2.1 – A New Era Dawns

Dawn breaks across the frozen wasteland of Lucky Palms. And somewhere, in a strange not-quite manor, awakens the new ruler of the domain.

Plot #2 - Lilanna

Goddamnit, Lili.

Welcome back! To the dawning of the Diabolical’s second year and second generation! Isn’t this grand! Where were we? Ah yes, the entire family (sans cats…too many cats) had gone to the Fall Festival in order for Lili and Moriarty to duke it out for heirship. Lili won.

2.1 - pic2

Ah, yes. Morarity was scaring his older sister as a means of revenge. Evil boy! Evil boy! *coos*

Where are the previous generation, you ask?

2.1 - pic3

So dignified.

2.1 - pic4

Then Mori disappoints by skipping through the frosty grass and picking flowers. Damn, if he isn’t pretty, though.

Mori:  Or I’m removing the only traces of color left in this frozen wasteland.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

I think Rosie’s rubbing off on him.

2.1 - pic5

Speak of the devil, Rosie here visited the haunted house. How was it?

Rosie:  I think I found true love.

2.1 - pic6

Oh…that’s just creepy.

She proceeded back into the haunted house….*shudders*

Back with Lili, I come to realize she has waylaid the wrong young man.

2.1 - pic7

Lili:  So, I know you’re only a teenager, but I’ve been chosen as heir to my family’s legacy, so I need to start popping out babies.

Rusty:  The fuck?

Lili, no! That’s creepy! Bad!

With some strange notions starting to fill the girls’ heads, they’re sent out to get jobs.

2.1 - pic8a

2.1 - pic8b

Rosie:  I just got a job at the fanciest restaurant in town. I feel so fulfilled.

Was that sarcasm, young lady!  >:(

2.1 - pic9a

2.1 - pic9b

Lili:  Woo! I just got my first job! So much fullfillment!

At least one of you appreciates my efforts.

2.1 - pic10

Both:  Can haz China?



2.1 - pic11

And at some point we got a new family photo. Don’t mind Kitty’s face, she’s just having some difficulties adjusting to life as a human again.

While the girls are wishing for things I will NOT grant, Kitty & Max have decided that the evening’s still young and hit up a bar.

2.1 - pic12

Kitty tries some classy drinks, one called KTHXBAI.

Kitty:  You left the walls down.

Fuck. >.<

2.1 - pic13

Meanwhile Max shakes his elderly rump.

Oh so dignified.

Max:  Be silent. This is for celebrity points.

I hate the paparazzi…but I LOVE getting free stuff!

2.1 - pic14

On the other side of town, our heiress is working on her Athletic skill, since it’s pretty necessary to outrun the cops.

2.1 - pic15

This is her getting her first skill point.

2.1 - pic16

And this is her getting her second skill point. XD

Athletics is a skill I’m quite familiar with, but I’ve NEVER seen a sim trip more than Lili has. Not even a Clumsy sim!

2.1 - pic17

Once she’s fatigued (a hair’s breadth from lv 3! Argh!), Lili returns home to skill up her Logic…because I have a vague inkling that that’ll be useful later for an Emperor of Evil.

Lili:  Are you going to keep taking pictures?

Yes. Do something cool.  Like freak out.

2.1 - pic18

Lili:  No! You’re not the boss of me!


Because I’m so great at this simming thing, I totally skipped taking a picture of it, but Kitty got us a Motive Mobile and a Moodlet Manager. Motive Mobile because its awesome! And Moodlet Manager because I’ve never had one! 😀

2.1 - pic19

Oh, look! It’s Lynx! Precious cinnamon bun! 🙂 I’ve decided he’s the cat we’re keeping. He fits better with Lili.

Lynx:  Yes, stare at me, not the strange things my future mate and her mother are doing.

What do you me—

2.1 - pic20

O_o  I didn’t think you guys were that close.

Nikita:  Nothing to see here. Move along.

Obeying the booster of the family funds, we begin Lili’s first day at work. Except its canceled in favor of graduation. *sigh*

2.1 - pic21

Rosie:  Fucking graduation. I’m in the middle of cooking! Better finish this first.

And thus the house did not burn down. Rosie did reach level 4 cooking, though.

2.1 - pic22

But I think that did mess up something.

Rosie:  Why aren’t we moving?

Max:  Where is the driver?

They sat in a cab outside the house until Lili had graduated. Only then did Rosie see fit to get out of the stationary car and graduate.

Graduation - Rosaline Diabolical

Rosie got ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’, as well as Class Valedictorian.

Graduation - Lilianna Diabolical

And Lili got ‘Most Likely to Be Mediocre’. XD I swear, the game knows!

2.1 - pic23

Despite being mediocre, Lili knows what’s needed by the heir. Here she is sneaking up on an unsuspecting Anton Dreamer.

Anton:  What is that thing? And why is it coming closer?

Lili:  Heeheeheehee! I’ve got him now!

We both believed that to be the case. That is, until Anton’s mother went into labor.

2.1 - pic24

Damnit Darleen! You’ve got two grown children! No more babies!

Darleen:  Are you helping or not?!

Yeah, yeah. I’ll send the heir over soon.

2.1 - pic25

As soon as she’s done introducing herself to this lovely young man.

2.1 - pic26

Hmmm…Hudson…why does that name ring a bell?

1.2 - pic3

Oh, yeah! Max’s first nemesis in Lucky Palms was Ariel Hudson! Hmmm, the offspring of two sworn enemies falling in love? Or at least having babies?! I like it. >:)

That’s it for today!  My game’s running fine, but my word processor’s crashing every other minute.  *sigh*  I’m fairly certain I know what’s wrong, though, so there should be another chapter soon.

What do you think of Hans?  He’s rather stern looking, but I think his and Lili’s faces would mesh nicely.  …that’s so weird to say out loud.

Anywho!  Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!  ^_^


  1. Hans is HANS-some. I crack myself up. In other news, I cracked up at, “Don’t mind Kitty’s face, she’s just having some difficulties adjusting to life as a human again.” GOOD LORD KITTY.

    Super excited for this generation! Lili is so cute! XD

    Liked by 2 people

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