1.13 – Wishes and Friends

Hey, how’s it going?  Lots of pictures ahead, just to let you know.  So everything’s good?  Good.

OMG!  0_0  Max!  Max!

“What?!” Max screams at the invisible entity that’s been stalking him all morning.

Max’s Morning Montague!

1.13 - pic1

End Montage!

“Well, that was rather uneventful,” Max mutters.

I know!  😡  I was expecting trumpets!

“What do you want?”

…I can’t remember! ^_^

1.13 - pic2

Oh yeah!  It’s your wife’s birthday today!  0_0

“I am aware of that,” Max responds testily.

No!  You don’t get it!  It’s her ELDER birthday!  T_T

“Hmmm,” Max thinks for a moment. “Interesting.”

Right?!  We should do something!

“Indeed,” Max is still lost in thought.  “Minion!  Watch the girls, I’ll be back!”

What?  Why?!  Where are you going?!

But Max has left the building!

1.13 - pic3

What could Max be doing?

1.13 - pic4

While Max is out, Kitty returns from her first day of work.  She’s been promoted to Best Girl.

1.13 - pic5

She potty-trains whichever twin wasn’t potty-trained last time before her husband comes home.

1.13 - pic6

It’s 8:30pm, and we all know what that means!

Pretty colors!  😀

1.13 - pic7


“Yes, dear?”

“Why did you throw a glass bottle at me?”

I’m wondering that too.  >.>

“No reason.”

“Very well.”


“Yes, Minion?”

You look a little…different…not bad different!  Just different, you know, pretty different, er, beautiful different!  Yep!  I’ll be hiding in the nursery!  0_0


“Yes dear?”

“I do feel a little…hungry.”

1.13 - pic8

“Muhahahahahaha—oh, what?!”

1.13 - pic9

Oh, yeah!  It was your birthday, too!  😀

And to celebrate, some ghosts decide that the Diabolical residence needs to be haunted! 0_0

1.13 - pic10

Will the legacy house become un-haunted?  Will Kitty eat her husband?  Will the Minion ever stop being annoying?  Tune in next time!  XD

Note:  I haven’t found out their kid’s name yet, but the Dreamers, apparently, make a lovely couple!  😀  And I think Darleen’s pregnant again.  So there will be more little Dreamers!

1.13 - pic11


  1. Oh goodness XD Max turned his wife into a vampire?? I’m sure that’s something she would have loved to talk about first. That being said, I’m excited to see how vampire-Kitty acts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a wish she had, to turn into a vampire, and since she was elderfying soon, I ran with it.

      So far, she’s been chained to the easel painting Max’s portrait. She’s gained like three levels but still isn’t finished painting it! XD


  2. What an eventful birthday, actually birthdays 🙂 Max is a very loving husband, he’d do really anything to keep his wife young and beautiful forever! Luckily it was her wish to turn into a vampire, so the situation is under control – she’ll probably not feed on her own family 😉 LOL

    I’m happy to hear that the Dreamer family is doing well. If this new baby is going to be a boy, you will have perfect spouses for the twins 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I didn’t even realize until I got the notifications, and then I was mostly scrambling around to find a way to keep Kitty young. XD

      I’ll get a look at the Dreamer family tree at some point and post it up. Should be interesting. Midterms should be over this week, so I’ll get back into the game soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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