1.0 – Introduction: Our Founder & Other Opening Bits

This is Maximillius Diabolical, second son of Evyle Diabolical the Third, may he rest in pieces.

1.0 - pic1

He has just recently arrived in this town of Lucky Palms after narrowly escaping an early grave at the hands of a hero.  Max has $1300 to his Diabolical name and an incredibly huge, outrageously empty lot.

1.0 - pic2

Nothing else!  No machines of war.  No death traps.  No torture rooms.  Absolutely nothing!  He seems a bit upset.

1.0 - pic3

But that’s not stopping him from doing evil!  He’ll just have to be even more cunning, more subtle.  Now…how to conquer the world without drawing unwanted, heroic attention?  Hmmm….

1.0 - pic4

No…nothing’s coming.  In the meantime, Max wants to learn some logic, so off to the library we go.

Note: If this seems familiar, that’s because it is. Short story: I lost the save file, but we’d barely gotten to Day 4 (I think Max had just signed up for online dating). So no big loss. We’re starting again, and I figured I’d get some better pictures…that failed. Max did pretty much everything the same. Boring bat.


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