Rosaline Diabolical

Rosaline Diabolical - toddlerRosaline Diabolical - childRosaline Diabolical - teenRosaline Diabolical - ya

Status:  Generation 2 Spare; Sim

Legacy Points Earned:  2 (because she’s the start of gen 2, but she shares it with her twin 😀 , portrait)

Traits:  Slob, Loves the Heat, Evil, Natural Cook, Angler

Lifetime Wish:  Celebrated 5-Star Chef  (completed as young adult)


A firstborn twin of generation 2, Rosaline was born to Max and Kitty Diabolical at 11pm the night before Spooky Day.  How fitting!  XD  The name ‘Rosaline’ doesn’t really come from any evil character.  My boyfriend suggested it and I liked the rhythm of ‘Lilianna & Rosaline’.  She just married and moved out.  Then surprised us all by actually have kids!  Two!  O_O

Maxed Skills:  Cooking

Skill Challenges Completed:  none

Partner:  Isaiah Dreamer (husband)

Children:  2 (with husband)

Birthday:  October

Age:  young adult

Favorites:  Falafel, R&B, Pink

Sign:  Sagittarius