Some Kind of Update

Alrighty.  So, I’ve been gone a while.  Partly due to my laptop.  The hard drive died about a month ago, and I’m still wrangling with customer service to get it replaced.  It’s getting close to me just throwing my warranty out the window and replacing the thing myself!

And, I’ll be honest, partly because…I found more interesting things to do.  Before my hard drive gave out, I was playing Undertale and Stardew Valley and my Mayfields, all of which were more interesting than the Diabolicals at the time.

So, there’s that.  Sorry for the lack of update or explanation.  Most of you who read this also read the Mayfields, so I usually just put updates over there and assume everyone gets it.

As soon as I fix up my laptop, it’ll be back to weekly updates, I swear!  That’s not an empty promise!  I was so close to reaching Gen 2 in game!  Mori was nearing teenager-age and the girls were celebrating becoming YAs.

I guess this is to say: hang in there, the Diabolicals WILL return!

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