1.6 – The Evil Genius’s Companion

This update doesn’t have any action…or plot…or any real significance other than…WE ADDED TO THE FAMILY TREE!  WOOT!  No…it wasn’t a Mate…*goes and cries for the difficulty of getting Max married*.

Last time, Max, fed up with the lack of a spouse and/or promotion in his life, made a phone call and fulfilled a wish he’s had since moving to Lucky Palms.

1.6 - pic1

He got a cat.

Meet Dinah Diabolical, probably the least diabolical creature on the face of Simearth.  She’s a Neat, Shy, yet Proud British Longhair with a heart of gold.  All she wants to do is nuzzle Max and greet him whenever he comes home.  She’s adorable.

Dinah Diabolical - adult

Wednesday dawns and Max prepares for another shift at the daily grind.  Dinah strolls up and mews sweetly.  Max spends the next hour petting her, playing laser with her, and cuddling her.  His fun and social are maxed, his boss finally starts to like him, and he’s promoted to Filing Clerk by the end of his shift.  This kitty is a godsend!

Who’s a sweet kitty?  You are!  Yes, you are!

1.6 - pic3

“Stop talking to her like that!  This is a fierce companion of pure evil!”

1.6 - pic4

I see what you mean.

“Be silent.”

A car honks from the road, and a strange but feminine person strides up to Max.

Quick, Max!  Make friends with her!  Max, quick!  What…what’re you doing?

1.6 - pic5

Max lets the woman run off in favor of greeting the small thing approaching Dinah.

Shortly after Dinah arrived, Max wanted another cat.  Probably to keep Dinah company and from hurting herself.  Poor dear always wants to cross the road whenever Max’s carpool is coming.

Meet Nikita Diabolical, truly the most diabolical creature ever to have been crafted by the sim gods.  She’s a Proud, Playful Hunter, a Balinese, who immediately endears herself to me by hissing at the paparazzi.

1.6 - pic6

Good, kitty!

Unfortunately, she and Dinah don’t really get along.

1.6 - pic7

You can’t see the Minion tears…but they are real!  T_T

Yay!  There’s a family tree that includes more than just Max!  Yay!  They may just be cats, but I add them to the family tree!  Yay!  *goes and cries because cats are the only living creatures Max gets along with*

Visit the Family Tree!  Max commands you!

By the way, Max has an actual house now!  I couldn’t fit in the pictures in this post.  If anyone’s interested, there’s a page now with house updates.  Because that’s totally NOT lame.  Nope, not at all. >.>


    1. Lol! ^_^ That was the adoption sim. There’s always this sim that arrives at your house with your pet and say “Take good care of him/her”, etc. Usually they take off soon, so you never actually meet them, but Max was right there waiting. So she rushed over to shake his hand.

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  1. Max is awesome XD Him and his plots and his family of cats! I hope he finds luck in the quest for a spouse, as resistant as he may be. I’m sure there’s a lady out there just perfect for him!

    I also love Lucky Palms! Although in my game it was blindingly bright, but ahh it looks so pretty in your game! I’m jealous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re here too! Welcome! XD
      Lucky Palms really is blindingly bright in some places! XD But I love it. Landscape-wise, it looks close to the climate I currently live in. That factored into why I chose it. Other reasons are the plentiful choices for legacy lots, being a relatively lag-free town (only if you don’t plop down a bunch of custom casinos >.>), and just the irony of having a dark overlord-wanna-be living there! XD
      And isn’t Max just the BEST?! Lol! I’ve lost count of how many times he’s growled into the sky, straight into the camera. You might be able to spot when it happens in the chapters. ^_^
      I’m trying to stay true to game-play here too, just like with the Mayfields. Whatever happens in story, happened in game. So all of Max’s woman-troubles? Yeah, everything will be going great and then she’ll have same trait he disagrees with and they’ll lose half the relationship! T_T Or she’ll be taken…or pregnant! There’s a LOT of pregnant sims in Lucky Palms! Like half the young adult women! And Overload-to-Be Max Diabolical will raise no other man’s brat! He probably won’t raise his own brats! XD

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