Lilianna Diabolical

Lilianna Diabolical - toddlerLilianna Diabolical - childLilianna Diabolical - teenLilianna Diabolical - ya

Status:  Generation 2 Heir; Sim

Legacy Points Earned:  2 (because she’s the start of gen 2, but she shares it with her twin 😀 , portrait)

Traits:  Excitable, Friendly, Evil, Easily Impressed, Unstable

Lifetime Wish:  The Emperor of Evil


A firstborn twin of generation 2, Lilianna was born to Max and Kitty Diabolical at 11pm the night before Spooky Day.  How fitting!  XD  She’s named for Liliana Vess from Magic the Gathering, but I’m an idiot and misspelled it.  :/  She’s my very first Unstable sim!  😀

Maxed Skills:  none

Skill Challenges Completed:  none

Partner:  Hans Hudson

Children:  3 (with husband

Birthday:  October

Age:  young adult

Favorites:  Vegetarian Chile, Geek Rock, White

Sign:  Libra