1.7 – A Long Time Coming

Ok, so I was really tempted to break this up into two parts because it’s so much longer than my regular chapters and just so full of stuff.  But I didn’t.  For you guys, my beloved readers.  I figured, if you’ve stuck with my blathering idiocy this long, you deserve something for it.  Even if it’s just a chapter with more substance.


Last time, on the Diabolical channel, cats were added to the family tree.  Yes, cats, the only creatures Max cares to be around.  Maybe there will be a male cat at some point and the Kitty Legacy will commence.  But for now, THIS!

1.7 - pic1


“MOVING ON!  Tell them what’s been happening!”  Max fumes in the background, indignant at being successfully ignored until this point.


So, Wednesday saw that Max was promoted to Filing Clerk.

1.7 - pic2

After spending a bit of time with Dinah to thank her for everything and seeing Nikita safely delivered to her new home, Max grabs the mail lady.

1.7 - pic3

You’re not compatible…

“I dislike her…”  Max struggles for the word.  “…everything.”

…but you’re not getting any younger…we’ll keep her as a backup.

“By my rotting corpse!”

1.7 - pic4

Fine!  😡

Max then runs off to the library to avoid further discussion.  He’s this close to reaching level 5, but he needs more friends.

“This makes no sense!  Why most I involve myself in social activities to master social acts?”

…do you really need to ask that?  >.>  I thought you were a genius…Think of it this way: practice makes perfect!  😀

“Random ginger woman!  Come here!”


1.7 - pic5

Max interrogates the woman and learns she’s the consignment shop sim.  He spends some time just listening to her chat before she runs away.

Do you want to ask her sign?  Oooo, I see you do!  XD

“Be silent!” Max mutters.  But he gazes into the direction Miss Ginger vanished.


Tuning out his Minion’s mutterings, Max chats up a co-worker and reaches Charisma level 5.

1.7 - pic6

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the cats are at least attempting to get along.

1.7 - pic7

You’re so adorable!  I love you! XD

Sleeping-time comes and goes and Max prepares for another day of work.  He’s apparently in a good, helpful mood, because he helps out the Boss-Lady that day and gets an immediate raise because of it.

1.7 - pic8

See!  Good things come to those who are good!

“Shut up.”

Apparently, Marissa liked Max’s new attitude so much, she gave him a promotion!  Even though it was technically Leisure Day and no one should’ve had to work… >.>

Say hello to Sahara Corporate’s latest Report Processor!  XD

1.7 - pic9

“I’m incredibly stressed, so could you shut you incorporeal face hole for ten minutes and leave me in peace!  ARGH!”

0_0  Sorry…I’ll be…over here…*sniff*  Oh…and I think the mail came…*sniff*

Max checks the mail…and flips out!  Grinning from ear to ear, he shreds the bills and skips to his toilet to read.

What is it?

“Nothing!  It is nothing!”

Now I know it’s awesome!  Lemme see!  Oooooo, it’s a LOVE LETTER!  Max got a LOVE LETTER!  Ermahgerd!  XD

1.7 - pic10

“Yes,” Max says stiffly.  “I did.  You seem to think it improbable for a woman to find this attractive.”  Max gestures.

*twists head, trying to visualize what sim women could possibly see….twists head some more*

“Oh, piss off!”

Awkward crickets take their cue.

You should go see her.

“Doubtless she would be working at this moment.”

That only means she’s easy to find!  ^_^

Max considers this.  “Very well.”  He pets the cats and tells Nikita that Dinah’s in charge.  And leaves to find the consignment shop.

Three hours later…

1.7 - pic11

“I told you not to ask the cabbie for directions!  They always lie!  It’s in their primary programming!”

Get off my back!

“You don’t have a back!”



“I’m going in there to speak to her,” Max declares to the sky.  You will remain here!”


“Bad Minion!”

Max stomps into the consignment shop, desperately trying to regain his cool.

“Suavity, it’s called suavity.”

Whatehvs…I’ll just watch the people pass by, shall I?

Several hours later…

1.7 - pic12

She’s not bad.

1.7 - pic13

Maybe insane, but not bad looking.  *Files away under ‘Potential Spouses’*

Hey, Max, there’s a–!  Hey!  This is a really nice place!  Max!  It’s got a stove and a shower and everything!  We should’ve come here at the beginning!

“Indeed,” Max responds, too preoccupied for further thought.

1.7 - pic14

She has beautiful eyes, like liquid gold, which goes gorgeously with her ginger locks.

1.7 - pic15

“I have to close up,” she whispers, looking like she’d rather do anything else.  Particularly if Max asked.

“Very well,” Max whispers back, brushing a strand of red behind her ear.  “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” she agrees, smiling brightly.

Max sighs and walks out backwards.

Interesting…so…are you guys compatible?

“Yes, and…she’s agreed to marry me.”

1.7 - pic16

You’re engaged?!  Holy F&%&#^#*$&$#&%(#(!!!!!!

This post, as the title says, has been a long time coming.  Not time between this post and the last, I’m pretty sure that’s normal, but game time.  You have no idea how much hell I went through to get to this point in game.  No idea!  If Max and I seem to hate each other’s guts in this chapter, it’s because we do.

Oh, and the Legacy House has been updated…yup.  We has a shack! XD

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. AWW EVEN MAX CAN FIND LOVE! ❤ AND her name is Kitty! No wonder he likes her so much! Plus, she's super pretty so I can't wait to see the legacy kiddos! I love her red hair!

    Aw Max made us miss out on the proposal scene? 😦 But I like being nosy in Sim's most personal moments!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah no proposal shots here, >.>, but I’m sure you know how Max is by now: ornery and stubborn. XD
        I too adore her red hair! 😀 It’s not a default red. It’s really pretty in-game, soooo much prettier than my crappy photos. So, I too, hope any kids inherit her hair! ^_^ Also her nose >.> She has a very dignified nose. Don’t judge me >.>


  2. Also the updated house looks very fitting for Max. I kind of wish I hadn’t started Feven on such a small lot, because I love when legacies start with the whole ‘lawn living’ thing. It’s great to see the progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, not a Cat Person, though that would’ve been amazing! XD She is Charismatic like he is, though. She has a few other interesting traits that I won’t mention yet, but just know that she’s a very interesting sim, and I think she’s perfect for Max! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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