Generation 2 Heir Vote

I can’t believe I got this far!  I can’t believe it’s almost been a year…  O_O

But we’re finally here!  The vote for which Diabolical (or not-so-Diabolical *cough* Lili *cough*) will lead Generation 2 to world domination!

Let’s trot out our glorious potentials!

Gen2 Heir Vote - Lilanna

First up is Lilianna Diabolical.  She’s technically the firstborn of this legacy, born a few minutes before her twin Rosaline.

Lili likes chatting with friends, squealing over clothes, just general squealing, and occasionally attempting to commit acts of “evil”…like deep-frying ice cream.  *sigh*  When she’s not doing any of that, she’s having nervous meltdowns and forgetting who she is.

The things Lili has going for herself…uhm…well, she’s not technically a face clone.  She’s an interesting blend of Max and Kitty, but she’s an identical twin.  She does have the whole unstable thing going for her.  And she does have the evilest LTW of all, to become the Emperor of Evil, which she rolled, like, six times over the course of her life.  Kid just wouldn’t give up.  Will she break completely under the stress of total evilness?

Gen2 Heir Vote - Rosaline

The secondborn is Rosaline Diabolical, identical twin sister of Lilianna.

Rosie enjoys hot summer days, scaring mailmen, stealing gourmet candy from babies, stalking Isaiah Dreamer, and generally giving zero fucks about anything.  She’s somewhat an alcoholic, but has sworn to blow the habit way out of proportion if she’s chosen as heir.  Recently, Rosie’s returned to the closest thing she has to a passion, fishing.

Rosie is a face clone of her sister Lili.  But she’s probably the evilest sim in the family, aside from Max.  And yet, despite this dark, black core inside her, she constantly cares for her younger brother Moriarty (when she’s not trying to kill him) and is BFFs with her sister (when she’s not cackling over Lili’s misfortune).  Will this affection be her downfall in her pursuit of culinary world domination?

Gen2 Heir Vote - Moriarty

The baby of the family is Moriarty Diabolical.  Not planned, Moriarty threw a wrench in all the Minion’s plans from birth.  The Minion was going to choose each firstborn for heir…but here we are.

Moriarty is an incredibly intelligent and fearless young man.  He’s recently joined Rosie in her hobby of graveyard fishing.  With his father’s resources at his disposal and his mother’s charm, Moriarty plots the downfall of the entire world using his dark, vampiric powers.  He has no fear for his place as head of the second generation, as he fears nothing.  Will everything pan out as he thinks?

Moriarty looks just like his mother with his father’s eyes and brown hair which may or may not be from a grandparent…or, as Rosie likes to say, the milkman.  His true evility has yet to be tested.  But one thing remains certain: his is truly adorabolical.

Poll closed!

I’m gonna leave this up for a week but might extend it, depending on how many people vote.  Just in case you’re stuck between two candidates (or three), know that I WILL be keeping everyone around until they complete their LTWs.  Because I want points.  >:)

Thanks to every single reader for all their witty comments and discussion.  When I first started this legacy blog, I didn’t think anyone would actually read it, but I figured, wth.  But you’ve proved me wrong and introduced me to an incredible community of amazing people.  You guys are the best!  Thanks for reading, and the Diabolicals and I will see you for Generation 2!  ^_^


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