1.20 – Let’s Leap Ahead!

Happy Leap Year Day! XD

Where were we? Ah, yes! The Diabolical children were all skilling in hopes of inheriting the kingdom.

1.20 - pic1

And so dawns a new day in the Diabolical household!

The parents leave for work while the teens head to school. In cabs again, since the bus driver is obviously to busy to be bothered. Minion had enough foresight to have Max bring Moriarty downstairs during morning. Try saying that 5 times fast.

1.20 - pic2

The same babysitter as last time shows up again. Before Minion can shove the deep fryer into the family inventory, he makes a beeline for it.

1.20 - pic3

He spends the next 8 hours deep frying stuff, eating it, and complaining about the mess HE MADE on the counter. Oh! And bitching about the noise Mori’s making because. He’s. STARVING! Fuck you, babysitter! Fuck you!

1.20 - pic4

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Babysitter makes the maid stop everything to talk to him!

1.20 - pic5

Maid: I still have a lot cleaning to do.

Babysitter: Nah man, you have to talk to me because I’m bored! 😀

I hate you.

Thankfully, Kitty gave something less stressful to watch as she was given an opportunity to hand out flyers to an upcoming movie at the local watering hole.

1.20 - pic6

Is it just me or does it seem a little desperate to have to pass out flyers for a movie? :/

Either way, she gets that done with and grabs herself another promotion to Personal Assistant! Excellent.

1.20 - pic7

Max holds meetings during work, then holds more meetings after work. This has become his existence now. He also occasionally schmoozes people for more money and celebrity points.

1.20 - pic8

I don’t know if I mentioned, but the mini-Diabolicals were all born with a few celebrity stars.

1.20 - pic9

Back home, Moriarty is slowing wasting away because Babysitter is utterly useless! 😡

1.20 - pic10

Moriarty: It’s okay. I’m past the point of pain now.

You poor thing. 😦

Weirdly enough, his savior is Rosie!

1.20 - pic11

Moriarty: Oh yes, delicious formula! You’re my best friend!

Rosie: Shuddup.

Oh my god, you actually have a heart! O_O

Rosie: I need to do my homework and his screams, while pleasant, would only be distracting.

Okay…. >.> I’ll leave you to it!

1.20 - pic12

Rosie: I hate biology.

And where was Lili during this great sibling bonding experience? Why, at Drama Club, of course!

1.20 - pic13

She met lots of friends, got a celebrity boost, and was generally very NOT evil. Poor Lili. I don’t think she understands what this legacy is about.

1.20 - pic14

That doesn’t look like your homework.

Rosie: Autonomously skilling.

Okay. >.> Carry on then.

1.20 - pic15

Lili: Mom! I wanna be the Empress of Evil! ^_^

Kitty: I don’t think she knows what that means.

I don’t think so. :/ Lili, dear, why don’t you think about it some more. It’s a pretty big decision.

Lili: *rolls the LTW again 5 minutes later*

In other news, Moriarty completed his TSAL! Yay! ^_^ That’s one fully skilled baby!

1.20 - pic16

Moriarty: Aren’t I preciously precocious?

You are, dear! ❤

Around this time, I spied Lili sneaking out of the house.

1.20 - pic17

Where are you off to? And in your good dress?!

1.20 - pic18

Ah, yes, prom. Have fun! ^_^

Rosie! Get you ass out here! And where’s your pretty dress?! 😦

1.20 - pic19

Rosie: Fuck you. I go as I am, or I don’t go at all!

Fine! *commences throwing hands in air*

And with that, the girls ride off to Prom!

1.20 - pic20a

1.20 - pic20b

Back on the ranch, lots of kitties were aging up. Here we have elderly Dinah! Still as cute as ever! ^_^

1.20 - pic21

One last cute picture of Nikita’s kittens, Rakshasa and Azrael.

1.20 - pic22

Adult Azrael! Sadly, he did not get Nikita’s lovely blue eyes or her fluff.

1.20 - pic23

Adult Rakshasa! She’s a bit fluffier than Azrael, but has the same coat.

1.20 - pic24

One last picture of Dinah’s litter, Lynx and Macavity, as kittens.

1.20 - pic25

Lynx: You can’t scare me! Ghosts don’t exist!

Macavity: Why don’t I bury you and we’ll find out?

It’s okay, Lynx-baby! You’ll be a grown cat soon! T_T

Adult Lynx! Isn’t he handsome? It’s strange because his dad, Boo, had a fluffy coat like Dinah, so I was expecting all her kittens to be fluffy.

1.20 - pic26

And Macavity, old enough to finally use the stairs. Damn.

1.20 - pic27

Why are you so cute?!

Macavity: All the better to fool you with! *cackles as much as a cat can*

Onto Prom Night!

1.20 - pic28

Oh my god! O_O Lili! You’re supposed to be the good twin!

1.20 - pic29

Rosie?! Did NOT see that one coming! O_o

1.20 - pic30

Oh, Lili, you poor, sweet thing. 😦

She totally cried, btw.

1.20 - pic31

That’s what happens when you wear cutoff jeans, missy! 😡

1.20 - pic32

Ermahgerd! 😀 Lili has a Romantic Interest! Yes! *Minion bliss*

1.20 - pic33

Rosie’s not so fortunate. 😦

1.20 - pic34

Lili’s clearly having a blast!

1.20 - pic35

They’re not worth it! Calm down!

1.20 - pic36

Ah, so that’s why they’re not returning her advances.

1.20 - pic37

Ignorant of her sister’s plight, Lili utterly enjoys herself.

1.20 - pic38

Rosie, dear, I know it’s been a trying night, but please don’t do anything stupid.

1.20 - pic39

*Shakes head* She’s a glutton for punishment.

1.20 - pic40

OMG! Did all that actually work?!

1.20 - pic41

Hot damn! It actually worked! Rosie has a Romantic Interest! Remember that kids, if your looks don’t snag them, pure stubbornness will.

1.20 - pic42

And with that, Prom Night came to an end. The girls have only been to school maybe three days, so they might get another prom. Maybe Lili can steal the crown from Rosie. XD

For now, I’ll leave you with the Prom pictures. Our young Queen Rosie:

1.20 - pic43

And sweet but crownless Lili:

1.20 - pic44

As the kittens are all now adults, I’ve got to decide who stays and who goes.  What do you think?

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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