1.5 – If at First You Don’t Succeed

Apologies for the delay, but picture 1 is really pretty and I really, really wanted to include it.  No judging.

Day 3 models Day 2 perfectly.

1.5 - pic1

Max goes about his morning routine: a quick shower followed by an apple munched quickly before trotting out to the waiting car pool.  He spends all day working hard, and even stays late to help his co-workers, but to no avail.  He does not get promoted.  He begins plotting the death of one Marissa Ross.

It was your own fault.  The way you stalked into that building, already in a foul mood!

“Silence!  I did not ask for your input!”

1.5 - pic2


Neither Minion nor Master are in good moods.

Max goes to the library, it being the one community lot he can stand to be in, even if it does allow sticky, filthy monsters into its hallowed halls.  He spends the next few hours trying to chat up women.  Only one seems taken with him.

1.5 - pic3

There is a distinct possibility that she is passed her child-bearing years.  Just a possibility.

In frustration, Max decides to check his dating messages.  Nothing.  He scowls at the screen, causing it to catch fire from the mere heat of his gaze.

1.5 - pic4

He sidles out while everyone else is panicking.

Back at his, for lack of a better term, home, Max laments about the day’s happenings and considers his next move.

1.5 - pic5



“Get me the house furnishing catalogues!”

Max makes The Call.

Who could Max possibly be calling?  Dun, dun dun, dun, DUN!  …no judging.  >.>

Read further to find out!  ^_^


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