1.10 – Babies!

Max and Kitty spend the next few days in bliss, taking full advantage of their honeymoon time. The Minion spends those days focused furiously on the cats.

You’re so cute!

1.10 - pic1

…And you don’t make me want to gauge out my eyes >.>

The tinkling of broken dishes disturbs the minion and cats.


“I don’t feel so goo–umph!” She dashes into the bathroom.

1.10 - pic2

Do you know what this means? Do you know what this MEANS?! 😀 You’re preggers! Little diabolical babies will soon be born! *Does dance*

“Oh…well…how can you be sure?”

I’m a Minion! 😡 I know these things! Plus, with how much you guys have been…doing it…it was inevitable. >.>

“Well, in that case, darling! Darling, we’re having a baby!” Kitty calls her husband from the bedroom.

“Really? Excellent! I hope it’s a girl!

1.10 - pic3

You guys are just so cute! ^_^;

Max leaves his wife at some point to head to the library to skill up. And buy a baby book, since, while Kitty has had, like, 7 lovers, this will be her first pregnancy. She doesn’t care about the gender of the baby, as long as it’s Max’s child, but Max wants a girl.

“Yes, yes! My daughter will be truly diabolical! Muhahahahahahaha!”

1.10 - pic4

The Minion, while having heard a certain old wive’s tales about how to influence a baby’s gender, remains undecided and finally declares neutrality.

I just want more than one! ^_^

“More than one?!” Kitty exclaims, having been surprised while eating an early lunch. She’s been craving strange things and often.

1.10 - pic5

Oh, yes >.> What’d you think the kids music was for?

“Turn that vile noise off!”

No! >:) You’ll get used to it!

1.10 - pic6

And she does. Kitty even begins to hum to it while she paints. The painting, she claims, helps calm the normally rambunctious baby.

1.10 - pic7

“I think I’m ready to paint portraits!” Kitty seems quite pleased with herself. “Where’s my darling? I’d like his to be the first.”

I think he’s holding some meetings right now since he started work again today.

1.10 - pic8

“Oh.” She’s crushed.

But maybe you can paint your portrait! You know, to get some more practice so you can make his perfect! 😀

“Hmm, an interesting thought. Oh, you clever Minion!” And humming, she picks up her brush once more.

Oh, you! *Blushes*

1.10 - pic9

“Oh, dear.” It’s evening when Kitty stops painting. She calmly places her paints away before, again quite calmly, calling for her husband’s minion.


Yes, ma’am!

“Where is my husband?”

I think he went to some creepy shop. You know, the kind that’s there one day and you buy something creepy & weird and then you go back when the item turns your life upside down and you never find the shop ever again? Yeah, he’s visiting one of those! ^_^

“Oh. Hmm…oof!”

1.10 - pic10


“Oh, dear. He’s not answering his phone. Ergh! Mi–minion! I believe I’ll have to send you out to get Max.”

Why?! Kitty! 0_0

“Tell him the baby is coming and that I’ll meet him at the hospital.” And she calmly waddles out the door and to her waiting limo. “The hospital, if you please.”

MAX!!!!! BABIES!!!!! MAX!!!!! DX



“Now, repeat, enunciating clearly, or do you want me to kill you?!”

Baby! Max! Kitty went into labor and she’s going to the hospital and the baby’s coming and MAX! You HAVE TO BE THERE!!!!

Max is suddenly in his car, driving like a bat outta hell. Several old ladies may have been run off the road. >.>

“I will buy a larger car,” Max hisses, trapped behind a large dumpster truck and leaning on his horn. “And then I will just run ALL OF YOU OVER!!” He yanks the wheel, spinning the car through the community gardens and around the truck.

Max makes it to the hospital right when Kitty gets there, her limo driver having taken the play-it-safe path to driving a pregnant woman to the hospital. Max guides his wife into the hospital and immediately demands a doctor.

“What do you mean they’re all busy?! Do you know who I am?! That’s what I thought!”

Since Minions aren’t allowed in hospitals, the waiting is agony.

What’s taking so long?! Zahra Diwan went in like 2 seconds ago and she’s already out! Cute baby girl, by the way, Mrs. Diwan.

1.10 - pic11

“Who’s talking to me?! Get away! Ahhh!”

Finally, the news comes.

It’s a girl! 😀

“It’s twins,” Kitty announces, quite happily, if a tad exhausted.

TWINS! 0_0 Yes! XD

Let the world meet the second generation of the Diabolical Legacy!

1.10 - pic12

Let the world tremble! >:D

The Family Album and Score Tally have both been updated!  Woo!  XD

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Aw, Kitty looks so good! Her haircut suits her and she’s a cutie for Max!

    And the twins have arrived! I cannot wait to see what they look like! I really love the names you chose too! They are very pretty! And the nursery looks very fitting for this legacy, very nice job on that.

    Poor Max, having to threaten to kill everyone so he wouldn’t be late for his babies. That’s the mark of a good father, right there. 😀

    I totally forgot that kids music helps for multiple babies, I’ve been getting that point award thing this whole time. Good thing Feven didn’t get pregnant again, she listens to nothing but children’s music.

    I’m really excited to see the girls next chapter! Well, maybe? I don’t know, will we get to see them as toddlers? I’m excited to see these rare identical twins!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! ^_^ I redid the nursery like 4 times before I thought it looked just right. Normally I’m like, standard puzzle carpet! Butterfly wallpaper! Cribs! DONE! XD

      Max really is a good daddy. It’s so weird! 0.o He’s rolled wishes to teach the girls EVERYTHING! Potty-training, walking, talking, read them to sleep, and then, every now & then, as if to remind the world, he wishes to steal candy from them! XD

      Toddlers next chapter, definitely, as babies are kind of boring. They mostly slept while Kitty made friends and Max went to work. I had nothing to entertain myself with but the cats! XD

      The kids music was a must, as Kitty was just a few days from elderhood when they were conceived. 😦 It’s sad, since she’s so pretty. And Young Again Potions aren’t allowed! T_T


  2. Wow! Twins! I love twins! Congratulations 🙂

    I guess it was a wise decision to let Kitty listen to the Kids zone, you always get twins like that! Is she really at the end of the adulthood? I hope she lives long enough to see her daughters become YA. I’m curious what traits they both have! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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