I never know what to put here.  Is this page supposed to be about me or the game family or what?  Not sure.

Well, I’m FluffyMao.  I’m over at ModTheSims and Carl’s Sims 3 Forums and…around.  I’m usually lurking somewhere. I’ve been simming since Christmas 2013, not as long as most, I know, but a while for me.  I often take breaks because I’m a college student hoping to actually graduate at some point.  Pray for me.

About the Diabolical family.  It’s my very first Legacy family, just on the Founder right now, so watch this space for further development 😉  So, Max Diabolical, the founder.  He’s a real character!  He’ll laugh manically then growl at the sky!  I love it!  Go over to Plots to find out what he’s up to now.

About the Legacy Challenge.  As near as I can figure, Pinstar was the maniacal mind behind the creation of the challenge way back in Sims 2.  He’s redefined the rules for the Sims 3 version a few times as new expansions have been released and cool-but-op content has become available.  Basically, you make one sim capable of breeding and buy him/her the biggest, emptiest lot possible in whatever town you start out in.  Set your money to $1300 and do your best to make one big, maybe-happy family spanning 10 generations.  Your points come from however many unique LifeTime Wishes you manage to fulfill, portraits of family members painted before death/move-out, and a bunch of other stuff.  *waves hand vaguely*

Since this is my first try at the legacy challenge, I’ll be doing my absolute best to follow all the rules!  Including the optional family trait (Evil) rule.  The Evil trait will be assigned randomly, meaning every time a sim ages up and I get to choose the trait, I roll a d6 to decide if the Evil trait should be assigned then or later.  If the sim hasn’t gotten Evil before the young adult stage, they’re assigned it then.  I may also try out having readers decide the heir, but we’ll see how that goes.  If you’re interested, I WILL be keeping score!  I wanna do this thing properly!

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