1.4 – Disappointments Galore

Day 2 dawns bright and sunny, as it always does in the middle of the desert.

You smell funny.

“I am aware of that.”  Max glares resolutely into the distance.

1.4 - pic1

“Minion!  I am departing for the gym to cleanse myself before work!  You will remain here and order my bathing apparatus, waste disposal unit and a food heating/cooling system.”

Aye-aye, captain!

Max hails a taxi, shaking his head and muttering, “Insufferable!  Completely insufferable!”

Lucky Palms’ new overlord-to-be showers at the local gym and grabs a few apples from the community garden on his way to work.

A waste disposal unit…not sure what that is! ^_^

1.4 - pic2

Max works hard all day, interspersed with sucking up to his boss.  Sadly, he doesn’t get a promotion that first day.  To work off the rage building inside, Max runs over to Darleen Matlapin’s house, hoping to seal the deal and get a wife that day.

Oooo, nice place!

“Indeed,” Max scowls around.  “Though, far too much bright red.”

Darleen’s not home, but her mother is and Max wants nothing more than to see her ghost.  Bad Max!  Stop it!

1.4 - pic3

Max then finds out Darleen is incredibly well-off.  One might go so far to say…

1.4 - pic4


Noooooooooo!  But she was soooooooooo preeeeeettttttyyyyy!  *Goes and bawls in a corner*

“There’s nothing for it,” Max grumbles as he stomps away from the house, not even bothering to go in now.

Well, at least you have time now to take that Charisma class.  It’s discounted today, the paper said so.

But alas, the paper Max read this morning was yesterday’s and so he paid the full $400.

“I want a cat,” Max grumbled outside city hall.  “I want a soft kitty to hold and pet.  It’ll make me feel better.”

I know…but we spent all the money on that Charisma class you wanted.  We can’t even pay the bills now!  *More minion bawling*

Max heads home to his lonely sleeping bag, only to discover a paparazzi camped out by his toilet.  It’s not even female.

1.4 - pic5

Max lets loose the rage and makes another nemesis.


    1. In game, Max has met a LOT of pretty girls. So far, Darleen’s been the cutest Lucky Palms has to offer. On the plus side, he MIGHT have met his true love! Fingers crossed. You’ll probably learn more in a few chapters. ^_^

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      1. Hey, did you know that Darleen Matlapin is actually Darleen Dreamer from the Sims 2? I love wasting my time on the sims wikia… I’ve been playing the game for 15 years and I realized only now that I DON’T KNOW the sims! Like I had no idea Kaylyn Langreak from the Sunset Valley is actually the maid that Daniel Pleasant cheats on his wife Mary-Sue with in TS2! It all makes sense since TS3 is set before TS2… LOL It has taken me 6 years to realize this, guess it’s not that important anyway… So… yeah, I just wanted to let you to know in case you had no idea as me 😀

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      2. I never played Sims 2, so I don’t know who Daniel & Mary-Sue are. I don’t even know that significance of Darleen Dreamer…was that her married name? I’m curious now, because right after Max dumped her for being rich she started dating some Darren Dreamer guy. I have the nraas Storyprogression mod and it updates me with stuff like that.


      3. As you say, Darren Dreamer is her husband-to-be, so yes Dreamer is her married name. However since what I can remember at the start of the game (the Sims 2) she’s already deceased… They had a boy together named Dirk. Let me know if things get serious between them 😉 It’s nice to see the returning families from the previous games 🙂

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      4. Currently in game, they had a “software malfunction” and Darleen’s currently pregnant. This is WAY later in game, since I’ve played quite a bit ahead. I don’t think they’re married quite yet, but I hope for the kid’s sake they do soon. 0.0

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