GRE Stuffs

Just a head’s up, I’ll be gone from the sim-sphere for the next two weeks.  I’m taking my GRE Subject-Math test next Saturday and my GRE General test the Friday after that.  I’m not too worried about the General.  I’ve taken a practice and aced the math section.  Not even the english section screwed me!  So, yeah, not worried about that at all!  The Subject…T_T

There comes a point in your major when you understand the complex inner workings of the higher level stuff and you’re feeling pretty good, and then…calculus comes back to bite you in the ass!  T_T  The Math Subject is about 50% calculus…I’ve got the real analysis, I’ve got ODEs & PDEs, and abstract algebra is cake…but calculus

Anyway, enough of my bawling.  This was just to let you goes know where I’ve vanished to and about when I’ll be back.  My first day of freedom should be Halloween.  So maybe I’ll do something special.

Have a great day!  ^_^


    1. T_T Nice to know! ^_^
      Hardcore simming has been engaged! I attempted a Halloween thingy…do not attempt those unless you are fully rested and have like a week to prepare! 0_0


  1. Yikes! Good luck and godspeed. I hope everything goes well for you! But since you’re responsible enough to pull away from Simming a bit, I’m sure you’ll do great! 😀 See you on the other side!

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