Generation 1

1.25 – Choose Your Weapon

1.25 - pic1

Rosie: Not one! Not even one lousy vote! Fuck you people!

I thought you didn’t want to be heir?

Rosie: That’s beside the point!

1.25 - pic2

Max: *deep sigh* I was under the assumption that having an heir poll would enable me to hand over the responsibility of leadership.


Max: But we do not have an heir.


Max: Explain!

Well, for the first couple of days the poll was up, Moriarty was clearly in the lead. Let’s rephrase that. No one else had any votes, and he had 4. For perspective, the Diabolicals only have 10 readers, so that’s almost half the readers. It seemed pretty clear that Moriarty would win.

I didn’t look at the poll again until it closed.

1.25 - pic3

As you can clearly see, Lilianna managed to sneak in 6 votes in the last few days, no idea how, beating Moriarty’s 4. Seems okay. However, I figured out how to post poll threads on boolprop and left that running for about a day. That gave Moriarty 2 more votes.

1.25 - pic4

So, it’s a tie between Lili and Mori. As mentioned previously, Rosie didn’t get any votes.

1.25 - pic5

Rosie: And why the fuck not?!

1.25 - pic6

Mori: You mean…I didn’t win? How?!

Lili: Fudgecicles and gumdrops! 😀

So, yeah. No gen 2 heir. Yet!

1.25 - pic7

Taking a leaf out of Meg’s book, I’m having Mori and Lili fight to the death battle it out rock-paper-scissors to determine which of them shall lead this great legacy.

1.25 - pic8

Moriarty: Hissssss! Heirship shall be mine!

Lili: Oh, Plumbob!

Maid: I just love this family! 😀

1.25 - pic9

But Lili won the first round.

1.25 - pic10

Moriarty won the second round.

1.25 - pic11

And Lili wins 2 out of 3! We have an heir!

1.25 - pic12

Lili: I’m hair! Lol!

Moriarty: What?! No fair!  Rematch!

Not quite, Lili. We’re following the Paradis’ lead on this one to the LETTER!

1.25 - pic13

Next challenge, apple bobbing.

1.25 - pic14

Lili wins!

At this point Lili has secured her heirship, since its best 2-out-of-3. So have some cute animals we found roaming the park.

1.25 - pic15

Cute wittle puppies! ^_^

1.25 - pic16

And Lili’s first act as generation 2’s official heir is to be scared senseless by her little brother.

1.25 - pic17

Moriarty: Vengeance is mine!

In other news, the Diabolicals first birthday was a few days ago. Here’s some stats.

1.25 - pic13

1.25 - pic14

1.25 - pic15

1.25 - pic16

We’ve pretty much doubled our views since beginning last summer! Thanks a bunch, guys!  It’s nice to know you guys are enjoying this as much as I am.  And that’s what we’re here for: to have a good time with good friends!  So, thank you!  ^_^

Thanks for playing, folks! Tune in next time for the actual start of generation 2!  😀

1.24 – Another Day Older

1.24 - pic1

You’re adorable.

Moriarty: I know.

1.24 - pic2

Such sweet innocence.

May you never know what your parents get up to.

1.24 - pic3

One last youthful woohoo…

1.24 - pic4

…before Max is forced to lose any good looks he ever had.

1.24 - pic5

Max: Let’s just get this over with.

1.24 - pic6

Of course we throw a party! And we throw it at the Casino! Because we’re masochistic. :/

1.24 - pic7

The party hasn’t even started and we’ve already got drinkers!

Don’t you think you’re a little young to become an alcoholic?

Rosie: Only one way to find out!

Max: Rosaline. What are you doing?

1.24 - pic8

Rosie: I have to deal with people! Get off my case!


Max! Do something!

1.24 - pic9

Max: You want something done?! Fine! You’re becoming an alcoholic, Rosaline! Do NOT drink or the minion will never shut up!

That’s not what I meant.

Rosie: But…juice?

1.24 - pic10

It is only with “juice” in hand that father and daughter can begin to cope with the idiocy that is the rest of the human race.

1.24 - pic11

Lili: Oh goody! My mother’s gambling away my inheritance!

*sigh* I think I need a drink.

1.24 - pic12

In case you didn’t already notice, the party goes down at the Lucky Simoleon Casino, way over on the other side of town.

1.24 - pic13

Lots of people show up. So many regrets already.

1.24 - pic14

People brought their kids to this place?! You poor thing!

Mary: Nah, I’m good! 😀

1.24 - pic15

The Minion eventually pulls Max away from the bar long enough to blow out some candles.

1.24 - pic16

Rosie: Woo! Dad’s getting old! That much closer to a funeral!

Blond boy: Is that my future father-in-law? Must keep smiling!

1.24 - pic17

With the women of his life cheering him on, Max ages.

1.24 - pic18

Max: Oh no! I shall be old! Near death! And an heir hasn’t been chosen to carry on my quest of world domination!

Shhh! We’ll get to that!

1.24 - pic19

And we have Ancient Founder! 😀

1.24 - pic20

I have to admit it, Max aged pretty well. Still got the rather severe, kill-you-in-your-sleep charm going on, but overall not bad.

Max: I abhor you.

I know. Now go talk to Kitty! Chop chop!

1.24 - pic21

It’s a very serious question Max has to ask.

1.24 - pic22

Yes. That question.

Max: Would you consider returning to mortal form, my dear?

1.24 - pic23

Kitty: Darling, I only ever became a vampire for you!

You did throw the bottle, Max.

Max: Be silent.

1.24 - pic24

For Max, and Max alone, Kitty gives up vampirism.

Kitty: For you, my darling.

1.24 - pic25

Then she’s aged up to match Max.

Kitty: I’m human. And old!!

1.24 - pic26

Max: And yet still sexy as all hell.

Kitty: Oh, you!

While Kitty and Max dance their old bones silly, the girls are doing a bit of socializing.

1.24 - pic27

Rosie works on her old pal Isaiah. When they became friends, I don’t know.

Isaiah: Just keep smiling. It can smell fear!

1.24 - pic28

And Lili butters up his younger brother, Anton. Both boys are Darleen Dreamer’s son.

Lili: Hi! I’m Lili, and I like everything! 😀

Anton: That’s nice.

At some point, the party ends and the boys try to flee. But we don’t let them. >:)

1.24 - pic29

Things go pretty well for Rosie!

1.24 - pic30

Not even talk of a girlfriend slows her down!

Rosie: As if! Am I evil, or am I evil?! *breaks them up*

1.24 - pic31

Rosie: Kiss me or I’ll break both your legs.

Isaiah: Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think ABOUT IT!

O_O I’m gonna go check on Lili.

1.24 - pic32

Lili: I think he likes me! 😀

He just might.

1.24 - pic33

Unfortunately, he also likes someone else.

1.24 - pic34

And, it might be just a feeling, but I don’t think Lili can break them up. Just a feeling.

Anton: Leanna is my sunshine!

Lili: Oh…okay.

Unfortunately, after the party ends and every Diabolical is accounted for back at the house, we get this:

1.24 - pic35

Isaiah aged up. This may pose a problem.

1.24 - pic36

Or not!

Fuck parties. I’m tired of parties and unknown guests that never leave. We’ll pick it up again for Moriarty’s young adult birthday.

1.24 - pic37

Mori: Finally! I’m going to be a teenager and all the readers can vote for me!

Not quite, young man!

1.24 - pic38

Moriarty goes first. And, for some reason, Lili and Rosie run off. Goddamnit. At least his elderly parents are there to show their support.

1.24 - pic39

Kitty: I’m not sure he’s quite got it.

Shhh. Leave him be.

1.24 - pic40

Damn. You’re cute! O_O Legit cute! Didn’t think Max had it in him!

1.24 - pic41

Moriarty rolled Angler to go along with Brave Evil Genius. Maybe he’s collecting fish to be his minions…I have no idea.

1.24 - pic42

Next up is Lili. Doesn’t she look fetching?

Lili: This time. This time I’ll be the prettier sister!

1.24 - pic43

The candles will choose.

Lili: Is that a riddle?


1.24 - pic44

Lili: I’m finally going to be an adult! I’ll get my Life-Time Wish and get a husband and have babies and live happily ever after! 😀

And who knows! Maybe you’ll actually become evil too!

1.24 - pic45

Lili: Time for all my dreams to come true!

Rosie: Are the sparkles deadly? Tell me the sparkles are deadly!

1.24 - pic46

Lili: I feel awesome! 😀

Rosie: *uncontrollable laughter*

What’s so funny?

1.24 - pic47

Minion: *uncontrollable laughter*

Lili rolled Unstable. This makes her an Easily Impress, Excitable, Friendly, Excitable, Unstable Diabolical. This is quite interesting.

Of course, there’s only one LTW fit for an unstable, evil sim.

1.24 - pic48

Yes. ALL of Lili’s dreams are coming true. I love how the family’s already laid claim to this LTW.

1.24 - pic49

Since Rosie’s getting ansty, we’ll proceed.

Rosie: Hell yeah, I’m getting antsy! I’m gonna be an adult! I’m getting outta here! So long suckers!

1.24 - pic50

Rosie: No more school, no tests to ace! No more Lili’s stupid face!

Actually, even if you’re not voted heir, you’re sticking around to finish your LTW. That’s a whole point!

1.24 - pic51

Rosie: What?!

1.24 - pic52

To go with her slobbish, yet total foodie ways, Rosie rolls Angler. I’ll accept that.

1.24 - pic53

She’s kinda cute, in an androgynous kind of way.

For some reason, Rosie and Lili look very tall to me. All leg and flat chest, despite their mother’s rather generous endowments.

1.24 - pic54

I was hoping this LTW would come up! I’ve never actually gotten the magical fridge, but I’ve heard lots about it. I want it!

That’s it! We’re all caught up! I’ll throw up an heir poll in a few days, and it’ll probably be up for a week or two.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

1.23 – She Sparkles in the Evening

Last time, on this strange blog you devote your time to reading, the dark prince Moriarty grew into an adorable child, romantic endeavors were had by sisters Lili and Rosie, neither particularly successful, and it was decided that there are too many god damn cats!

1.23 - pic1

In today’s session, it’s announced that Max and Kitty have survived an entire year of marriage. Despite having two teenaged daughters…*sigh*

1.23 - pic2

Max and Kitty celebrate their anniversary in the time honored tradition of working parents everywhere: they sleep in.

In a rebellion to the norm, their children are already up and about.

1.23 - pic3

Moriarty didn’t even get to bed until the sun was peaking over the desert horizon. But after a short nap, it’s back to singing to his imaginary friend. Such a trooper.

1.23 - pic4

Lili corners the maid in her twin’s bedroom and holds him hostage chats for several hours before she’s reminded that there are more eligible men she should be wooing.

1.23 - pic5

Rosie’s sequestered away in the basement. Watching a cat.

1.23 - pic6

A cat that’s watching the beetles.

1.23 - pic7

Oh yeah! This is the family’s burgeoning bug collection. There’s a Cockroach, a Honeypot Ant, a Trilobite Beetle, a Rainbow Beetle, a Cerambyx Beetle and a Stag Beetle, so far. All courtesy of Nikita, who’s maxed her Hunting skill and is working on the associated skill challenges.

1.23 - pic8

Rosie remains in the basement for the rest of the day. At least she chats up the townie boys.

Rosie: Yeah, dude, I’m laying low for a while. Just until the twerp and bimbo leave. Nah, they’re already gone. Anniversary or some shit. Yup.

1.23 - pic9

And indeed, Max and Kitty eventually make it out of the house. After the customary shower woohoo, of course. They grab lunch at the swanky restaurant Rosie crashed last chapter. It’s raining, so they eat inside.

1.23 - pic10

Max only has eyes for his classy lady.

1.23 - pic11

In other news, Darleen and Darren Dreamer are apparently as cute a couple as they’ve ever been. It’s kind of sweet how long they’ve stayed together. Usually SP marriages in my games last about as long as the typical celebrity marriage. I think they’ve got five or six kids now.

1.23 - pic12

Max: How dare they attempt to serve me subpar edibles! Do they have any idea who I am?!

Max, it was one limp lettuce leaf.

Max: Unacceptable!

1.23 - pic13

Somehow, that gets him an award and $500…is there no justice in the world?!

But it’s okay, since it more than covers the cost of the swanky place. Cactus Bistro, I think it’s called. Beautiful views.

1.23 - pic14

And he gets a discount?!

Max: But of course.

1.23 - pic15

No shame, these two.

1.23 - pic16

At some point, while the sun is still out, they make it down to the theatre. There’s no movie yet, so they just tour the theatre. They were already flirty and one thing lead to another, and, well…

1.23 - pic17

No. Shame.

1.23 - pic18

Now this, right here, is timeless love. Twilight ain’t got nothing on this shit!

1.23 - pic19


After a hearty round in the theatre, Max and Kitty head for the Oasis, only the classiest joint in all of Lucky Palms.

Max: This is nice. Veeeery nice. Hehehehehe!

Kitty: Darling, do sit down.

They promptly do their best to get absolutely hammered.

1.23 - pic20

The bartender’s actually pretty good. Minion and Masters watch in rapt fascination.

1.23 - pic21

Holy shit! Max! She’s setting the glass on FIRE! With a BLOWTORCH!!

Max: How interesting.

1.23 - pic22

Kitty: Give me alcohol *stares into soul*

Bartender: Are—are you sure?

Max: *slams back drink*

1.23 - pic23

Kitty: Alcohol now and I won’t use my fame and fortune to give you a bad review.

Max: This beverage is delicious!

1.23 - pic24

Kitty’s drink is red, fizzy and accompanied by a cute little heart on a stick. Interesting.

Max and Kitty pass several hours drinking. The best part?

1.23 - pic25

They’re getting paid to.  XD

1.23 - pic26

That’s your fifth…Aristocratic Gimlet. Don’t you think its time to stop?

Max: Tomorrow I must return to a life of teenaged girls squealing about cute boys and my son who is convinced his doll is real. Let me have this now.

Damn dude!

1.23 - pic27

Kitty! Help him!

Kitty: No, I believe my dear is right. This drink appears to be on fire.

Max: What was that?

What was what?

1.23 - pic28

Kitty: Did you feel that dear?

Max: Yes. A disturbance in the world.


1.23 - pic29

Oh. Damn. Way to kill the mood, dude!

Lennon Sosa was one of Max’s first celebrity friends, if you remember way back when. First was Ramon Tanner. They both attended Max’s wedding to Kitty.

1.23 - pic30

Like true Diabolicals, Max and Kitty keep drinking and ignore any encroaching death.

Back home, everyone’s asleep.

1.23 - pic31

1.23 - pic32

1.23 - pic33

Not necessarily in their own beds.

1.23 - pic34

The anniversary date ends up going very well for our founding couple.

1.23 - pic35

And it’s confirmed that Max has eyes for no other woman than Kitty! *Minion swoons*

Thank for reading!  ^_^

1.22 – Yes, My Dark Prince

Don’t worry. We get Mori back. 😉

1.22 - pic1

And that’s a good thing.

1.22 - pic2

Because it’s his birthday! 😀

First things first, though. Everyone needs to hightail it to school and work.

1.22 - pic3

Woah! Kitty?! What’s got you baring fangs?!

1.22 - pic4

Kitty: It seems I have a delinquent on my hands!

What’d you do?!

Lili: Bad things! 😦

1.22 - pic5

Oh, Lili. We really should talk about this evil thing.

1.22 - pic6

What are you doing with the baby?!

Rosie: Disposing of it now before it can run.


1.22 - pic7

Oh, thank GOD! Saved by the bus! *turns around*

1.22 - pic8

Max: Hehehehehehe, yet another peon falls! Bwahahahahaha!


Max: Yes.

Go cake the baby.

1.22 - pic9

These guys are just too cute.

Since mom and sisters are out doing grown-up things (work and school), our two men are left alone in a house full of cats.

1.22 - pic10

And I mean full. Seriously, as soon as an heir’s been chosen, some of these cats are being shipped out with the spares. We’ll definitely be keeping Rakshasa, Nikita’s daughter, and one of Dinah’s sons. I’m hoping to breed them together.

1.22 - pic11

Macavity. Don’t let the cute look fool you. He’s the cat this legacy deserves.

1.22 - pic12

Lynx. The kitty yogi. Adorably sweet and perfect, just like his mother.

1.22 - pic13

Max: Excuse me! My only son is aging up over here!

Oh yeah! No more baby. ;_;

1.22 - pic14

With no one else about, the maid joins in the fun.

Maid: Cake is serious business, not trivial fun.

1.22 - pic15

Our birthday boy blows out his candles…

1.22 - pic16

And the sparkles take him!

Moriarty: *derp*

1.22 - pic17

As is customary of the Diabolicals, the Evil trait is bestowed upon our young dark prince. This makes him an evil genius that’s not afraid of anything. That’s terrifying.

1.22 - pic18

And isn’t he just a darling little prince!

Moriarty: Grovel foolish minion. You have no idea the dark powers I am capable of wielding!

*pinches cheeks*

1.22 - pic19

In other news, Rosie gets an opportunity to get a job in exchange for an increase in school performance.

1.22 - pic20

And Kitty gets some incentive to finally max out her celebrity level.

1.22 - pic21

She calls over some celebrity friends of her husband’s and schmoozes.

Even undead and middle-aged, she’s gorgeous. Moriarty takes quite a bit after her.

1.22 - pic22

Speaking of young Mori, he’s sitting down to business with his doll. Good lad.

Moriarty: But of course! Irene is my most loyal subject.

His room was redecorated at some point. Consider this the token bedroom shot.

1.22 - pic23

As for the other children, instead of getting a job, Rosie finds it pertinent to do her homework at a swanky restaurant. At least she chose a seat with a view.

Lili: Pity I can’t enjoy it. Fucking social science bullshit!

1.22 - pic24

And Lili continues to be the least evil sim in the whole of the Sims 3.

Lili: Ice cream! 😀

Homework! Now!

1.22 - pic25

Lili: Homework! 😀

As the more productively evil members of the family, Max holds more meeting to increase general unpleasantness in the work office while Rosie joins the ranks of the minimum wage workers.

1.22 - pic27

Lili: How is this evil? It’s minimum wage, all the produce is subpar, and I have to deal with the so-called ‘citizens’ of this god-forsaken desert!

Consider me fiendishly delighted. >:)

1.22 - pic28

Interruption! Rakshasa is adorable!

Rakshasa: What’s up with him?

With who?

1.22 - pic29

Lynx: deeeeeerp


As birthdays approach, the girls are pushed for time on the romantic front.

1.22 - pic30

Lili: OMG! He’s, like, so cute!

Ignore the holes in the roof. This house needs to be rebuilt desperately.

1.22 - pic31

Rosie: I like good food. If you have poor taste you will feel the weight of my skillet against your skull.

Rosie! Don’t scare him off! Goddamnit!

Lili: Just making sure he has his priorities in the right order.

1.22 - pic32

Moriarty spends his first weekend as a child playing with Irene. We still haven’t got the pop-up saying she’s real. 😦

1.22 - pic33

But just in case we do later, Max is working on his logic.

1.22 - pic34

He’s got a long ways to go yet.

1.22 - pic35

For some reason, this encourages the maid to snap a few pics. Up until this point, this particular maid has been very well behaved, so I’ll let it slide. This time.

1.22 - pic36

Kitty’s back to painting.

Kitty: Living in the middle of the desert and far from town has inspired me.

Carry on.

Since she’s accomplished her LTW, brought in and raised the next generation of the legacy, and contributed several points to our score, Kitty is usual left on freewill unless she has wishes to fulfill or opportunities to do.

1.22 - pic37

Speaking of wishes, she’s completed enough to have accumulated over 100,000 Life-Time Happiness points. +1!

And we’ll end on that rather positive note!  😀

Thanks for reading! ^_^

1.21 – Family Fun Time

Wow! Look at all this dust! *coughs out a lung* Damn!

Okay. What happened last time? Uh…Prom! Prom happened! And kitty birthdays! Totally didn’t have to read my own blog for that, nosiree! >.>

For anyone who’s curious, we’re in Week 5 Day 5 of the Diabolical Legacy. It’s been a while, I know, but I’m hoping to get to Generation 2 soon.

And so we begin a new day in the Diabolical Legacy.

1.21 - pic1

Okay, what’ve we got here?

1.21 - pic2

Moriarty: You left me all alone for four months and I’m HUNGRY!

Damn. Now I feel bad. >.>

1.21 - pic3

Rosie: Shut. Up

Moriarty: She just wants to see me WASTE AWAY!

Rosie: *just stares at wall*

Wait! Is it—?

1.21 - pic4

It is! It’s Rosie to the rescue yet again! (see chapter 1.20) You know, you could’ve just fed him in the nursery. 😉

Rosie: Fuck off! At least he’s not starving anymore! Get off my case!

O_O Ah, mood swing. Got it.

1.21 - pic5

What are you up to, lovely?

1.21 - pic6

Lili: I did a bad thing! 😀

That’s nice dear. Now go eat, you’re starving.

1.21 - pic7

Father and daughter enjoying a pleasant breakfast together, idiotic, exhausted paparazzi in the background.

Balding: I’m tired! I NEED that rocking chair!

Just go home! 😡

Grey Bun: But what if we miss something scandalous! Like a Diabolical without clothes!

1.21 - pic8

Rosie: Morning, Dad!

Fhjkdshhew! God damnit, Rosie! Go put on some clothes!

1.21 - pic9

Rosie: Food now. Clothes later. *inhales deeply*

1.21 - pic10

Um, Lili?  Get back in the house.

Balding: Her ass is amazing.

Lili: Just keep smiling.

1.21 - pic11

Uh, Max, something’s going on—

Max: Shh! Don’t follow me.

What? But—

1.21 - pic12

My eyes!

I’ll just head back out and check on Lil—what the hell happened here?!

1.21 - pic13

Mailman: Noob! LOL!

Balding: How did it come to this?

1.21 - pic14

Apparently, Lili’s back inside, doing…?

Lili: Hehehehehe! I’m evilly frying evil ice cream!

Dear…we should talk at some point.

1.21 - pic15

Oh my god! You got dressed! All by yourself!

Rosie: Yeah, whatever.

1.21 - pic16

It’s Leisure Day! And Kitty’s got a wish to go to the park. Why not? We’ll bring the whole family.

1.21 - pic17

Good time for a family photo.

1.21 - pic18


1.21 - pic19

Somehow, the Minion forgot that Kitty was, in fact, a vampire. And its a summer afternoon. Crap.

1.21 - pic20

Since she’s gathered up enough LTH points, the Minion sends out for some permanent sunscreen.

1.21 - pic21

And now she sparkles?! Alrighty then…

Anyway, after the family photo shoot everyone scatters.

1.21 - pic22

Rosie: Lime snowcones. The only reason I come on these family outings.

I’ll leave you to it. Besides, I see your mother doing weird shit.

1.21 - pic23

I don’t think that’s the way you skate, Kitty.

Kitty: On the contrary, this is the way I skate.

Alrighty! Lili! How’re you doing?

1.21 - pic24

Lili: Beautifully!

I didn’t think you took ballet…excellent form! Moving on!

1.21 - pic25

You know he’ll be too big for that tomorrow, right?

Max: Hmph.

Also, note that little sign on the left-hand side of the greeting card photo booth.

1.21 - pic26

XD  I’ve never noticed it before! But I love it!

1.21 - pic27

Eventually, the Diabolicals make it over to the family fun center.

1.21 - pic28

Rosie has far too much fun pummeling her family.

1.21 - pic29

Max evades Rosie’s onslaught by turning into a plane.

1.21 - pic30

Kitty and Lili aren’t nearly as dexterous.

1.21 - pic31

Critical fail!

Lili: Argflarghgrhgrhg!

1.21 - pic32

Moriarty ignores the antics of his family in favor of his imaginary friend.

Mori: They are all imbeciles.

1.21 - pic33

Mori: Isn’t that right, Irene?

1.21 - pic34

Mori: But someday we’ll rule the world. Yes, we will.

1.21 - pic35

Hey! Stop creeping, Steel!

1.21 - pic36

Seriously! He just stood there for several hours, staring at Moriarty, until the family left!

The Minion picks up the threat of impending zombie hoards and scoots everyone back to the house.

Hmmm…something seems to be missing…

1.21 - pic37

Mori: Hey? Where’d everybody go?


Thanks for reading!  ^_^

1.19 – They really do exist!

Yes, we do indeed!

I’m such a bad simmer. I DO love my Diabolicals! I really do! But…I’ve been building a house for my other family. Because I can. And I’m a bad person. >.>

Anywho! Let’s get into it!

1.19 - pic1

Max: About time!

Shuddup. >.>

Let’s start with Rosie running away!

1.19 - pic2

Rosie: What the fu—

There she goes! Don’t worry, she’ll be back! ^_^  Moving on!

1.19 - pic3

Lili?! Really?! I expect this from Rosie, but not you!

Lili: What?!

Don’t play dumb, missy! You just set a boobytrap!

Lili: No! Why would you think that? *whistles innocently*

Go to bed! And where’s your brother?

1.19 - pic4

Oh my god, you adorable, precious child!

Moriarty: *still skilling autonomously*

Unfortunately, you’re bone tired and need to get to bed.

The next morning begins Lili and Rosie’s first day of public high school.

1.19 - pic5

Lili: I can’t believe you would clog on me on my first day of school. I thought we had something special!

1.19 - pic6

Why are YOU so happy?

Rosie: Oh, ya’ know, new day, fresh air, Lili’s screams of anguish. Pick one.

1.19 - pic7

Lili: The sink exploded in my face! I had to rebrush my teeth!

The bus doesn’t arrive and they’re left to hail cabs. I was busy elsewhere. >.>

1.19 - pic8

This is Moriarty’s babysitter, a rakish young man of dubious intent. With two working parents and a full teenaged girl schedule, we’ll be seeing quite a lot of him.

1.19 - pic9

Mori was already crying when he arrived, so the young man was immediately put to the test. I don’t like his look.

1.19 - pic10

He wandered up to Mori’s nursery and spent several minutes just staring at him.

Mori: I’m hungry! Minion! Make him feed me!

I would if I could, baby. 😦

1.19 - pic11

Eventually though, the boy did his job and fed poor, trapped, starving Moriarty.

1.19 - pic12

With Mori’s basic needs taken care of, the babysitter turned to the cats.

1.19 - pic13

Mori: My books are all downstairs and this block table will do absolutely nothing to further my intellect. I want him fired.

I don’t get to pick the babysitters, hun. 😦 We’ll see what your mom can do.

1.19 - pic14

Max wasn’t very pleased with the babysitter’s performance either. But the boy ran off the minute Max stepped on the lot.

Max: Where is it? *quietly seething*

In that car behind you, driving away. 😡

He proceeded to spoil Moriarty rotten.

1.19 - pic15

Max: Don’t worry son, I’ll have the babysitter flogged.

1.19 - pic16

Mori: Really?! Thanks, Daddy!

1.19 - pic17

Max: Remember, son, if anyone dares to mess with our family: Put them in the ground.

Mori: Yes, Daddy.

0_0 What are you teaching this child?

1.19 - pic18

In other news, Kitty was finally promoted! She was demoted at some point. Why, I can’t remember. Must not have been important. >.>

And where are the two teenagers at this time? Where indeed.

Well, Lili got asked over to a “friend’s” house. The house of one Jeremy Shaw, in fact.

1.19 - pic19

Let’s take a closer look.

1.19 - pic20

Lili, being the good girl she is, immediately sat down to do her homework. Jeremy, on the other hand, CLEARLY had other plans.

Down boy! She’s like 14!

1.19 - pic21

The Shaws apparently have a dog. This, of course, will NOT stand. The Diabolicals worship the feline form. Always and forever.

1.19 - pic22

Speaking of the cats, Max spoiled Nikita for a bit, since it was her birthday.

1.19 - pic23

This is true love. ❤

1.19 - pic24

Nikita aged gracefully into distinguished grey fur. You may now detract your claws, Nikita. Thank you.

This greatly saddens me, as the Diabolical Minion. I was hoping to get kittens directly from Dinah and Nikita at some point. I think super fluffy balinese kittens would’ve been cute. We’ll see if it’ll happen.

1.19 - pic25

Age hasn’t affected Nikita’s physicality. She still stalks for prey quite often and ambushes Dinah with pounces daily.

On the other side of the house, a darling little vampire autonomously skills.  (Guess who my favorite is.)

1.19 - pic26

Moriarty: Hmm, yes. I see. *evil giggle*

Minion: *coos*

1.19 - pic27

Ah, yes! We were wondering where Rosie had wandered off to! She’s fishing. All by herself. In the graveyard.

Rosie: *deadpans* Autonomously skilling.

>.> Meh.

1.19 - pic28

Not to be outdone, Lili joins in on this “autonomous skilling”.

Lili: Ridiculous, dragons don’t exist.

1.19 - pic29

Lili: They exist! They really do exist!

1.19 - pic30

Lili: Wait! Maybe it’s just my dear sister Rosaline!

I adore you, Lili. XD

Did I mention that the Diabolicals invested in a maid? Welp, there you have it! We got a maid!

1.19 - pic31

And he’s quite dashing!

1.19 - pic32

Now, if only he would stop putting away Mori’s TSAL. 😡

1.19 - pic33

There you have it! The latest installment in the Diabolical Legacy! Tune in next time for more aging, another promotion, and Prom!

1.18 – Birthdays!

So, what happened last week? Um…we had a bunch kittens from Nikita and Dinah…and I’m already considering breeding the two together  >.<  Um…oh! A nd we got a baby boy vampire!  And he was aging up!  Let’s watch!

1.18 - pic1

Sparkles galore.

1.18 - pic2

OMG! He’s a ginger! *squeals happily*

1.18 - pic3

Moriarty: Nope! You’re just blind! 😀

O_O I don’t even care. He’s adorable. It looks like he takes mostly after Kitty, but with Max’s eye color. I don’t know where that hair color came from though! It’s not anything saved in CAS, and both parents are pre-mades so it can’t be from a grand-parent. Right now, I’m thinking of it as what you get when you blend red with black.

Isn’t he just angelic though?!

1.18 - pic4

Moriarty: Minion says I’m in the running for heir now, but really? Is there any competition? I have Daddy’s money and Mama’s good looks! You should just declare me heir!

1.18 - pic5

Moriarty: Here comes the smolder.

Minion: *puddle of goo on the floor*

1.18 - pic6

And he skills autonomously!

Moriarty: *intense concentration*

1.18 - pic7

But still makes time for his dear friend, Irene, who he loves and cheri—what are you doing?! O_O

1.18 - pic8

Moriarty: Practithing.

Well, okay then.

That’s Kitty in the background, about to max her Painting skill. She’s given the legacy three children and two sets of founder portraits.

1.18 - pic9

Here’s the first set. Notice that Kitty is still very human in hers.

1.18 - pic10

And here’s the second. Kitty’s eyes look like fire! So pretty! The portraits are still a bit woobly, but they’re better than the first set so we’ll call ‘em good. AKA, Minion has no patience.

Speaking of patience, sometimes it pays off!

1.18 - pic11

Max tops the Business career by being promoted to Power Broker! Woot!

Not everything can be so easy, though.

Max has been trying to max Charisma for a while now, with no success. As a last resort, Minion and Master are off to the library for some super-fast skilling, just like the good old days.

And who should we spy there but an old flame!

1.18 - pic12

Darleen Matlapin! Ahem, my apologies, Darleen Dreamer. An adult now, and mother of four, but still as lovely as Day 1!

1.18 - pic13

She seems a bit hung up on Max, who can’t be bothered with her existence. You had your chance Darleen! Why’d you have to be rich! T_T

We’re quite happy with our legacy spouse. She’s a warm mother and a classy lady.

1.18 - pic14

Now if only she’d pass down her coloring. >.<

1.18 - pic15

Deciding that his girls have earned enough “tough love”, Max makes the call to bring them home.

1.18 - pic16

He then promptly throws them a Welcome Home/Birthday party. Because every Diabolical milestone must have a party.

1.18 - pic17

The girls, on the other hand, sit down for some catching up…with each other. >.<

As its their last day as children, I’ll indulge them.

1.18 - pic18

We have a few early birds, but we’ll forgive them as they’re teenage boys, and thus relevant to the continuation of the legacy. Maybe? The party starts as 3 pm on the dot. Enjoy Dinah and Nikita renewing their friendship over an interest in dogs.

1.18 - pic19

Darleen Dreamer showed up with a few of her kids, all conveniently the right age for all of the Diabolical kids. That little one on the left is Anton Dreamer. Master Controller says he’s due to age up soon, so the girls will attend high school with him.

1.18 - pic20

The left one is Isaiah Dreamer. He’s (obviously) a teenager, and a recently aged-up one as well. The right one is little Mary Dreamer, just recently grown into a toddler. Gosh darnit, we WILL have Darleen’s cute genetics!

Then it’s time for the twins to grow into beautiful young ladies! At least, young ladies. >.>

1.18 - pic21

Lili: Will I be cute?

Darling, you’re already cute!

Rosie: That’s a no.

1.18 - pic22

As elder twin, Lilianna sparkles first.

Lili: Just you wait! I’ll be the cuter twin!

1.18 - pic23

I don’t think she’s too wrong. Lili rolled Easily Impressed to go with Excitable, Friendly and Evil. I think Dinah now has competition for least evil Diabolical! XD

1.18 - pic24

And here’s her makeover picture. Since she’s Friendly & Excitable, I’m picturing her as kind of a girly-girl, loves dresses and shopping with friends. And she IS kinda cute! Kitty’s nose and mouth do wonders on Max’s face.

1.18 - pic25

Max: My daughter is adorable!

Lili: Told you I’d be cute!

Rosie: Crap.

1.18 - pic26

Then its Rosie’s turn!

Rosie: Wait! I’m not ready!

Lili: She won’t be as cute as me. Right? Right?!

Macavity: Bitch, please.

1.18 - pic27

Rosie rolls Natural Cook as her new trait. So that makes her an evil foodie that loves the heat and hates cleaning. Interesting.

1.18 - pic28

Rosie’s makeover pic! She’s dressed in fruits and fire from Natural Cook and Loves the Heat, but as she’s a slob, there’s lots of not-caring going on in her wardrobe. Food inspired patterns, anybody know of any?

1.18 - pic29

Our two teenage girls! Please ignore Rosie’s arms, the patten mysteriously changes in the next two seconds.

1.18 - pic30

Marisol: Your daughter’s pretty great!

Max: But she has left several plates of cake all over the living room!

No, that was Rosie. Frickin’ Slobs! >.<

1.18 - pic31

What’s this?! Hearts?!

1.18 - pic32

Lili: Do you think he’s thinking about me?!


1.18 - pic33

His name is Jeremy Shaw and I love his eyes. A cutey overall, who Lili is totally checking out there in the background. Can’t say I blame her. Who doesn’t love a young man in a tux?

1.18 - pic34

While Lili’s introducing herself to Darleen’s sons, Rosie gets prodded over to Mr. Shaw.

Rosie: So, uh, you think this party needs a disco ball?

Jeremy: Uh, sure. Where’d your sister go?

Needless to say, sparks do NOT fly.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Dreamer falls over Lili as well, but the Minion was a bumbling fool and x-ed out the message.

1.18 - pic35

The party was a grand success, both in terms of guest satisfaction and potential-spouse scouting. Lili’s got at least two potential beaus, and we’ll have prom determine Rosie’s fate later.

Young Moriarty was asleep in his crib for most of the party, but someone let him out at some point and we got this little notification:

1.18 - pic36

Yes! Imaginary Friends! 😀

1.18 - pic37

And confirmation that rocking chairs are indeed traps for the elderly. Interesting.

1.18 - pic38

In other news, both girls have somehow already completed a skill challenge!

And also!  The family has breached its first $100000!  The score sheet has been updated accordingly!

Next time, on the Diabolical Legacy! Kitty returns to work and the twins attend their first day of public school!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^