1.9 – A Legacy House

So, if any of you read my Mafields blog, you’ll have heard all about my Macbook power cord breaking.  Well, I have good news!  Obviously…because I’m here…posting…

Anywho!  My amazing boyfriend has managed to repair my cord!  😀  There’s something wrong with the brick itself, so once it’s plugged into an outlet, if it’s unplugged it’ll crap out again.  The brick is likely to give out soon, so it’s an extremely temporary fix.  But it only needs to last a week, then my new cord should arrive.  Yay!  All my panic was for naught! XD

Well, let’s get this show on the road!  XD

Hmmm…legacy house…legacy house…

*Twists head*  …no…no, I don’t think so.  Time to start over. 😦

*Twists head some more* …somehow, I don’t think that’s right either.

There!  Now that looks like a Legacy House!  ^_^  Time for bed now!

House - 1.2 outside

It’s long past the Minion’s bedtime when Max and Kitty finally get home.  They march through the front door, not bothering to look around except to find the next door.

“Here we are my love,” Max announces, throwing open the door.  “The Overlord Bedroom!”

Kitty giggles coyly.  It’s probably a very practiced giggle, judging from the string of broken hearts in her relationship panel.  But she truly loves Max.  And she proves it over and over that night.

1.9 - pic2

The next morning…

Guys!  Wake up!  I have a whole Legacy House to show off – Ermahgerd!  0_0

1.9 - pic3

My eyes!  My eyes!  -_-

Well, the Master and Mistress are busy this morning, so I guess I’ll show you around.

What we’ve got here is a two bedroom one-level.  Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  This here is the living room/den..thingy.  I like that its really open.  Plenty of space to float around in.

1.9 - pic4

We’ve got a nice loveseat that Max picked out a while back…back when we were anticipating marrying Darleen Matlapin.  We’ve got an easel for painting.  Max was adamant that his mug be preserved for future generations, so either him or Kitty will have to take up painting.  Max did graduate from some fancy art school, so maybe he will?  *Shrugs*

1.9 - pic5

And we also have the tiniest, cheapest boombox to be found.  Max wanted some kind of “music emitter”.  “To listen to classical music while relaxing in the evening,” he says.  But I forgot to buy one until after everything else.  I know!  Shameful Minion!  Shameful!  *Sobs*  Don’t tell Max! 0_0

And that’s the living room!  What else…oh…through…that door…*shudders* is the master bedroom.

1.9 - pic6

Over here is the kitchen, which I think is rather nice.  It’s open to the living room and it’s all black, white and grey with accents of red.  I think it fits pretty good with Max’s tastes.  And maybe Kitty’s?  Not so sure on that one…

1.9 - pic7

We’ve got the nicest fridge and the nicest stove…I don’t know if they’ll ever be used, but we’ve got ‘em!  ^_^  We’ve even got an ice cream maker and a deep fryer!  ^_^

1.9 - pic8

Oh!  😡  Ahem, excuse me.  Nikita Diabolical!  You leave Dinah alone!  You heard me!

1.9 - pic9

Where was I…And we have a spare room!  ^_^  It was some leftover space that I figure can be an office, or a boudoir, or…maybe a nursery!  😀  That’d be neat!  Having little baby Maxes toddling about!  So much cuteness!  😀

And over here is the bath–You guys?!  Really?!

1.9 - pic10

I need bleach!  T_T

“What is your minion bawling about now, darling?”

“I’m not sure,” Max growls.  “But it will regret it!”

Note:  I’m very pleased with how the house turned out.  It obviously helped that Kitty came with over $20k!  But I think it looks nice.  Oh!  And the Legacy House page has been updated!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


    1. I influence people! Awesome! XD

      Yeah, legacy house progression has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I love it when simmers either include pictures of their remodeled house in updates or if the house gets its own page. Either way is interesting. As you might have noticed, I’m doing a bit of both. The Legacy House page will include the overview shots, and I’ll try to give a few updates in chapters of the interior layout and such.

      Thanks for commenting! ^_^


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