Dinah Diabolical

Dinah Diabolical - adult

Status:  First Cat of the First Generation!  …she’s pretty important…deceased  T_T  T_T  T_T  T_T

Breed:  British Longhair (1st purebred!  :D)

Natural Traits:  Shy, Neat, Proud

Learned Traits:  Non-Destructive, Playful, Adventurous

Added to Family: phone adoption (‘cuz that’s legit); she was the only purebred.  Fancy kitty!

Bio:  Dinah is the cutest, sweetest kitty-cat ever!  There is no denying!  Grovel before her cuteness!  D:<  Had a litter of two kittens with Boo Nobody, a Scottish-Fold.  The kittens were Macavity, the cat the Legacy deserves, and Lynx, the sweetest little non-fluff evah!  😀