1.19 – They really do exist!

Yes, we do indeed!

I’m such a bad simmer. I DO love my Diabolicals! I really do! But…I’ve been building a house for my other family. Because I can. And I’m a bad person. >.>

Anywho! Let’s get into it!

1.19 - pic1

Max: About time!

Shuddup. >.>

Let’s start with Rosie running away!

1.19 - pic2

Rosie: What the fu—

There she goes! Don’t worry, she’ll be back! ^_^  Moving on!

1.19 - pic3

Lili?! Really?! I expect this from Rosie, but not you!

Lili: What?!

Don’t play dumb, missy! You just set a boobytrap!

Lili: No! Why would you think that? *whistles innocently*

Go to bed! And where’s your brother?

1.19 - pic4

Oh my god, you adorable, precious child!

Moriarty: *still skilling autonomously*

Unfortunately, you’re bone tired and need to get to bed.

The next morning begins Lili and Rosie’s first day of public high school.

1.19 - pic5

Lili: I can’t believe you would clog on me on my first day of school. I thought we had something special!

1.19 - pic6

Why are YOU so happy?

Rosie: Oh, ya’ know, new day, fresh air, Lili’s screams of anguish. Pick one.

1.19 - pic7

Lili: The sink exploded in my face! I had to rebrush my teeth!

The bus doesn’t arrive and they’re left to hail cabs. I was busy elsewhere. >.>

1.19 - pic8

This is Moriarty’s babysitter, a rakish young man of dubious intent. With two working parents and a full teenaged girl schedule, we’ll be seeing quite a lot of him.

1.19 - pic9

Mori was already crying when he arrived, so the young man was immediately put to the test. I don’t like his look.

1.19 - pic10

He wandered up to Mori’s nursery and spent several minutes just staring at him.

Mori: I’m hungry! Minion! Make him feed me!

I would if I could, baby. 😦

1.19 - pic11

Eventually though, the boy did his job and fed poor, trapped, starving Moriarty.

1.19 - pic12

With Mori’s basic needs taken care of, the babysitter turned to the cats.

1.19 - pic13

Mori: My books are all downstairs and this block table will do absolutely nothing to further my intellect. I want him fired.

I don’t get to pick the babysitters, hun. 😦 We’ll see what your mom can do.

1.19 - pic14

Max wasn’t very pleased with the babysitter’s performance either. But the boy ran off the minute Max stepped on the lot.

Max: Where is it? *quietly seething*

In that car behind you, driving away. 😡

He proceeded to spoil Moriarty rotten.

1.19 - pic15

Max: Don’t worry son, I’ll have the babysitter flogged.

1.19 - pic16

Mori: Really?! Thanks, Daddy!

1.19 - pic17

Max: Remember, son, if anyone dares to mess with our family: Put them in the ground.

Mori: Yes, Daddy.

0_0 What are you teaching this child?

1.19 - pic18

In other news, Kitty was finally promoted! She was demoted at some point. Why, I can’t remember. Must not have been important. >.>

And where are the two teenagers at this time? Where indeed.

Well, Lili got asked over to a “friend’s” house. The house of one Jeremy Shaw, in fact.

1.19 - pic19

Let’s take a closer look.

1.19 - pic20

Lili, being the good girl she is, immediately sat down to do her homework. Jeremy, on the other hand, CLEARLY had other plans.

Down boy! She’s like 14!

1.19 - pic21

The Shaws apparently have a dog. This, of course, will NOT stand. The Diabolicals worship the feline form. Always and forever.

1.19 - pic22

Speaking of the cats, Max spoiled Nikita for a bit, since it was her birthday.

1.19 - pic23

This is true love. ❤

1.19 - pic24

Nikita aged gracefully into distinguished grey fur. You may now detract your claws, Nikita. Thank you.

This greatly saddens me, as the Diabolical Minion. I was hoping to get kittens directly from Dinah and Nikita at some point. I think super fluffy balinese kittens would’ve been cute. We’ll see if it’ll happen.

1.19 - pic25

Age hasn’t affected Nikita’s physicality. She still stalks for prey quite often and ambushes Dinah with pounces daily.

On the other side of the house, a darling little vampire autonomously skills.  (Guess who my favorite is.)

1.19 - pic26

Moriarty: Hmm, yes. I see. *evil giggle*

Minion: *coos*

1.19 - pic27

Ah, yes! We were wondering where Rosie had wandered off to! She’s fishing. All by herself. In the graveyard.

Rosie: *deadpans* Autonomously skilling.

>.> Meh.

1.19 - pic28

Not to be outdone, Lili joins in on this “autonomous skilling”.

Lili: Ridiculous, dragons don’t exist.

1.19 - pic29

Lili: They exist! They really do exist!

1.19 - pic30

Lili: Wait! Maybe it’s just my dear sister Rosaline!

I adore you, Lili. XD

Did I mention that the Diabolicals invested in a maid? Welp, there you have it! We got a maid!

1.19 - pic31

And he’s quite dashing!

1.19 - pic32

Now, if only he would stop putting away Mori’s TSAL. 😡

1.19 - pic33

There you have it! The latest installment in the Diabolical Legacy! Tune in next time for more aging, another promotion, and Prom!


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