1.8 – We’re Having a Wedding!

I’m a bad person.  Yup.  Bad person.  I’ve played ahead…extensively.  And couldn’t wait until Friday to share it with you guys!  Blame meg.  She talked me into it. >.>  Yup, all her fault.  XD

This is another long, picture-heavy post.  Apologies.

Max spends all Friday working hard and sucking up to Boss-Lady.  It pays off with a promotion to Corporate Drone, level 4.  On Saturday he ups his Charisma to level 6.

1.8 - pic1

We’re Having a Wedding!  We’re Having a Wedding!  *does dance*

“Silence!  I’m on the phone!  No, I don’t want two million balloons!  Two hundred gallons of mountain spring water!  Two hundred!  I don’t care if it’s uprooting precious ecosystems–she hung up on me?!”  Max, aggravated beyond help, throws the phone against the wall.

0_0  So…what’er the balloons for?

“My wedding!  Kitty’s negotiating for her replacement at the consignment shop at the moment so I have to make sure everything is perfect for our wedding!”

1.8 - pic2

Oh…so you’re really marrying her?

“Yes, I’m really marrying her!  Why else would I conform to this abomination of a tradition?  Why else would I subject myself to that?!”  Max gestures to the phone, now merely pieces of cheap, chinese technology.

Hmmm…so what’re you planning?


You’re Maximillius Diabolical!  It’s in your very name!  You don’t do anything without a reason!  Usually to get something for yourself!

Max considers this.

1.8 - pic3

“I love her.”

And like that, the conversation is over.  Max pulls another phone out of his pocket and his Minion shuts up.

1.8 - pic4

The Big Day…Sunday morning…9am…The Desert Rose Wedding Chapel

1.8 - pic5

You actually reserved a wedding chapel?!  It’s got a bell and everything!

“Of course, I will not stand to marry in a casino like the rest of this insane, gambling-obsessed town!”

I think they prefer to call it ‘spontaneity’.

“And I prefer to call it stupidity.”


“You don’t even know how to use that word!”

You’re just–

“Shhh!  There she is…”

1.8 - pic6

She’s lovely…could do with a trim, but lovely all the same.

“Darling,” Max breathes.  “Marry me?”

“Why else would I be here?”  Kitty presses a kiss to Max’s cheek.

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this important message!

1.8 - pic7


End of message

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness…”

*Sobs of joy*

1.8 - pic8

“I now pronounce you husband and wife!”

The Minion tears are real!  ;;^_^;;  So happy!  *Sobs*

1.8 - pic9

It was a beautiful ceremony!

“For once, we are in agreement,” Max nods, smiling gently.  “Mr. Dreamer!  Mr.  Tanner!  Welcome to my wedding!”

1.8 - pic10

“Now, my love, shall we cut the cake?”

“Ahhh!  You remembered my favorite flavor.  That’s so sweet!”

1.8 - pic11

“But of course!”

1.8 - pic12

This is so cute!  ^_^;

“Minion, while my new wife and I enjoy our cake, you are to return to the lot and build a suitable house.”

1.8 - pic13

A house?!?!

“Yes, a house.  A Legacy House, specifically.”

How?!  What kind of house?!

“I don’t care.  You have three hours.  I’d suggest you get a move on.”


We interrupt this broadcast for ANOTHER important message!

1.8 - pic14

The reason we keep Nikita around.  ^_^

End of Message

Note:  Yep, that was the very first Diabolical wedding party!  I feel pretty good that I was able to get it in for the Founder.  Even though the cost of it all left us with $8 until after Kitty moved in. 0_0  She brought in like $24000!  It’s awesome!  And even though she’s a level 3 celebrity, she wasn’t rich!  Let me tell you, I was really scared to go by her house!

And yeah, her name really is Kitty.  She’s a Scorpio, just like Max, he was immediately attracted to her and started rolling wishes to kiss her and stuff, and her name is Kitty.  She’s perfect for him!  ^_^  She’s been added to the Family tree and has her own page now, so go take a look.

And meg?  Since there were no proposal pics last chapter, that montage was for you.  Cheers.


  1. YES you posted!! XD I’m glad I convinced you!

    Awww, Max is in loooooove! That’s so sweet! Even the most cold hearted of people can find love ❤ AND you posted the proposal pictures! I feel very honored, and I am so happy! I am a big fan of Max! Evil Sims have soft spots has to be the cutest thing!

    I feel like I end every sentence in exclamation points! I'm just excited!

    I can't wait to the see the house and I'm even more excited to see those future legacy babies! Also what gives, my Sims cats are never cool enough to earn my families money, lol. XD

    Mwahaha, now I have to convince you to post the next chapter immediately! Just kidding 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I might do the convincing myself…>.>

      And yes, Max is clearly in love with his Kitty. Since marrying, they’ve both just been rolling in wishes to kiss, hug amorously, and woohoo. And have kids…>.> That was one of Kitty’s first wishes: Have a Child with Max.

      I wasn’t going to post proposal pictures, because Max was sooo red by the end of it. You can probably see a bit of his angry ‘Starving’ moodlet. But he just kept rolling wishes to go further with her. So I kept at it! They had their first woohoo in the shower at the consigment shop, followed by a cheap dinner of canned soup. Quite romantic. XD

      Nikita’s like level 6~8 in the Hunting skill, so she’s really raking in the cash! I’m learning that having a pet with the Hunter trait can make things easier in the beginnings of a legacy. Though, she doesn’t always bring in those really rare things. Normally the stuff Nikita catches is anywhere between $6~$300. Not much more than a day’s pay on the best days. Then she nabbed that bug! I was so shocked! I was busy with the wedding party, so it was entirely autonomous! XD


    1. It better have been! It cost like $600! 😡
      But it was great! I’ve never actually had a sim get married at a wedding party until now. ^_^ I tried it once soon after I got the Generations EP, but, after various game crashes, it never actually took place. So first wedding party and first party off the home lot! Yay! ^_^


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