EA Stuff

Expansions & Stuff Packs

I have every expansion and stuff pack installed currently.

Store Content

I have most of the store and, of that, most of it is installed.  That being said, all that is installed I had to get fixed by MATY because EA can’t code.

Custom Content

Default Eyes

Ultra-Plain Eyes by tamo, because I actually like the non-glossy look of EA eyes, these just bring out the colors better.

Default Skin

Gumdrop by Simztu, a beautiful, anatomically correct skin that I chose for the small details, such as the navel & ears.

Sexy Feet & Cute Feet

Despite the name, these are not fetish feet.  These are just less blocky and more realistic.  These are mostly for Shaye Mayfield, since she’s a barefoot hippie, but also for that “stares-at-foot” interaction in the hot tub.  The ugliness of the foot being stared at bothered me immensly.


I love mods…I LOVE THEM!!!!  *heavy breathing*

Don’t judge me!  T_T

Autonomous Fun in the Sun

Autonomous Fun in the Sun does pretty much what the name suggests, it pushes townies to autonomously play in the water, play with water boats, build more sand castles, etc.  It makes my towns feel a lot more lived in.

Awesome Mod

I heard of Awesome Mod before NRAAS – Story Progression, actually, but couldn’t find a download (because I’m an idiot).  I spent a few months looking into it and determined that it included pretty much everything my other NRAAS mods (aside from OverWatch & ErrorTrap) did.  I’ve been testing it for a little bit and I’ve got to say, my game loads a lot faster and lags a little bit less.  This is most likely to do with cutting my package files down by half instead of anything wrong with StoryProgression.  Awesome Mod doesn’t have the nifty little story updates, but I have the newspaper, so I’ll live.

Fresh Cut Day 3.0

This is a lighting mod.  It brings more color to the town’s sky and makes shadows more dynamic.  I use whichever one has the appropriate water for the world I want to play that day.

NRAAS – ErrorTrap

This mod goes hand-in-hand with OverWatch.  It helps me keep my saves corruption free…as long as I’m not stupid about it.  It also outputs error script files so I can figure out what went wrong and, potentially, fix it.

NRAAS – MasterController

I need this mod…NEED IT!  I don’t think I can play a vanilla game anymore because of it.  It lets me fiddle with sims in CAS without cheats, also condenses CAS to reduce lag, I can peek at family trees, mass-pollination, mass-destruction, mass…anything really. It does a LOT more, too! I love this mod.  If I had to choose just one mod to install, it’d be this one.

Modules installed: Cheats & Integration

NRAAS – OverWatch

This thing keeps my game from exploding with lag.  It resets sims around town when they’re being idiots and deletes cars, turns off TVs/stereos…little things to keep lag at bay.  Very handy.

NRAAS – Porter

Hehe…hehehehe…Bwahahahahahahaha!  I can pack entire TOWNS!  >:D

Shimrod’s & BrntWaffle’s Camera Mod – No Drift

Just a mod that gives me more control over the camera for a less frustrating time taking pictures.