Generation 1

The Reign of our Founder


Max Diabolical, Founder (Sim)
Max is the descendant of a very long bloodline of evil geniuses.  He has decided to move far, far away in order to (hopefully) escape the fate of an early death at the hands of a hero, unlike the rest of his family.  He wants to live in peace and solitude in the town of Lucky Palms while ruling the business world and owning copious amounts of cats.  He could care less about being the founder of a legacy.  He has default black hair and default grey eyes.  He would like a cat companion at some point, but does not desire a spouse of any kind, let alone spawn.
LTW:  CEO of a Mega-Corporation (O)
Legacy Points:  4 (Founder, LTW complete, portrait, 100k LTH)
Traits:  Evil, Genius, Cat Person, Ambitious, Charismatic
Grilled Cheese, Classical, Black; Scorpio
Birthday:  October (from CAS)
Age:  Elder
Skills:  Charisma
Partner:  Kitty Price (wife)
Children:  2 (with Kitty Price)
LTH:  100,000 points
Kitty Diabolical (née Price), Founder’s Spouse (Sim)
Former starlet and eccentric art collector Kitty divides her time between cooking and decorating her underground girl cave. She retired from the Femme Fatale scene in her late twenties, and married the younger Max Diabolical in her mid-thirties.  Which kick-started the Diabolical Legacy!  In my opinion, she’s a classy, classy lady!
LTW:  Super Popular (O)
Legacy Points:  3 (portrait, LTW complete, 100k LTH)
Traits: Charismatic, Over-Emotional, Easily Impressed, Virtuoso, Perfectionist
Cheesesteak, Pop, Grey; Scorpio
Birthday:  October (townie)
Age:  Elder
Skills:  Charisma, Painting
Partner:  Max Diabolical (husband)
Children:  2 (with Max Diabolical)
LTH: 100,000 points
Dinah Diabolical, 1st Founder Cat
Dinah is the cutest, sweetest kitty-cat ever!  There is no denying!  Grovel before her cuteness!  D:<  Had a litter of two kittens with Boo Nobody, a Scottish-Fold.  The kittens were Macavity, the cat the Legacy deserves, and Lynx, the sweetest little non-fluff evah!
Natural Traits:  Shy, Neat, Proud
Learned Traits:  Non-Destructive, Playful, Adventurous
Breed:  British Longhair (purebred)
Age:  deceased at 54 days (old age)
Added to Family:  phone adoption (‘cuz that’s legit); she was the only purebred.  Fancy kitty!
LTH:  (enough to get a blue ghost)
Nikita Diabolical, 2nd Founder Cat
Nikita is the beast this Evil Legacy deserves.  She’s got claws, teeth, and a wicked attitude…and she’ll use all of them to adjust yours!  Muhahahahahahahaha!  She had a litter of two kittens with a townie cat, Corwin Phillips.  The kittens were Azrael, a derpy non-fluff, and Rakshasa, a female fluff clone of her father.
Natural Traits:  Proud, Playful, Hunter (1st Hunter!)
Learned Traits:  Adventurous, Non-Destructive, Neat
Breed:  Balinese (purebred)
Age:  deceased at 57 days (old age)
Added to Family:  phone adoption (‘cuz that’s legit); only adult listed
LTH:  (enough to get a blue ghost)

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