1.1 – Minion in the Sky

“Who’s there?”

Shhh…people’ll think you’re crazy, talking to yourself.

“I hear you!  Who are you?  Show yourself!”

1.1 - pic1

That could be a problem.

“You dare defy me?!”

I’m just a voice in the sky…up…place…I don’t know!  I’m not physical, but you can hear me.  Jeez, this’s harder than I thought.

“Why do I hear you?  Are you an incorporeal minion?  Yes, you must be.  You are the Minion sent by the Evil League of Evil.”

Evil League of Evil!  Seriously?!


Okay, um…why don’t you go to the library?

“I will not take orders from some pretentious voice in the sky!”

1.1 - pic2

Me?!  Pretentious?!  Ladies and gentlemen, the pot is black!


Can I speak now?

“No!  You are my Minion and will do as I command!”

Yes, oh Diabolical pot.

“I will choose to ignore your insolence.  But just this once!”

1.1 - pic3

“Minion!  Where is the library?”

…I have no idea…give me a minute.

“What a useless Minion…”

I found it! ^_^

“Finally!  It’s past 9 am!  The world waits for no overlord!”

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