1.2 – The Beginnings of a Plot

I’m back!  If you read my Mayfield blog, you’ll know I was having a bit of trouble with my game a while back, then the Diabolical save started acting up.  But it’s all fixed now! *fingers crossed*

Max calls a taxi to drive him to the library, with an incorporeal minion hovering somewhere in the sky.

“No charge, pal!” calls the driver cheerily.  “The Lucky Palms Taxi Service is brought to you by the Lucky Simoleon Casino!”

Max clearly doesn’t trust the man.

1.2 - pic1

However, he arrives at the library with the $1300 he started with and a need for some logical order.  And a plot.  Not a plan!  A Plot.  They’re very different!

Sure they are.

“Be silent,” Max growls from the corner of his mouth.  “I will not suffer your insolence in public.”  He selects a book on logic and settles in to read.

This could take a while.

1.2 - pic2

Finally, Max grasps the illogic of the layman’s logic.  As he sets the book back in a completely different shelf from where it came (ahh, glorious disorder!), a plot begins to form.

“I will take over the business world!  Minion!  Where is the world of business?”

Uhh…no idea…be right back.

“Utterly useless!  Mindless man!  Yes, you there!  Where might I find the world of business?”

1.2 - pic3

“Um…”  The man seems taken aback by Max’s abrupt demands.

“Speak quickly!  I haven’t any time to lose!”

The man, Ariel Something-or-Other, knows nothing.  So Max insults his family and his Good trait, calls him a llama and declares him his nemesis.  He then exits the library and steals candy from a baby before hailing a cab to take him to “The World of Business”.  The cabbie understands and Max finds himself outside the Sahara Corporate Headquarters.

1.2 - pic4

Max is evidently a smooth talker, because they hire him on the spot.

1.2 - pic5

Max is the newest Coffee Courier and his boss is Marissa Ross, who isn’t bad looking.  Back at the library, Max spends a few hours getting to know her over the phone.

1.2 - pic6

“She hung up on me!  All I did was ask for a raise!”

Baby steps, Max.  You gotta climb that corporate ladder.

“Do not lecture me!”

I only mentioned that maybe –


Note:  Sorry for the wait.  I’ll pick up a regular updating schedule soon, probably once a week, every Friday. So, see you this Friday!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a problem with some custom lots I’d added from the exchange. No CC, but all casinos and they seemed to just lag the whole save out. I’ve bulldozed them and all seems fine. Curse my subpar laptop!

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