This is where you can get a breakdown of the points I’ve accumulated during the course of the Diabolical Legacy.  If anyone needs a refresher, here’s the official rules.  To see who earned what points, visit the Who’s Who Guide.

Score Tally:  17 (ERMAHGERD!!!)

Generations:  3

Unique Life Time Wishes Full-filled:  3

  • Become a CEO of a Mega-Corporation – Max Diabolical
  • Super Popular – Kitty Diabolical (née Price)
  • Celebrated Five-Star Chef – Rosaline Diabolical

Diabolicals Immortalized in Art: 6

  • Max Diabolical (Founder)
  • Kitty Diabolical (spouse of founder, mother of Gen 2)
  • Rosaline Diabolical (Gen 2 spare)
  • Lilianna Diabolical (Gen 2 heir)
  • Moriarty Diabolical (Gen 2 spare)
  • Hans Diabolical (spouse of Gen 2 heir, father of Gen 3)

$100k the Legacy House is Worth:  2

  • We’re at $210,293!

100k LifeTime Happiness Points Accumulated:  2

  • Max Diabolical (founder) – 1 pt
  • Kitty Diabolical (spouse of founder, mother of Gen 2) – 1 pt

Note:  For the portrait points, I’ll also be using auto/biographies, sepia photos, sculptures, etc.  That’s why they’re called “Art Points” and not “Portrait Points”.  It’s in the official rules!

Note 2:  The Legacy House is the furnished value of the house plus the family funds.