new spawn!


Lili has been chained to the chess board for the majority of her pregnancies, but finally.  FINALLY!  Labor comes to fruition!  Lili has maxed the Logic skill!  This should make Criminal promotions a lot easier to nab.  (lol)  Unless I’m being an idiot and its Charisma she needs, not Logic.  She’s too low in the chain of command for me to see.  And I’m too lazy to actually look it up.  Meh.  >.>


She finally has the time to spend some with Mad Fireball and potty-train her.


But Grandpa Max still has to teach her to talk.


Did I mention that Rakshasa was pregnant?  Welp!  There you go!  She was pregnant!  Obviously, no longer, but she was.  If you don’t remember (shame on you), Rakshasa is the daughter of our dearly departed Nikita.  The father of Rakshasa’s kittens is one of precious Dinah’s sons, Macavity and Lynx.  I don’t remember which.

The kittens are:


Lilith, pay no mind to the name shown for I change it later, is a Friendly and Non-destructive female kitten.  She looks to have Macavity’s form and eyes, but Rakshasa’s overall coat coloration.


Jinx, again the name shown is wrong, is a Playful and Non-destructive male kitten.  He’s got Lynx’s overall body shape and eyes with his undercoat coloring and Rakshasa’s splotch coloring.


Clawdia (don’t; you know it had to be done) is a Friendly and Neat female kitten.  She’s basically a female clone of Jinx.

I don’t know which one we’ll keep yet.  Might try again for more interesting kittens, though I do love the eye bi-color.


Rosie:  What the hell are you doing outside?!

Pap:  Are they…fighting?!


Mori:  What…do you mean?

Rosie:  Don’t play dumb with me!


Pap:  They’re fighting!  I can’t believe this!


Rosie:  You’re fucking grounded for even leaving this house, you little turd!

Mori:  What did I do?!

Yeah?  O_o

Pap:  *squeals in delight*  Scream at him again!

Shut up.


What happened?

Mori:  She said something about me not stealing something when I had the chance.  I have no idea!  Who knows what goes through that strangely twisted brain of hers!

Yeah.  I’ll see what Lili’s doing.

Lili quickly lets him off, but I have no idea what Rosie’s thing was.  It wasn’t even curfew yet!  O_o


To keep out of his vengeful sister’s sight, Moriarty has taken to fishing in the family’s pond out back.  I’m thinking that his Angler trait may inspire a fishing related LTW.


Time seems to just fly on by!  He’s already level 4 Fishing!


Time has flown by such that its already Moriarty’s young adult birthday!  8D  Time for the youngest member of generation 2 to become a evilly productive member of society!


We have cake, but no party.  Max is out holding meetings, and Rosie is getting very close to that last promotion anyways.  And Hans is probably locked inside the fire station.  But Kitty and Lili and even some of the cats are there to support Mori!


Vampires sparkle red when they age up to adulthood!  I did not previously know this!

Don’t look so worried, Mori!  You’ll roll a great last trait, I’m sure!


A dashingly handsome man who managed to grab the coveted Cat Lover trait!  Max is so proud!

Of course, you know this means we’ll probably never let him go now.  Hey!  Those cats have to be taken care of by someone!


As predicted, Mori grabbed the Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium LTW.  Even though I thought long and hard about that Cat Herder LTW.  But, while having Mori be a crazy old cat man was outstandingly hilarious, he already rolled the Private Aquarium wish earlier in his teenhood, so he gets to keep it.

Next time:  Part Three of Birth Days Ahead!  No, we’re not done yet!

Young Adult Moriarty has been added to the downloads!  He’s a vampire, so consider yourself warned!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

Edit:  Apparently, this is the 50th post of the Diabolical Legacy blog!  Woo!

2.8 – Death Visits the Diabolicals for the First Time

5th update!  Two more for silver and halfway to gold!

Last time, Mad Fireball was born, Rosie got promoted, but was also turned down for a date with Isaiah, and Macavity finally killed Lynx.  *checks notes*  Yep, that’s about right.

Let’s begin, shall we?


Someone’s rather chipper today.

Max:  Ah, yes, it is a fine day to ruin family-owned businesses!



Hans is actually being productive today!  Good man!


Hans:  The burn!  I feel it!


He’s not the only one, though.  Lili’s gotta burn off that baby gat if she’s to be a proper Emperor of Evil!

Yes, very good!  Almost there!  However, as you’ll, see she’ll be slowed down a bit later on.

If you are of the rare breed of astute readers, you may have noticed that Moriarty hasn’t much appeared as of late.

That’s because he’s my slave!  >:D

We’ve discovered that Mori doesn’t burn out in the sun like Kitty did way back when.  And he got an opportunity to collect gems and metals for the science center.  So guess what he’s doing?


Mori:  I hate my life.

Yes, yes, shh and be off to the next diamond.


What?!  Welp, the house did cost a pretty penny…


Oh no you don’t!


Don’t you dare!


You little effer!  That table’s been here longer than Lili has!  😡

Look at his smug little grin!  *gnashes teeth*  Max promptly disables the maid service.


What?!  NO!  Kitty!  WHY?!  T_T

She was at the park and, I swear to any deity you want, there was no one around.  But her Faithful moodlet is gone!  Minion doesn’t understand!  T_T


Just in time to cheer me up, Lili pops with her and Hans’ second baby.  Yeah, they rolled the wish as soon as Mad Fireball came home.  So I let them.

Lili then tends to the child she already has.


Lili:  Aren’t you cute!


Lili:  It’s crying again!  Why is it crying?!

Check her diaper!  No?!  Nope.  She’s just screaming to scream. *sighs*  Mad Fireball just does occasionally:  scream her head off for no apparent reason!  I hate babies.

Speaking of babies, both Lili and Hans want another girl, so Kitty is sent out at some point to obtain more watermelons.


In other news, right before baby popping, Lili did manage to max out her Athletics skill!  Woo!


You may be asking yourself, why did Fluffy take this?  Because that fly is incredibly detailed.  Seriously, it’s creepy.


And also this.  Cute Dinah is cute!  ^_^


And while we’re on the subject of cats, here is Macavity hoping Rosie drops something while she’s cooking.  Or making her drop something with his mind powers.  Whichever.


When Max arrives home, he is immediately surrounded by all his cats, waiting to greet him.  Total # of Cats in the room: 6.

What’s with all these randomly strung together pictures?  You, dear reader, may think I’m stalling.  You would be correct.  But nothing can stall the inevitable.


Max!  What’s wrong?!  Scary music is playing!

Max:  *gasp*  Dinah!


Max: Dinah!

Dinah!  T_T


Even Macavity balls his eyes out as the Grim Reaper arrives to take his mother away.


Max:  He’s taking my cat!  Kitty!  He’s taking my Dinah!  *balls some more*

Kitty:  Dear…there’s nothing I can do.


At least Grim seems to be a cat person.  😦


And so Dinah vanished up to cat heaven.


And all grieved deeply.


Max grieved the most.  T_T


But the Reaper didn’t stop there!  Oh no!  Kick us while we’re down!  T_T


Nikita only lasted a few more hours than her dear friend.  She died doing what she loved though!  Hunting and killing things!  T_T


And away she goes, to hunt angels in the afterlife!  T_T


Farewell Nikita Diabolical, padder of the family coffers and vicious defender, you will be missed.  T_T

Nikita was 57 days old and died on the 2nd day (Monday) of the 9th week of the Diabolical legacy.


Rest in peace Dinah Diabolical, the sweetest Diabolical there will ever be.  T_T

Dinah was 54 days old and died on the 2nd day (Monday) of the 9th week of the Diabolical legacy.

I think we’ll call it here folks.  See you next time for, hopefully, happier times.  T_T

Thanks for reading.

2.6 – The House that Excitable Crazy Built

This marks the 3rd update of SimNaWriMo!  Bronze medal!  I’m super stoked!  Are you super stoked?  Hell, yeah!

You know what else is stoked?  Fire!


Burning buildings!  Rescuing sims!  Defeating the most dangerous of the four elements!  Saving the world!  Or at least Lucky Palms!  😀


Firefighter Hans!  Out to save your burning ass!


I originally read that as “The Woohoo 4000” and snickered.  I know, I’m so very mature.


Hans takes the Woo Woo *snickers again* clear across the desert to this very nice, large building by the radioactive red lake.  It takes a while just to get there.

Wait a second!  What…it’s a rabbithole?  I thought you got to fight fires!  I’ve been deceived!  T_T


You have to get graded too?!

This…this isn’t what I had in mind.


That’s interesting!  But why would the MILITARY have giant mutant plants?!  *Thinks about it for a moment*  Nope, that actually makes sense.  Carry on.


Hans gets to be a hero after all!

Is it bad that all I can picture is Hans doing all this in his porn suit?  XD


Even saving people in porn suits only gets you a B.  No matter.  We’ll do better next time!  *Plots to upgrade the WooWoo…snickers*


And here’s our hero of the hour!  Don’t mind the wardrobe change.  Hans apparently got promoted during the hostile plant takeover.

Look!  He has an actual fireman hat now!  *squeals with unbridled joy*

Rabbithole disasters aside, I think I really like the firefighter career.


After saving the military from their own mistakes, Hans heads back to the fire station to skill up his Handiness by beating up the harmless toilet.


I’ve started using his Handiness level as proof of his career level since I haven’t been getting promotion popups for Hans.  To anyone that’s done the firefighter profession, are you NOT supposed to get promotion popups?  Is this normal or is something wrong with Hans?  He gets promoted just fine, music and it shows up on his work panel.  I just don’t get a snazzy popup to show off.


No matter.  I’m still getting popups for everyone else, Rosie in particular!  For such a lazy sim, she rushing through the culinary career.  I believe that this is Level 3.


Shortly afterwards, Rosie maxes out her Cooking skill!  Woo!  Maybe that’s why she’s been getting promoted every day.

But I believe I promised Mori and you guys a new Diabolical Lair!



Ground floor.  The decor is due to the family head being extremely spastic about colorings and flitting from one paint palette to another without ever actually settling on one.


Upstairs.  The family ran out of money before the second floor could be finished, so there is only one door and one light.  In true Lili fashion, we didn’t plan that far ahead.


The spares, regardless of age, were shuffled down to the basement.


Rosie’s bedroom.


Mori’s bedroom.

Both are rather unfurnished at the moment.  I’m afraid decorating the ground floor got away from me.


Also in the basement is the family mausoleum.  Beyond this great portal of dread will be, eventually, the family portraits, achievements & awards, and graves.


Last basement room: the collectables room.  This is all we have currently, curtesy of Nikita’s hunting.  Well done, cat.  Well done.

There’s also a bathroom down there, but, bathrooms, meh.


Upstairs, this is the first thing you see when you come in through the front door.

Appreciate that floor, it took me ages.


Immediately to the left, there’s space for a gigantic fireplace.  We ran out of money before it could be bought.  😦  Damn spares!  Eating up all my fireplace money!


Main living room area.  With couches, chess table and exits to the dining room, kitchen and basement all over.

Yes, I was planning on having two gigantic fireplaces back to back.  But…out of money.  So I put the TV there instead.


Basement stairs and door to the laundry room.  There is no washer or dryer, as we ran out of money.

Mostly I’m showing you this to get you accustomed to that glaring wall paint.  You’re welcome.


This is Rosie’s kitchen.  You can tell it’s Rosie’s as it doesn’t give off the same excitable, unstable vibe as the rest of the house.


The dining room.  I’m fairly certain Kitty decorated this room.  It’s classy.


Lili & Han’s workout room.  I think since he has to use it too, Hans managed to persuade Lili to tone it back to just their favorite colors: white & black.


The hallway leading to the grand master bedroom, master bedroom and nursery.  The portraits are hanging in here currently, but that’s just until I finish the lair mausoleum.


The grand master bedroom, aka, Kitty & Max’s room.  Kitty’s easels are in here, just along the wall not shown.  And I later fill in that empty floor space with space rugs.

The grand master bath is off to the right, not shown because…bathroom.  Yeah, this Minion has learned to avoid those areas.  >.<


The master bedroom, where Hans and Lili sleep and do dirty things.  It actually doesn’t look too bad.  I think that’s because it was decorated last and I had stopped caring.

Once again, master bath off to the right, not shown.


Nursery!  Bright, colorful nursery for bouncing Diabolical babies!  😀

There’s another half to the room, but I, for some reason, didn’t get a picture of it.  It’s just got lots of toys in it and a funky corner.  I’m sure you’ll see it shortly anyways.  😉


Here in the Diabolical Lair, we treat our feline family members just as well, if not better, than we do actual legacy members.  Behold!  The cat room!  It’s bigger than the master bedroom.


Off the main living room, but hidden behind the massive not-fireplace wall, is the double doors leading to the study.  It doesn’t see much use.  Yet!  So, in preparation for the future, we spent the very last of our money on this room.  XD


And that’s it!  The Diabolicals have moved up in the world and their lair reflects that!  Though, they really, REALLY should have hired an actual decorator rather than leave Lili alone with a rainbow of paints.

Hmmm…I should add to that roof and make it look like three scoops of ice cream.  Yes, I should do this.

The house page has been updated to reflect house changes.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.5 – Baby Pop

You may be wondering why we’re back so soon.  To that I have but one word:  Boolprop.

Last time, Hans vanished, reappeared and we managed to marry Lili and Hans.  And just in time too!


Lili: *pop*  Baby!

Yes, Lili, baby.  Generation 3!  Woot-woot!

Don’t mind the stench, she was working out just before this.  I think she’s up to level 8 of Athletics.


The first thing she does after baby-popping (sounds nasty) is wish to have a girl.


Fortunately, Hans wants a girl too.  We can do that!  Just need to clear out some of his other wishes.

Speaking of which…


Hans the firefighter apparently has no Handiness to speak of.  We quickly remedy that.


Earlier that morning, Lili and Hans do some couple bonding by reading career-oriented books together.  Good job!  😀


Speaking of career, Hans heads off to his first fully controlled day of being a fireman.

He tries to do his usual shift, but I nip that sharpish.


That’s right!  Maintaining the firetruck!  Woo!

This, apparently, takes a while.  Is it obvious I’ve never done this before?


Back home, Mori continues doing all he ever does, skilling.

Mori:  It’s because YOU don’t know what to do with me!  I’m cute, I’m smart, I’m a fucking vampire!  But I’m a spare!  So you don’t know what to do with me!

Shhh, baby, shhh.


To keep him company, Lili decides to play a game or two.  She’s got Logic to work on anyways.

Mori:  Great, the hormonal crazy is invading my only safe space.


The siblings consider the open, as-of-yet untouched, battlefield.


Lili:  Maybe I should move to this space?

Mori:  Shut up!  You’re interrupting my concentration.


Silence falls once more upon the still virgin chess board.

Seriously, guys, move a piece.  I’m going grey over here!


Mori:  Very well.  Checkmate, sister!  I’ll be leaving now.


And so the board was abandoned, only to be hogged by Rosie seconds later.  But not for playing.  Just for the luxurious feeling of those leopard fur chairs.

Rosie:  Fuck off.



Back at the fire department, Hans is taking care of some wishes to upgrade appliances.  He makes the wise choice to shed his temperature retardant uniform for his clearly much warmer sparkle-porn gear.


The upgrading pays off.  And I learn something important!


Apparently, leveling up skills increases job performance and actually gets Hans a promotion!  Interesting!  *still a n00b*

Hmm…can I get him to actual firefighter status before the baby’s born?  And will this give said baby a hidden trait relating to fire?  Things to ponder!


With this discovery in mind, Hans gets on upgrading the entire fire department.


Max and Kitty, still in love!  ❤


Macavity and Lynx, sharing some brotherly bonding.  However, a few seconds later…


Lynx:  He so scawwey!


And Max is still at large and in charge of the corporate world.

Wait!  What’s that sound?!


Could it be–?


It is!  Lucky Palms is on fire!  Tune in next time!  XD

But wait, there’s more!

While I’ve got you here, the Diabolicals will be taking part in SimNaWriMo over on Boolprop.


Mori:  Do we have to do the boolprop thing?

Yes, we’re going for gold!  That’s minimum 10 chapters before Halloween!


Mori:  I don’t want to!  You can’t make me!

Well fine!  You just won’t appear in any screenshots!


Mori:  It’s not like you pay attention to me anyways!  *pouts*

😦  Baby, don’t be this way!  I’m sorry!  I love you!  I’ll give you anything you want!  Don’t be sad!  😦


Mori:  Guilt trip successful.  I want a bigger room.

Okay!  😦

And so the house was rebuilt.  But next time!


The fire station shown here and in the last chapter is the Clearwater Firestation.  It is NOT mine, but it is very lovely and fits very well in the desert landscape.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.4 – Bedded and…Wetted?

Last time, both Rosie and Lili were trundling right along in the skills needed for their careers.  And Kitty was the best spouse ever and getting us more legacy points.  And an Imaginary Friend returned from the grave just to fuck with my game.  Fortunately, I’m paranoid as hell and had saved right before dragging the doll out of Lili’s inventory.

So let’s forget all about grave-rising dolls and focus on getting Lili a man and a baby!


What’re you up to, sweetie?

Mori:  I put a hole through the ceiling!  Now, you’ll HAVE to rebuild the house to give me a bigger room!

Uh, no, don’t think so.  But you’re cute.


What?  No she doesn’t game!  Lili!  What’re YOU up to?!?!


Hmmm…me thinks the game is out to get me.  But Hans seems to have returned!  Carry on.

In the interest of preventing Hans from vanishing into the Aether again, I wanted them wedded and bedded.  However, Lili had work that could NOT be forsaken.  I stalked Hans all day to keep him from poofing.



This is all he did.  But at least he’s still in the world!


While watching Hans, I did get word that Kitty got her very first award!  Awesome!


Here’s our award winning actress!  Yes, I looked away from Hans for a moment.


And here’s her Sims Choice Award!  It’s quite lovely!  This shall be admired for many Diabolical generations yet to come.  ^_^


Another popup says that Lili got a nice promotion.  Of course, she immediately rushes her ass down to the fire station where the minion waits impatiently.


Delicious eye contact is made after nearly ten hours apart.


Then Lili goes for the full frontal assault and Hans has no choice but to relent.


He seems hesitant at her first question…


But seals his fate by giving in to her demands.


And then Lili trains him, because what else do you do with someone who just agreed to go out with you?  😐


Look at the ferocity!

Back inside, we focus once more on the mission at hand.


Lili:  You, babe, are hotter than a vase of flowers.

Hans:  …I would hope so.


Lili:  I mean, I love your face!

Hans: Getting warmer.


In the end, it appears that Lili communicates much more thoroughly with body language than any other language.

You think I’m joking about that communication bit.  See that skill bar above her head?


It’s her Charisma skill.  Woo, boy!


After a deep and insightful “conversation”, Lili moves onto the next question.

Lili:  Do you want a ring?

Hans:  What?


Lili:  Like, a really, REALLY shiny ring?

Hans:  Whatever do you mean?

Stop being coy and just be ours!


Hans:  Oh, Lili!  Of course I’ll marry you.

Good answer.


Because how could anyone resist that face!


Finally!  Lili was red all over the place.  I though we’d have an acci—


…dent.  *sigh*

Lili:  Did he see?!

Lili!  He’s leaving the building!  He’s in his car and he’s gone!  Of course he saw!

Lili:  Drat.

Get you ass up and after him!  There can be no witnesses!

Hans drives clear across town with Lili in hot pursuit.  Then he makes the grave error of inviting her inside.


Lili:  Hi!  I followed you her.

Hans:  What have I gotten myself into?

You can’t escape now!  We’re in your house, stealing your…you!  >:D


Ariel:  Why is there a prostitute in my house?

Don’t worry about it.


Ignoring Hans’s elderly father, Lili gets the Private Wedding Train going.






And with that, Hans is married into the family!  He’s also moved in.


Ariel:  Did my son just marry that prostitute?

Yes, yes he did.  Problem?

In exchange for his son, we give Ariel Azrael, Nikita’s son.  Seems fair.


“Meeting” Hans seems to have boosted Rosie into completing a skill challenge…game logic.


Meet Hans, everyone!  He is a Brave, Grumpy, Clumsy yet Athletic Animal Lover.  Got some randomness going on there alright.  His favorites are Vegetarian Chile (meh), Black (same as Max’s), and Spooky music.  Hmm…he might do okay in an evil legacy.

And his LTW?


This could be interesting.  😀


Now meet Hans post-Minion makeover.  No, I don’t know why I made him into an 80’s porn star, go away!

As soon as he contributes his genes to the next generation, Hans will have a place on the family tree and download page.  So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^