Nikita Diabolical

Nikita Diabolical - adult

Status:  Second Cat of the First Generation!  First Hunter!  XD

Breed:  Balinese (another purebred!  :D)…fluffy siamese is pretty ^_^

Natural Traits:  Proud, Playful, Hunter

Learned Traits:  Adventurous, Non-Destructive, Neat

Added to Family: phone adoption (‘cuz that’s legit); only adult listed

Bio:  Nikita is the beast this Evil Legacy deserves.  She’s got claws, teeth, and a wicked attitude…and she’ll use all of them to adjust yours!  Muhahahahahahahaha!  She had a litter of two kittens with a townie cat, Corwin Phillips.  The kittens were Azrael, a derpy non-fluff, and Rakshasa, a female fluff clone of her father.