1.12 – Toddler Spam!

This is what I like to call an honesty post.  Expect nothing more than the title.

It’s the weekend (finally!) So the Diabolicals stay home to get some well deserved rest. Or do they?

1.12 - pic1

After much fuss and fighting, Rosaline is potty-trained and Lilianna taught to talk. Max and Kitty switch off, realize the fruitlessness of their endeavors, and the twins are banished to walkers while their parents take some time for themselves.

1.12 - pic2

Look! They really ARE twins! Not just the same toddler clothing swapped!

Meanwhile, the cats discuss important topics, such as how awesome it is to be a cat and how Fall is great in the middle of the desert.

1.12 - pic3

Such cute kitties! ^_^ But not as cute as…

WARNING! Commencing Toddler Spam in 3…2…1…

1.12 - pic4

1.12 - pic5

1.12 - pic6

1.12 - pic7

And that’s all folks! Not really. I have a bazillion more…

Woah, Dinah! You really are an evil kitty! 0_0 Taking pleasure in Lilianna’s pain! Tsk, tsk.

1.12 - pic8

Max will be pleased!

And because there hasn’t been enough cat pictures recently, I present to you: Sassy Dinah!

1.12 - pic9


Note:  New computer!  I has!  Much happiness!  Yup!  XD

Translation: I bought a new laptop (a PC) and I’ve just finished installing all my Sims 3 EPs & SPs and it’s beautiful and amazing and the cats are fluffy instead of fat!  And – ERMAHGERD!!  XD  Much wow.




  1. I don’t blame you one bit for the toddler spam. The twins are so cute!! And identical! I had to giggle at the picture of Max playing blocks with one of the twins…. Rosaline? Where Dinah is just in the background shamelessly cleaning her privates.

    Need to see more of the twins!! Ahhh! I’m impatient. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, I don’t blame you for mixing them up. That’s Lilianna he’s playing with. I’ve color-coded them by favorite color. Rosaline’s is pink and Lilianna’s is white.

      Yeah, Dinah! XD She’s been photo-bombing quite a lot! With the twins, Max has been busy and hasn’t had as much time with his first girl, so I guess she’s feeling left out. 😦

      I’m hoping to age them up soon, but I’ve got (I think) another chapter worth of pictures to go. And some important events happen in those pictures, so they can’t be left out! There will be more twins and more cats.


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