2.2 – Person Person Plus and Pervy Paps

This update brought to you by demon deer.

2.2 - pic1

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

2.2 - pic2

Moriarty made it home at some point and started skilling. He immediately leaped up to level 3 due to his skilling as a toddler. Good boy.

2.2 - pic3

I love Hans’ (Hans’s?) face. It’s very interesting. The more I look at it, the more I’m determined to get him and Lili together. Hans’s face fills me with determination!  XD

2.2 - pic4

Where are you?

Lili:  I just helped delivery a baby! Teehee!

That is not the right face to be wearing for that!

She’s cute though, I’ll give her that.

2.2 - pic5

The baby she delivered was Darleen & Darren Dreamer…sixth? seventh? child. It’s a boy called Desmond. Desmond Dreamer! Too cute!

2.2 - pic6

While we’re there, we see this adorable woman exit with her new baby girl. Her name is Tabbi Claremont. The woman. The baby’s name is Latricia and her father is the newly elder Donnovan Steel. Figures, he goes ages without kids, then starts as soon as he retires. >.<

2.2 - pic7

This woman stared at Lili as she left the hospital. Creepy much?

Lili’s chatting with one of her online dating matchups here, some guy called Sahan. He also has an interesting face This was before I had decided that Hans Hudson would be our generation 2 victim spouse.

In fact, Lili is asking Sahan out here.

2.2 - pic8

Then we get this popup…Sahan? Is there anything you’d like to share?

2.2 - pic9

I was curious about that popup, so I used MasterController to bring up Sahan’s family tree. He not only has a baby with Piper, he has two teenagers as well!

Sahan was quickly scratched off the potential spouse list.

At this time, Lili is standing around at the gym with no man in sight. Well, the night won’t be wasted! It’s Athletic skilling time!

Then she cancels out her queue…da fuk?

2.2 - pic10

Oooo! Lili! You’re forgiven if you nab him!

Now brace yourselves, dear readers, for the romance of the century.

2.2 - pic11

Hans:  I’m a Virgo.

Lili:  Is that like a gem?

2.2 - pic12

Hans:  No. It’s an astrological sign. It means I was born in September or October.

Lili:  But is it worth lots of money?

2.2 - pic13

Hans:  No…but I am.

2.2 - pic14

Lili:  Do you have any gems?

2.2 - pic15

Hans:  What’s your fascination with gems? Are you some kind of burglar?

2.2 - pic16

Lili:  No. I’m just a goon right now. I beat people up.

2.2 - pic17

Lili:  But someday I’ll be the emperor of evil and lots of people will give me money!

Hans:  Oh man, that’s so hot!

2.2 - pic18

Both:  Person person plus!

I love Sims interactions!  XD

2.2 - pic19

We interrupt this broadcast to present Moriarty’s 5th Logic skill point. He’s been at it for a sim hour or so.

2.2 - pic20

Hello! Who’re you?

This, apparently, is Isaiah Dreamer. He grew up quite nicely. A little pudgy faced, but amazingly cute and not actually fat!

2.2 - pic21

Rosie:  He came over by his own free will! His soul is forfeit!

Isaiah:  Nope! Bitch is still crazy! I’m out!

2.2 - pic22

And apparently Lili is halfway through maxing Charisma? What? When did that happen?

2.2 - pic23

These two. Thick as thieves! Unfortunately, they’re just friends. 😦 Handsome Hans won’t accept any of Lili’s flirts.

Deciding it must be because of low motives, we let him run away while Lili focuses on running the treadmill without her face meeting the treads.

2.2 - pic24

She doesn’t succeed, but is too fast standing up for me to properly catch it.

2.2 - pic25

She does, however, get halfway up the Athletic ladder. Good! Now, first day of work!

2.2 - pic26

Speaking of work, this is Kitty’s work uniform. For those that don’t remember, Kitty is an actress. I don’t think I like whatever role they’ve cast her for. :/

2.2 - pic27

It’s strangely quiet in the house. Everyone’s either out working or at school, or, in Rosie’s case, sleeping in until 2pm.

2.2 - pic28

Nikita:  Glomp!

They’re still really good friends!  😀

2.2 - pic29

Finally, Rosie sees fit to get up. She walks out the door in her underwear, hops in the Motive Mobile, and heads to work. :/

Rosie:  I am the epitome of efficiency.

No. You’re lazy. There’s a difference.

2.2 - pic30

The bus never comes home, so the Minion searches for young master Moriarty. She finds the young master, a vampire, reading out in the sunlight.  What?

Mori:  I need to finish this for school.

You could’ve come home to read it.

Mori:  But then this nice gentleman couldn’t enjoy my company.

2.2 - pic31

Paparazzi:  I love him, so I will stand here until he notices me slowly freezing to death for him.

Little creepy, dontcha think?

Pap:  But…I love him!


I’ll have new posts up either Monday or Tuesday, depending on when I get to play.  But we will be resuming a proper posting schedule!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. That picture at the end – jeez, what a creep! XD
    Good luck getting Hans’ face into your genetic pool! Haha. He seems determined to spectate only…. Dang rowdy Hans.
    Rosie knows what’s best… PJs to work? Count me in! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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