This is where you can download a Diabolical for your very own!  Isn’t that grand.

Generation One

Max Diabolical (Founder)

Gen1 - Max Diabolical

The founder of this gloriously EVIL legacy is Max Diabolical.  He’s actually stolen from the lovely creator feldynn over at ModTheSims.  Originally called Doctor Diabolical, I changed his name and a few traits, but otherwise left him as is.  Now he’s my Max!  ^_^  Mine is a young adult, but the original Doctor Diabolical is an adult (I believe).

  • Traits: Evil, Genius, Cat Person, Charismatic, Ambitious
    LTW: Become CEO of a Major Corporation  (base game)
    Life-state: sim
    Hair: some base game thing
    Facial hair: base game
    Everyday: long-sleeve button-up (base game), crinkled pants (Supernatural), short boots (Supernatural), glasses (base game)

Kitty Price (Founder Spouse)

Gen1 - Kitty Diabolical (vampire)

This is Kitty Diabolical née Price, Max’s spouse.  She’s an EA pre-made sim in Lucky Palms.  She’s a vampire now, so that’s how I uploaded her.  She is an adult.

  • Traits: Charismatic, Perfectionist, Easily Impressed, Virtuoso, Over-Emotional
    LTW: Super Popular  (base game)
    Life-state: vampire (Late Night or Supernatural needed)
    Hair: The Faye (store)
    Makeup: all base game
    Everyday: Original Peasant Top (store), Melanie High Waist Skirt (store), wedge sandals (Outdoor Living), copper bracelet (base game)

Generation Two

Lilianna Diabolical (Heir)

Lilianna Diabolical - ya

The heir of generation 2 is Lili Diabolical…and she is the most un-evil to have every been born to an overlord and his vampire bride!  She is a young adult.

  • Traits: Excitable, Friendly, Evil, Easily Impressed, Unstable
    LTW: The Emperor of Evil  (base game)
    Life-state: sim
    Hair: Dramatic Curls (store)
    Makeup: none
    Everyday: frilly dress with bow (Outdoor Living), strappy sandals (base game), blocky double bracelet (Showtime)

Hans Hudson (Heir Spouse)


The spouse of the generation 2 heir, Lilianna, is Hans Diabolical née Hudson.  He’s a porn star fire fighter, and a young adult.

  • Traits: Brave, Clumsy, Animal Lover, Grumpy, Athletics
    LTW: Firefighter Super Hero  (Ambitions)
    Life-state: sim
    Hair: puffy comb-back (Island Paradise)
    Facial Hair: Porn ‘Stache (70’s, 80’s & 90’s
    Everyday: standard 80’s outfit (70’s, 80’s & 90’s), pointy two shoes(70’s, 80’s & 90’s), gold ring & earring (base game)

Rosaline Diabolical (Spare)

Rosaline Diabolical - ya

Eldest spare of Gen 2 is Rosie Diabolical, probably the evilest sim to come out of Gen 2.  She is a young adult.

  • Traits: Slob, Loves the Heat, Evil, Natural Cook, Angler
    LTW: Celebrated 5-Star Chef  (base game)
    Life-state: sim
    Hair: short choppy waves (Island Paradise)
    Makeup: none
    Everyday: hoodie & shorts outfit (Island Paradise), high-top sneakers (Showtime), fingerless gloves (base game)

Moriarty Diabolical (Spare)

Youngest spare of Gen 2 is Moriarty Diabolical, affectionately called Mori.  He is a young adult.


  • Traits: Brave, Genius, Evil, Angler, Cat Person
    LTW: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium  (base game)
    Life-state: vampire  (requires Late Night OR Supernatural)
    Hair: slicked back hair (Late Night)
    Facial Hair: none
    Everyday: 4-button sweater w/ button up shirt (store, but I can’t find it), smoothed slacks (Supernatural), buttoned boots (Supernatural)

Generation Three