1.3 – Online Dating and Other Tales

Max needs charisma, and charisma needs friends.  So after Marissa hangs up, Max stalks the library, bribing people to be his friend.  Only one person seems gullible enough.  Romon Tanner is Max’s first friend and a celebrity.  That might make things annoying later, but oh well.  Max hasn’t been in town a day yet and he’s a 1-star celebrity.  Maybe the paparazzi will be female and good-looking, since we’ll need a spouse later.

1.3 - pic1

Speaking of spouse…

“I am aware of my need for an heir!  However, as there is not even a house to pass on as of yet, let alone a dominion, a spouse is hardly necessary at this point.”

Good point….


But…a spouse might bring in some money.

Max considers this.  “Hmmm, I need to find a wealthy woman.”

No!  Not wealthy!

“Why not?!”

Be…cause…then you’ll have a harder time convincing her to marry you, since you have nothing!

“…that is an excellent point, Minion.  Very astute.”  Max thinks.  “What would you suggest, then?”

Online dating.


Go to a computer and sign up for online dating.  Then we’ll browse some profiles and get you hooked up with someone!

“Very well,” Max grumbles, stalking over to a computer and giving it a good kick to turn it on.

1.3 - pic2

Max lies liberally on his profile before scanning the other profiles.

1.3 - pic3

“Oh my evilness!  It’s hideous!”

Beluh…yeah, we’ll avoid the Beluahs of the world.  Oh, but she’s nice looking!  Stunning eyes!  And Darleen’s a darling!  That one’s not bad, interesting bone structure…

1.3 - pic4

“Pansy…Darleen….and Lina…and Marissa, why not?”

Max sends some messages and gets up to find a charisma book.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, he sees her!

She’s cuter than her picture!

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Max rushes over to introduce himself.

1.3 - pic5

He quickly finds out that she’s Artistic, a Hopeless Romantic, and Family Oriented.  Perfect legacy material!  And a Virgo!  The Virgin and the Scorpion!  It’s destiny!  And she’s soooo pretty!

1.3 - pic6

Max lays the charm on thick and she becomes his girlfriend before running off…she’s so pretty.

1.3 - pic7

Damn!  So close, too!

“Patience, my Minion.  It’s all going according to plan.  Bwahahahahahahahahaha!”

1.3 - pic8

Join us next time to see if Darleen succumbs!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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