1.25 – Choose Your Weapon

1.25 - pic1

Rosie: Not one! Not even one lousy vote! Fuck you people!

I thought you didn’t want to be heir?

Rosie: That’s beside the point!

1.25 - pic2

Max: *deep sigh* I was under the assumption that having an heir poll would enable me to hand over the responsibility of leadership.


Max: But we do not have an heir.


Max: Explain!

Well, for the first couple of days the poll was up, Moriarty was clearly in the lead. Let’s rephrase that. No one else had any votes, and he had 4. For perspective, the Diabolicals only have 10 readers, so that’s almost half the readers. It seemed pretty clear that Moriarty would win.

I didn’t look at the poll again until it closed.

1.25 - pic3

As you can clearly see, Lilianna managed to sneak in 6 votes in the last few days, no idea how, beating Moriarty’s 4. Seems okay. However, I figured out how to post poll threads on boolprop and left that running for about a day. That gave Moriarty 2 more votes.

1.25 - pic4

So, it’s a tie between Lili and Mori. As mentioned previously, Rosie didn’t get any votes.

1.25 - pic5

Rosie: And why the fuck not?!

1.25 - pic6

Mori: You mean…I didn’t win? How?!

Lili: Fudgecicles and gumdrops! 😀

So, yeah. No gen 2 heir. Yet!

1.25 - pic7

Taking a leaf out of Meg’s book, I’m having Mori and Lili fight to the death battle it out rock-paper-scissors to determine which of them shall lead this great legacy.

1.25 - pic8

Moriarty: Hissssss! Heirship shall be mine!

Lili: Oh, Plumbob!

Maid: I just love this family! 😀

1.25 - pic9

But Lili won the first round.

1.25 - pic10

Moriarty won the second round.

1.25 - pic11

And Lili wins 2 out of 3! We have an heir!

1.25 - pic12

Lili: I’m hair! Lol!

Moriarty: What?! No fair!  Rematch!

Not quite, Lili. We’re following the Paradis’ lead on this one to the LETTER!

1.25 - pic13

Next challenge, apple bobbing.

1.25 - pic14

Lili wins!

At this point Lili has secured her heirship, since its best 2-out-of-3. So have some cute animals we found roaming the park.

1.25 - pic15

Cute wittle puppies! ^_^

1.25 - pic16

And Lili’s first act as generation 2’s official heir is to be scared senseless by her little brother.

1.25 - pic17

Moriarty: Vengeance is mine!

In other news, the Diabolicals first birthday was a few days ago. Here’s some stats.

1.25 - pic13

1.25 - pic14

1.25 - pic15

1.25 - pic16

We’ve pretty much doubled our views since beginning last summer! Thanks a bunch, guys!  It’s nice to know you guys are enjoying this as much as I am.  And that’s what we’re here for: to have a good time with good friends!  So, thank you!  ^_^

Thanks for playing, folks! Tune in next time for the actual start of generation 2!  😀


  1. Oh my gosh haha I’m glad this way of breaking the tie worked for you! And I remembered voting on Lili, hahaha, I was convinced Moriarty was going to win, which I would’ve been fine with too, I just love Lili a lot. I think it’ll be very interesting to see her become an emperor of evil as the least evil sim to ever live. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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