Kitty Diabolical (née Price)

Gen1 - Kitty Diabolical

Status:  Founder’s Spouse; Sim -> Vampire -> Sim

Traits:  Charismatic, Over-Emotional, Easily Impressed, Virtuoso, Perfectionist

Legacy Points Earned:  3 (portrait, LTW completed, 100k LTH)

Lifetime Wish:  Super Popular – achieved as adult

Bio:  Former starlet and eccentric art collector Kitty divides her time between cooking and decorating her underground girl cave. She retired from the Femme Fatale scene in her late twenties, and married the younger Max Diabolical in her mid-thirties.  Which kick-started the Diabolical Legacy!  In my opinion, she’s a classy, classy lady!

Maxed Skills:  none

Skill Challenges Completed: none yet

Partner:  Max Diabolical

Children:  2 (with Max Diabolical)

Birthday:  October

Age:  adult

Favorites:  Cheesesteak, Pop, Grey

Sign:  Scorpio