The First Plot

Gen 1 Founder: Max Diabolical

                       – Evil, Genius, Charismatic, Ambitious, Cat Person

                       – CEO of a Mega-Corporation

                       – Black, Classical, Grilled Cheese

1.0 - pic2

This is Max Diabolical.

Max Diabolical - ya

Max is the descendant of a very long bloodline of evil geniuses.  He has decided to move far, far away in order to (hopefully) escape the fate of an early death at the hands of a hero, unlike the rest of his family.  He wants to live in peace and solitude in the town of Lucky Palms while ruling the business world and owning copious amounts of cats.  He could care less about being the founder of a legacy.

Max’s traits are: Evil, Genius, Charismatic, Ambitious, and Cat Person.  His Lifetime Wish is to be a CEO of a Mega-Corporation.  He has default black hair and gray eyes.  He would like a cat companion at some point, but does not desire a spouse of any kind, let alone spawn.  (We’ll see if we can find someone that’ll change his mind.)

Max is a sim created by Feldyn on the Sims 3 Exchange (I found him on ModTheSims, but, eh whatevs) for the official Good vs Evil contest and ModTheSims.  I modified him slightly: changing his name and replacing two of his traits with Ambitious & Cat Person.

I will be recording points and obeying all Pinstar Rules…if I fail at this, please let me know. ^_^


  1. Well … He looks … Evil. Definitely. With those eyebrows and that ‘what are you looking at’ look upon his face, he must be truly diabolical 😉

    The contrast between the bright color of the sand and deep black of his clothes makes it all look even more evil. This is going to be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can thank feldynn over at for Max’s look. I loved his classic “I am a Dark Overlord” look and just had to build a story around him! ^_^
      I thought Lucky Palms was kind of ironic, considering I picture Max coming from somewhere more like Midnight Hollow or something. Besides that, it’s such a pretty town! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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