2.3 – The Dead Live and the Game Dies

Greetings readers! Sorry for the wait, school started up and I decided the day right before classes to play Skyrim for the first time ever. I love it! Ermahgerd!

So that’s where I’ve been the last few weeks, Skyrim, Minecraft and procrastinating my homework, because I’m such an amazing student.  XD  Thank god I don’t have a thesis yet.  I’d be so screwed.

I’ve also been with the Mayfields.  Being my first family, they get to go through every experiment first before I play my other games.  No real reason, that’s just how I roll.  And I’ve been playing around with another mod and toying with the idea of keeping it.  On the one hand, I feel like I’ve got too many mods.  On the other hand, it’s got some really interesting features.  And, so far, it seems to be compatible with everything else, so expect that to show up in a Mayfield update soon.

Also, the Diabolicals were (a while back) drug out of their hole shown the limelight given an award and that’s the previous post.  So check it out and check out all the lovely blogs listed there!  ^_^

Okay, I’m done. I know you guys are only here for the Diabolicals. Smile for the camera, Max!


Max: Too much?

Maybe. Anywho! Let’s get into this thing.


We open with some good news! Kitty is ever-so slowly clawing her way up the Hollywood ladder.


Lili’s playing chess with herself, because that definitely improves one’s logic.


Lili: I’ve got him on the run now!

Of course you do, dear. I’ll leave you to it.


Rosie is trapped skilling at the library, just working on her cooking skill since we’ve got enough cake to last a few lifetimes.

Rosie: Trying to focus here! Get out!

Alright, alright, sheesh!


Hmmm. What’re you up to, Max?

Max: I think I’d better get out of this chair and do something productive.


Max: Nevermind.

He hasn’t even retired yet and already the rocking chair has his soul.

After some chess, Lili heads out Hans hunting. First, his house.


Very nice. >:)

Han’s isn’t home though. Drats! But we know where he works! And it’s accessible!


Behold! The Lucky Palms Fire Department!

Inside, we find Hans playing video games, so there’s no guilt when we crash his workplace and woo the pants off him.


Lili: How you doin’, babe?

Hans: Although I don’t look it, this pleases me.


A few goofy looks later and they’re feeling frisky. And I discover a shower on the premises. Hehehehehehe.


Was there a lullaby? I think there was! Bwahahahahaha! Generation 3 is on the way!


Hans: I just had se-ex! And it felt so good! *off-key singing*

Lili: Were we safe? I don’t know if we were safe?


Lili: What if the nargles got involved?!

Hans: Shut up and let me enjoy the loss of my virginity.


Lili: Oh my GOD, the nargles sabotaged the sex shower!

Hans: God damnit.


Regardless of sabotaged showers and perhaps condoms (hehehehehe), a good time was had by all. Hans had such a good time, he saw fit to float up into the clouds and out of Lucky Palms. I’m not kidding. They woohooed, he walked out the door, and vanished. Effing hell.


But there is no time to be sad. Generation 3 is on the way and Lili’s only at level 2 in her career! So Lili strutted herself out to the back of the fire station and commandeered their treadmill.


Lookit them legs!

While Lili is working on her man and career, let’s see what the rest of the family is up to.


Ah, Moriarty’s coming home from school.

Moriarty: I despise how bright the snow is.

Well, suck it. Get it! ‘Cuz he’s a vampire! And he sucks blood! Nevermind. I’m going away now.


Meanwhile, Rosie is still brushing up on her Cooking skills at the library.  I think she’s been here for several days now.

Rosie: I could’ve been a great criminal. I’d have stolen so many jewels by now!


And ignoring the pretty french tourists. Ah, Mr. Bonaparle, know that if Isaiah doesn’t work out that you’re on my short list.

Tourist: Zis is good, yes?

Sure.  >.>


And what is Kitty doing while her spawn are all out of the house?


Why, earning us more legacy points, that’s what! Best Spouse EVAH!

That’s a portrait for the spare Rosie. And it’s a Masterpiece! Well done, Kitty!

Kitty: But of course.

We’ll get Mori’s when he ages up and Lili’s…eventually. When she’s not working out or chasing down Handsome Hans.


Speaking of Lili, she got her first work opportunity! Nice!

At first I was really excited, but all she had to do was read a book. Boring! Let’s go rob a house! >:D


As if to show how much more of an interesting heir she would have been, Rosie then got an opportunity to get drunk and get paid for it. While it’s one I’ve done sooooo many times, it’s an entertaining opportunity. I love trying drinks!

Rosie: I would’ve made a better heir and you know it!

Yeah, yeah, shut up and have another drink.


Rosie: Don’t mind if I do. I think I deserve a break, now that I’ve almost reached the top of my career’s skill.

Rosie, ladies and gentlemen, the heir you could have had.

How does Lili even compare?


Not too shabby actually. Pretty good considering she’s only been a young adult for a few days now.


Another demonstration of our lovely founding spouse. Kitty begins work on Lili’s portrait. I love her.


Wait, what? Well…I thought that thing had died somewhere or something.


Lili: Who’re you?

Puzzle/Buffo/Something-or-Other: I’m your childhood imaginary friend!

Lili:  Aren’t we supposed to be the same age, and so, the same height?


Neither can I, Lili. Neither can I.


This is Buffo (or something along those lines). It’s Lili’s Imaginary Friend that I wasn’t able to make real. Somehow, it’s real. And it immediately crashes my game. I’m overwhelmed with joy. >.<

Welp! Time to reload! Just what I wanted to do. We’ll straighten this out next time.

Hi!  Thanks for sticking around and reading!  ^_^  I’ve finished captioning generation 2, so expect the next chapters in a much more timely manner.


  1. If you have your Sims socialize enough with the doll when they are toddlers, once they reach the childhood the doll comes to life and grows up as they do. If you have them ignore it, it will not come to life and remain just a toy. I believe that Lily could still make Buffo real, all she has to do is spend some serious amount of time at the chemistry table until she discovers the metamorphium potion… There’s also the opportunity to turn her imaginary friend real, but I’m not sure if it will pop up now, when she’s a young adult already…

    Nice chapter! Can’t wait for the babies!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s just weird because I didn’t get any popups when she was a kid or teen. Just now that she’s a young adult. And then it crashed my game. Bad IF! Bad! We’ll see if we can get some imaginary friends real next generation.

      Liked by 1 person

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