1.11 – Toddlers, Life-Time Wishes, and Jobs, oh My!

I realize that this is two (almost three) days late.  I ask that you forgive me and accept my olive branch.

Liliana and Rosaline are incredibly needy babies.  They work their parents ‘round the clock taking care of them.  Fortunately, the day after they’re born is Spooky Day, so Max and Kitty are free to spend that day together with their new bundles of joy.

1.11 - pic1

The new parents are so busy that they don’t attend any of the many parties they’re invited to.  Max does find time to read the paper announcing the birth of the Dreamer’s first child, a boy.  Beyond that, nothing of note happens.

Hey, Max! Guess what!

Max rubs a hand over his face and reaches for another cup of coffee.  “What?” he mumbles grouchily.  It was his turn to take care of the twins last night

It’s the twins’ birthday! 😀

1.11 - pic2

“Grow beautifully, my pets,” Kitty says, placing the parcels, uh, I mean, babies, on the floor of their nursery.

I’m so excited! ^_^

“That’s wonderful, Minion.  I’ll be sleeping if the girls need anything.”  And Kitty leaves to take the first good sleep since the twins were born.

What do you look like?!

1.11 - pic3

0_0  Oh…my…plumbob!

1.11 - pic4

Well, uh…you take after your daddy…clearly. Let’s see your sister.

1.11 - pic5

Meep!  O_o


1.11 - pic6

Nope, definitely identical…and you’re both clones of your daddy…which might actually be interesting on females…hmmmm…

“There are my gorgeous girls!”

Max strides into the room, yanks one twin off the floor, and tosses her into the air.  She seems to enjoy it.  He repeats with her sister until they’re both best friends with him.

“Who’s my gorgeous girl?  Yes, you, my dastardly dear!”

1.11 - pic7

Well!  You’re in a good mood!  And you’re home so early! 0_0

“Yes, well, I was promoted to Division Manager, I was given the rest of the day off, and my daughters aged up beautifully.  So, yes indeed, I am in a rather pleasant mood.”

1.11 - pic8

Alrighty then.

“Indeed.  Now, darlings, I must leave you two.  I have several meetings to hold.”  He watches them play for a moment before rounding around.



“Yes, you will order all the toys my girls desire! Blocks, walkers, play pen, xylaphone, everything!  I’ll be home at 8pm.”  Max heads for the door.  “Oh, and Minion, don’t disappoint me.”

No, sir!

“Oh, Minion?”

Yes, ma’am!

“That’s quite enough of that, Minion.”  Kitty’s had her nap and is watching her daughters play.

“Max gave you a list of toys?”

Yep…it’ll cost a fortune…>.>

“No matter.”  Kitty thinks for a moment.  “Minion, I want you to call a baby-sitter.  I’ll be out for only an hour, but I believe I want to get back into acting.”

Really? O_o

“Oh, yes, when I was in my prime, I was the Golden Girl.”

But why acting?!  You could work on your LifeTime Wish and-

“Oh, darling, I accomplished that right after the twins were born while chatting to that charming repairwoman.”

1.11 - pic9

She smiles coyly before striding out the door.

1.11 - pic10

This family strides a lot…Baby-sitter!  Why aren’t you inside?  And why are you playing with the Paparazzi?!   There are screaming babies in here!

1.11 - pic11

*blissfully ignores the disembodied voice*

Later that evening…

“Minion tells me that you’ve decided to reinvigorate your acting career, my love,” Max says while making up dinner.

1.11 - pic12

“Oh, yes, I applied and got a position as an extra for Clark Bellamore’s next Romance.”  Kitty washes out her coffee cup.  “I thought the girls were old enough now, and it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages, so…”

“Very well, dear,” Max hugs her and smiles.  “As long as you’re happy, it shall be fine.”

They smile and make out for the next half hour.

1.11 - pic13

Guys…you’re too cute…you’re supposed’ta be evil! 😡

And now, for something completely different!

Behold cuteness! Dinah greeting Lilianna! ^_^

1.11 - pic14

Note:  Hope that makes up for the lateness!  The next chapter should be on time, as the big project that’s sucking up all my time is due this coming Wednesday.

Max really is an awesome sim daddy!  All but one of his wishes involves his girls.  The one wish is to get another cat. >.> We’ll see…though I would like kittens at some point…hmm…

The Score sheet has been updated to reflect the recent influx of points.  The Family Album has also been updated with pictures of the girls.  They actually are identical.  I’ll have to show a picture of them side-by-side in-game soon.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Awww Max sure does dote over his daughters!

    Speaking of his daughters, holy cow!!! Now I see what you mean!! They look so interesting with Max’s genes! Ahh I’m really excited to see how they look at all the stages of their lives. Also to see what traits they will get!

    Good on Kitty for getting back into acting! 🙂 Max is such a supportive husband and father… I might forget he was evil if it weren’t for him bossing you around! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve no idea! Max is constantly rolling wishes for the girls or Kitty…or another cat >.> I’m trying to fulfill everyone’s wishes, which is why Kitty gets to relive her glory days. She’s got another wish…but it’s still a toss-up of whether I’ll fulfill it or not. Not sure yet.

      Interesting is a good word for the girls! XD I too, can’t wait until they’re older. It’ll be neat, for sure!

      Thanks for commenting! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a lovely set of twins 🙂 You were really lucky, identical twins don’t happen to everyone! Btw, I don’t know if you noticed, but their faces look almost like a tiny version of an adult face! Their expressions are so serious 🙂 LOL

    Please, when you get to know the name of the Dreamer boy, let me know 😉 His name is Dirk in the Sims 2. I wonder if EA have programmed it to be the same in TS3 in case Darleen marries Darren.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I got identical twins because it’s a setting in the StoryProgression mod I have, but it’s still set to a really low percentage.

      I actually didn’t notice their serious expressions! XD That first thing I noticed was just how much like Max they look. And that’s what keeps striking me whenever I play them in-game!

      I’ll send Max over to the Dreamer’s next time I play, since he’s still friends with Darleen. I know it’s a boy, but I can’t remember his name. Whenever I play, I try to note down everything that happens, so I can remember to add it to the next chapter. I seemed to have skipped the baby’s name though. 😦 I’ll find out for you though! 😀

      Also…*poke*…Loewe Legacy update? *runs away*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have totally forgotten about the mods! (I’m probably the only simmer who plays w/o CC and mods and uses purely TS3 animations. LOL) In any case, if there was a low probability then you were truly lucky indeed 🙂

        I’m looking forward to more pictures of the girls! You don’t have to send Max on a special mission to get to know the name for me 😀 Anyway thanks!

        The next update from LL is coming this Thursday and then I will pick up my regular posting schedule: new update every two weeks – so look forward to a total of 3 updates in October 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I play with mostly nraas mods because that’s all my laptop can handle, and most of those are to help with performance! XD The storyprogression mod is to keep EA from killing off toddlers when the town population gets too big, and other just wrong things. It just comes with a lot of other features that I’m slowly learning about.

        No worries! I never played sims 2, so I’m curious myself now, to learn more about this remade family. Who knows, maybe he’ll make the perfect husband for one of the girls! XD

        Update! Yay! 😀 ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

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