2.7 – Call Me, Baby!

Greeting to all the lovely peoples!  Last time Hans saved the military from mutant plants, but couldn’t save his extended family from the house that his rather excitable yet unstable PREGNANT wife constructed.  Oh, well!  Let’s see what the Diabolicals are up to today!


Ah yes.  Lili’s munching watermelon like they’re going outta style.  Both she and Hans want a girl.

Why is the heavily pregnant woman out in the snow?


Because it’s the weekend and the whole family has a day off together!


Except Hans.  He’s new and so is still earning his keep.

Apologies for the very crappy picture.  I was enjoying a dark lager for the very first time.  😀  Don’t drink and sim, kids.


While Hans works for this legacy, the rest of the family enjoy this last day of winter before the desert heat melts everything once again.

Kitty decides to enjoy some hot cocoa, and then gets it for free.  Score!


Suddenly, a scream rends through the slightly chilly air!  Lili’s gone into labor!  Guess she ate that fruit just in time!

Lili:  I think the watermelon wants out!  😀



While the elderly festival attendants panic, Kitty screams at Lili to get her ass to the hospital.

Lili:  Nah, I think I’m good.  ^_^


Kitty finally leads our retarded heiress out of the park and down to the hospital.  Which, fortunately for the firstborn of generation 3, is right across the street.


Dude 1:  Dude, the pregnant lady is finally heading to the hospital.  Why are you still screaming?

Dude 2:  I. Don’t. KNOW!


And what is Max doing while his firstborn gives birth to his first grandchild?  Why skating, of course!

And what’s Rosie doing?


Being fucking awesome.

But neither seem to really care that a baby is on the way.  But I care!


And, apparently, so does Hans.  Because he runs down the street from the fire station, which also happens to be right next to the hospital.  Convenient.

While we wait for the beginnings of generation 3 to come into being, the Minion will sim watch.


Ooo!  You are incredibly cute!  Are you a Dreamer?

Lady:  What?!


Abrielle Tanner.  Your genetics will be kept in mind.


Look!  Townies teach their kids!  Ermahgerd!  I’ve never seen this before!


Look!  Innit he cute as a button!  *Minion suffering toddler withdrawal*


It’s a girl!

Now, let me explain something.  Every child in the Diabolical legacy will have an evil name.  But I couldn’t think of an evil name that Lili would actually use for her child.  So I visited a supervillian name generator.


It gave me “Princess Fireball”, which was perfect.  However, EA has restricted the number of characters first names can be!  Blasphemy!  So, I puzzled my head, and finally my boyfriend suggested “Madam” instead, which was also awesome.  But still too long!  So Princess became Madam which was shortened to Mad.


The baby’s name is Mad Fireball.  Don’t question me.


Lili:  I’m a mommy!  😀

God help us all.


Lili:  Why.  Is it.  Crying.

That’s what burrit–I mean BABYS do.  It’s just what they do.  Get it home.


Seeing Lili with a baby has caused Kitty to roll some wishes.

Sorry Kitty, but that one might take a while.


Ah, yes!  We were introducing Mad Max–I mean FIREBALL!  That might happen again.  >.>

Mad Fireball was born at 1:30 in the afternoon on the last day of Winter.  I watched some snow melt while waiting for her birth.  She rolled Clumsy and Couch Potato, and likes the color Green like her Uncle Moriarty, Beach Party music like no one, and Veggie Burgers.  Interesting.  And she seems to have her father’s skin tone!  Woo!


You know what her birth means?  Generation 3 is here!  +1 point!  😀


Kitty immediately heads for Mad’s nursery.


And promptly rolls this.  She does have three children, so this might be possible.  We’ll see.

Lili conks out soon after arriving home.  And Hans?  He still work–


Hans: Wasn’t there something I was supposed to be doing?

Goddamnit, Hans.  Goddamnit.  >.<  Get your ass to maintaining the firetruck!


Hans:  Can’t even take a bath without someone bitching!  *grumble, grumble*

Yeah, yeah, like I care!


A much more productive member of the family nets herself yet another promotion!


This is actually to save some dish from a tripping waiter, but I’ll take it!  Rosie is at level 4 and one step closer to being able to leave the house!

She’s allowed to leave early, so heads home to call up Isaiah.  After all, her mother has a few wishes that need fulfilling.


Rosie:  He’s not picking up.

Goddamnit Isaiah!  You.  Will be!  OURS!

Why are sim men so hard to get?!  Argh!


With Isaiah being stupid, Rosie calls over her Romantic Interest from prom…all those years ago.


Chad:  *nasally voice*  My baby called.  Sniff.

You…you are…disappointing.


Rosie:  This isn’t working, Bob.

Chad:  Chad.

Rosie:  BOB.  I’m breaking up with you.


Bob:  Fuck you!

Rosie:  It’s rabid!


Rosie:  I can be rabid too.  Wanna see?

Bob:  Meep!  No!


He makes his excuses and exits the house.

And I shall leave you with these lovely images of Macavity finally killing Lynx.


Macavity:  We’re finally completely alone.  Bitch!  Die!


Lynx:  Mama, help!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.6 – The House that Excitable Crazy Built

This marks the 3rd update of SimNaWriMo!  Bronze medal!  I’m super stoked!  Are you super stoked?  Hell, yeah!

You know what else is stoked?  Fire!


Burning buildings!  Rescuing sims!  Defeating the most dangerous of the four elements!  Saving the world!  Or at least Lucky Palms!  😀


Firefighter Hans!  Out to save your burning ass!


I originally read that as “The Woohoo 4000” and snickered.  I know, I’m so very mature.


Hans takes the Woo Woo *snickers again* clear across the desert to this very nice, large building by the radioactive red lake.  It takes a while just to get there.

Wait a second!  What…it’s a rabbithole?  I thought you got to fight fires!  I’ve been deceived!  T_T


You have to get graded too?!

This…this isn’t what I had in mind.


That’s interesting!  But why would the MILITARY have giant mutant plants?!  *Thinks about it for a moment*  Nope, that actually makes sense.  Carry on.


Hans gets to be a hero after all!

Is it bad that all I can picture is Hans doing all this in his porn suit?  XD


Even saving people in porn suits only gets you a B.  No matter.  We’ll do better next time!  *Plots to upgrade the WooWoo…snickers*


And here’s our hero of the hour!  Don’t mind the wardrobe change.  Hans apparently got promoted during the hostile plant takeover.

Look!  He has an actual fireman hat now!  *squeals with unbridled joy*

Rabbithole disasters aside, I think I really like the firefighter career.


After saving the military from their own mistakes, Hans heads back to the fire station to skill up his Handiness by beating up the harmless toilet.


I’ve started using his Handiness level as proof of his career level since I haven’t been getting promotion popups for Hans.  To anyone that’s done the firefighter profession, are you NOT supposed to get promotion popups?  Is this normal or is something wrong with Hans?  He gets promoted just fine, music and it shows up on his work panel.  I just don’t get a snazzy popup to show off.


No matter.  I’m still getting popups for everyone else, Rosie in particular!  For such a lazy sim, she rushing through the culinary career.  I believe that this is Level 3.


Shortly afterwards, Rosie maxes out her Cooking skill!  Woo!  Maybe that’s why she’s been getting promoted every day.

But I believe I promised Mori and you guys a new Diabolical Lair!



Ground floor.  The decor is due to the family head being extremely spastic about colorings and flitting from one paint palette to another without ever actually settling on one.


Upstairs.  The family ran out of money before the second floor could be finished, so there is only one door and one light.  In true Lili fashion, we didn’t plan that far ahead.


The spares, regardless of age, were shuffled down to the basement.


Rosie’s bedroom.


Mori’s bedroom.

Both are rather unfurnished at the moment.  I’m afraid decorating the ground floor got away from me.


Also in the basement is the family mausoleum.  Beyond this great portal of dread will be, eventually, the family portraits, achievements & awards, and graves.


Last basement room: the collectables room.  This is all we have currently, curtesy of Nikita’s hunting.  Well done, cat.  Well done.

There’s also a bathroom down there, but, bathrooms, meh.


Upstairs, this is the first thing you see when you come in through the front door.

Appreciate that floor, it took me ages.


Immediately to the left, there’s space for a gigantic fireplace.  We ran out of money before it could be bought.  😦  Damn spares!  Eating up all my fireplace money!


Main living room area.  With couches, chess table and exits to the dining room, kitchen and basement all over.

Yes, I was planning on having two gigantic fireplaces back to back.  But…out of money.  So I put the TV there instead.


Basement stairs and door to the laundry room.  There is no washer or dryer, as we ran out of money.

Mostly I’m showing you this to get you accustomed to that glaring wall paint.  You’re welcome.


This is Rosie’s kitchen.  You can tell it’s Rosie’s as it doesn’t give off the same excitable, unstable vibe as the rest of the house.


The dining room.  I’m fairly certain Kitty decorated this room.  It’s classy.


Lili & Han’s workout room.  I think since he has to use it too, Hans managed to persuade Lili to tone it back to just their favorite colors: white & black.


The hallway leading to the grand master bedroom, master bedroom and nursery.  The portraits are hanging in here currently, but that’s just until I finish the lair mausoleum.


The grand master bedroom, aka, Kitty & Max’s room.  Kitty’s easels are in here, just along the wall not shown.  And I later fill in that empty floor space with space rugs.

The grand master bath is off to the right, not shown because…bathroom.  Yeah, this Minion has learned to avoid those areas.  >.<


The master bedroom, where Hans and Lili sleep and do dirty things.  It actually doesn’t look too bad.  I think that’s because it was decorated last and I had stopped caring.

Once again, master bath off to the right, not shown.


Nursery!  Bright, colorful nursery for bouncing Diabolical babies!  😀

There’s another half to the room, but I, for some reason, didn’t get a picture of it.  It’s just got lots of toys in it and a funky corner.  I’m sure you’ll see it shortly anyways.  😉


Here in the Diabolical Lair, we treat our feline family members just as well, if not better, than we do actual legacy members.  Behold!  The cat room!  It’s bigger than the master bedroom.


Off the main living room, but hidden behind the massive not-fireplace wall, is the double doors leading to the study.  It doesn’t see much use.  Yet!  So, in preparation for the future, we spent the very last of our money on this room.  XD


And that’s it!  The Diabolicals have moved up in the world and their lair reflects that!  Though, they really, REALLY should have hired an actual decorator rather than leave Lili alone with a rainbow of paints.

Hmmm…I should add to that roof and make it look like three scoops of ice cream.  Yes, I should do this.

The house page has been updated to reflect house changes.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.5 – Baby Pop

You may be wondering why we’re back so soon.  To that I have but one word:  Boolprop.

Last time, Hans vanished, reappeared and we managed to marry Lili and Hans.  And just in time too!


Lili: *pop*  Baby!

Yes, Lili, baby.  Generation 3!  Woot-woot!

Don’t mind the stench, she was working out just before this.  I think she’s up to level 8 of Athletics.


The first thing she does after baby-popping (sounds nasty) is wish to have a girl.


Fortunately, Hans wants a girl too.  We can do that!  Just need to clear out some of his other wishes.

Speaking of which…


Hans the firefighter apparently has no Handiness to speak of.  We quickly remedy that.


Earlier that morning, Lili and Hans do some couple bonding by reading career-oriented books together.  Good job!  😀


Speaking of career, Hans heads off to his first fully controlled day of being a fireman.

He tries to do his usual shift, but I nip that sharpish.


That’s right!  Maintaining the firetruck!  Woo!

This, apparently, takes a while.  Is it obvious I’ve never done this before?


Back home, Mori continues doing all he ever does, skilling.

Mori:  It’s because YOU don’t know what to do with me!  I’m cute, I’m smart, I’m a fucking vampire!  But I’m a spare!  So you don’t know what to do with me!

Shhh, baby, shhh.


To keep him company, Lili decides to play a game or two.  She’s got Logic to work on anyways.

Mori:  Great, the hormonal crazy is invading my only safe space.


The siblings consider the open, as-of-yet untouched, battlefield.


Lili:  Maybe I should move to this space?

Mori:  Shut up!  You’re interrupting my concentration.


Silence falls once more upon the still virgin chess board.

Seriously, guys, move a piece.  I’m going grey over here!


Mori:  Very well.  Checkmate, sister!  I’ll be leaving now.


And so the board was abandoned, only to be hogged by Rosie seconds later.  But not for playing.  Just for the luxurious feeling of those leopard fur chairs.

Rosie:  Fuck off.



Back at the fire department, Hans is taking care of some wishes to upgrade appliances.  He makes the wise choice to shed his temperature retardant uniform for his clearly much warmer sparkle-porn gear.


The upgrading pays off.  And I learn something important!


Apparently, leveling up skills increases job performance and actually gets Hans a promotion!  Interesting!  *still a n00b*

Hmm…can I get him to actual firefighter status before the baby’s born?  And will this give said baby a hidden trait relating to fire?  Things to ponder!


With this discovery in mind, Hans gets on upgrading the entire fire department.


Max and Kitty, still in love!  ❤


Macavity and Lynx, sharing some brotherly bonding.  However, a few seconds later…


Lynx:  He so scawwey!


And Max is still at large and in charge of the corporate world.

Wait!  What’s that sound?!


Could it be–?


It is!  Lucky Palms is on fire!  Tune in next time!  XD

But wait, there’s more!

While I’ve got you here, the Diabolicals will be taking part in SimNaWriMo over on Boolprop.


Mori:  Do we have to do the boolprop thing?

Yes, we’re going for gold!  That’s minimum 10 chapters before Halloween!


Mori:  I don’t want to!  You can’t make me!

Well fine!  You just won’t appear in any screenshots!


Mori:  It’s not like you pay attention to me anyways!  *pouts*

😦  Baby, don’t be this way!  I’m sorry!  I love you!  I’ll give you anything you want!  Don’t be sad!  😦


Mori:  Guilt trip successful.  I want a bigger room.

Okay!  😦

And so the house was rebuilt.  But next time!


The fire station shown here and in the last chapter is the Clearwater Firestation.  It is NOT mine, but it is very lovely and fits very well in the desert landscape.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

2.4 – Bedded and…Wetted?

Last time, both Rosie and Lili were trundling right along in the skills needed for their careers.  And Kitty was the best spouse ever and getting us more legacy points.  And an Imaginary Friend returned from the grave just to fuck with my game.  Fortunately, I’m paranoid as hell and had saved right before dragging the doll out of Lili’s inventory.

So let’s forget all about grave-rising dolls and focus on getting Lili a man and a baby!


What’re you up to, sweetie?

Mori:  I put a hole through the ceiling!  Now, you’ll HAVE to rebuild the house to give me a bigger room!

Uh, no, don’t think so.  But you’re cute.


What?  No she doesn’t game!  Lili!  What’re YOU up to?!?!


Hmmm…me thinks the game is out to get me.  But Hans seems to have returned!  Carry on.

In the interest of preventing Hans from vanishing into the Aether again, I wanted them wedded and bedded.  However, Lili had work that could NOT be forsaken.  I stalked Hans all day to keep him from poofing.



This is all he did.  But at least he’s still in the world!


While watching Hans, I did get word that Kitty got her very first award!  Awesome!


Here’s our award winning actress!  Yes, I looked away from Hans for a moment.


And here’s her Sims Choice Award!  It’s quite lovely!  This shall be admired for many Diabolical generations yet to come.  ^_^


Another popup says that Lili got a nice promotion.  Of course, she immediately rushes her ass down to the fire station where the minion waits impatiently.


Delicious eye contact is made after nearly ten hours apart.


Then Lili goes for the full frontal assault and Hans has no choice but to relent.


He seems hesitant at her first question…


But seals his fate by giving in to her demands.


And then Lili trains him, because what else do you do with someone who just agreed to go out with you?  😐


Look at the ferocity!

Back inside, we focus once more on the mission at hand.


Lili:  You, babe, are hotter than a vase of flowers.

Hans:  …I would hope so.


Lili:  I mean, I love your face!

Hans: Getting warmer.


In the end, it appears that Lili communicates much more thoroughly with body language than any other language.

You think I’m joking about that communication bit.  See that skill bar above her head?


It’s her Charisma skill.  Woo, boy!


After a deep and insightful “conversation”, Lili moves onto the next question.

Lili:  Do you want a ring?

Hans:  What?


Lili:  Like, a really, REALLY shiny ring?

Hans:  Whatever do you mean?

Stop being coy and just be ours!


Hans:  Oh, Lili!  Of course I’ll marry you.

Good answer.


Because how could anyone resist that face!


Finally!  Lili was red all over the place.  I though we’d have an acci—


…dent.  *sigh*

Lili:  Did he see?!

Lili!  He’s leaving the building!  He’s in his car and he’s gone!  Of course he saw!

Lili:  Drat.

Get you ass up and after him!  There can be no witnesses!

Hans drives clear across town with Lili in hot pursuit.  Then he makes the grave error of inviting her inside.


Lili:  Hi!  I followed you her.

Hans:  What have I gotten myself into?

You can’t escape now!  We’re in your house, stealing your…you!  >:D


Ariel:  Why is there a prostitute in my house?

Don’t worry about it.


Ignoring Hans’s elderly father, Lili gets the Private Wedding Train going.






And with that, Hans is married into the family!  He’s also moved in.


Ariel:  Did my son just marry that prostitute?

Yes, yes he did.  Problem?

In exchange for his son, we give Ariel Azrael, Nikita’s son.  Seems fair.


“Meeting” Hans seems to have boosted Rosie into completing a skill challenge…game logic.


Meet Hans, everyone!  He is a Brave, Grumpy, Clumsy yet Athletic Animal Lover.  Got some randomness going on there alright.  His favorites are Vegetarian Chile (meh), Black (same as Max’s), and Spooky music.  Hmm…he might do okay in an evil legacy.

And his LTW?


This could be interesting.  😀


Now meet Hans post-Minion makeover.  No, I don’t know why I made him into an 80’s porn star, go away!

As soon as he contributes his genes to the next generation, Hans will have a place on the family tree and download page.  So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

Another Award for the Diabolicals to Cringe At >:D

Greetings!  We’re to celebrate another grand award given to the Diabolicals for who-knows-why reasons!  😀


A massive thank you to RosemaryMarie (lovely name, btw) of the glorious Noble Doubt!  They write a lovely legacy novel, as well as the occasional short story!  Quite nice.

Rules…because we DEFINITELY follow those around here >.>

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share the award on your blog  (we being Diabolical here, we had to make our own to fit in)
  3. Share seven random facts about yourself
  4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

Fluffy Facts!

  1. Let’s start with the username.  Because that’s random, right?!  Okay, so, way back in the day, when I was young and hip and edgy, I got my hair cut super short, but still stylishly short.  I think they called it a pixie cut.  I really have no idea.  Like this: Except she wears it a hellava lot better than I did.  ANYWHO!  So, I had short hair, and I gelled it each morning because I was THAT person.  And then I moved to a desert where the sun reacted with the gel I used and bleached my whole head of hair platinum blonde (I’m a dark brunette naturally).  I had to stop gelling my hair, but ungelled it would just float up around my head.  My sister started calling me “Dandelion”, because…you know:
    dandelionThis then was converted into Fluffy as my normal hair color was restored (over many years).  I never gelled again, and so my shortish hair (I let it grow out a tad) is still “Fluffy”.  The “Mao” part comes from the fact that whenever someone asked me my opinion, I used to be completely caught off-guard and unprepared and, apparently, incapable of English, so I would say “Erm, uh, MAO!”  Cuz I is da smart.  Does this count as 2 random facts?  I think this counts as 2 random facts…>.>
  2. I started taking college courses when I was 12.  It’s taken me over a decade to get two bachelor degrees.
  3. I’m going on 24 and still have no idea how to drive a car.  PEDESTRIAN 4 LYFE!  😀
  4. I have almost 2 dozen aunts and uncles (taking into account both sides of the family). I have met maybe 6, and almost all of them have children.  Cousins?  Uncountably infinite.
  5. My favorite color tends to change rather frequently.  Thus, I pretty much like all colors.
  6. I’m the tallest person in my immediate family.
  7. I can name the 50 states of the USA (in alphabetical order and with capitols), but have no idea where they are in relation to each other.  And let’s just forgo completely the WORLD’S geography!

Nominations for all the Lovely Peoples

  1. The Paradis Legacy
  2. The Freshman Legacy
  3. Different Winters
  4. Absolutely Cuckoo
  5. The Frosted Legacy
  6. Bedlam ISBI
  7. As Far as the World Goes
  8. The Rourke EPIC Legacy
  9. Our Different Paths
  10. The Gordon Legacy

Do you feel the love yet?  FEEL IT!

2.3 – The Dead Live and the Game Dies

Greetings readers! Sorry for the wait, school started up and I decided the day right before classes to play Skyrim for the first time ever. I love it! Ermahgerd!

So that’s where I’ve been the last few weeks, Skyrim, Minecraft and procrastinating my homework, because I’m such an amazing student.  XD  Thank god I don’t have a thesis yet.  I’d be so screwed.

I’ve also been with the Mayfields.  Being my first family, they get to go through every experiment first before I play my other games.  No real reason, that’s just how I roll.  And I’ve been playing around with another mod and toying with the idea of keeping it.  On the one hand, I feel like I’ve got too many mods.  On the other hand, it’s got some really interesting features.  And, so far, it seems to be compatible with everything else, so expect that to show up in a Mayfield update soon.

Also, the Diabolicals were (a while back) drug out of their hole shown the limelight given an award and that’s the previous post.  So check it out and check out all the lovely blogs listed there!  ^_^

Okay, I’m done. I know you guys are only here for the Diabolicals. Smile for the camera, Max!


Max: Too much?

Maybe. Anywho! Let’s get into this thing.


We open with some good news! Kitty is ever-so slowly clawing her way up the Hollywood ladder.


Lili’s playing chess with herself, because that definitely improves one’s logic.


Lili: I’ve got him on the run now!

Of course you do, dear. I’ll leave you to it.


Rosie is trapped skilling at the library, just working on her cooking skill since we’ve got enough cake to last a few lifetimes.

Rosie: Trying to focus here! Get out!

Alright, alright, sheesh!


Hmmm. What’re you up to, Max?

Max: I think I’d better get out of this chair and do something productive.


Max: Nevermind.

He hasn’t even retired yet and already the rocking chair has his soul.

After some chess, Lili heads out Hans hunting. First, his house.


Very nice. >:)

Han’s isn’t home though. Drats! But we know where he works! And it’s accessible!


Behold! The Lucky Palms Fire Department!

Inside, we find Hans playing video games, so there’s no guilt when we crash his workplace and woo the pants off him.


Lili: How you doin’, babe?

Hans: Although I don’t look it, this pleases me.


A few goofy looks later and they’re feeling frisky. And I discover a shower on the premises. Hehehehehehe.


Was there a lullaby? I think there was! Bwahahahahaha! Generation 3 is on the way!


Hans: I just had se-ex! And it felt so good! *off-key singing*

Lili: Were we safe? I don’t know if we were safe?


Lili: What if the nargles got involved?!

Hans: Shut up and let me enjoy the loss of my virginity.


Lili: Oh my GOD, the nargles sabotaged the sex shower!

Hans: God damnit.


Regardless of sabotaged showers and perhaps condoms (hehehehehe), a good time was had by all. Hans had such a good time, he saw fit to float up into the clouds and out of Lucky Palms. I’m not kidding. They woohooed, he walked out the door, and vanished. Effing hell.


But there is no time to be sad. Generation 3 is on the way and Lili’s only at level 2 in her career! So Lili strutted herself out to the back of the fire station and commandeered their treadmill.


Lookit them legs!

While Lili is working on her man and career, let’s see what the rest of the family is up to.


Ah, Moriarty’s coming home from school.

Moriarty: I despise how bright the snow is.

Well, suck it. Get it! ‘Cuz he’s a vampire! And he sucks blood! Nevermind. I’m going away now.


Meanwhile, Rosie is still brushing up on her Cooking skills at the library.  I think she’s been here for several days now.

Rosie: I could’ve been a great criminal. I’d have stolen so many jewels by now!


And ignoring the pretty french tourists. Ah, Mr. Bonaparle, know that if Isaiah doesn’t work out that you’re on my short list.

Tourist: Zis is good, yes?

Sure.  >.>


And what is Kitty doing while her spawn are all out of the house?


Why, earning us more legacy points, that’s what! Best Spouse EVAH!

That’s a portrait for the spare Rosie. And it’s a Masterpiece! Well done, Kitty!

Kitty: But of course.

We’ll get Mori’s when he ages up and Lili’s…eventually. When she’s not working out or chasing down Handsome Hans.


Speaking of Lili, she got her first work opportunity! Nice!

At first I was really excited, but all she had to do was read a book. Boring! Let’s go rob a house! >:D


As if to show how much more of an interesting heir she would have been, Rosie then got an opportunity to get drunk and get paid for it. While it’s one I’ve done sooooo many times, it’s an entertaining opportunity. I love trying drinks!

Rosie: I would’ve made a better heir and you know it!

Yeah, yeah, shut up and have another drink.


Rosie: Don’t mind if I do. I think I deserve a break, now that I’ve almost reached the top of my career’s skill.

Rosie, ladies and gentlemen, the heir you could have had.

How does Lili even compare?


Not too shabby actually. Pretty good considering she’s only been a young adult for a few days now.


Another demonstration of our lovely founding spouse. Kitty begins work on Lili’s portrait. I love her.


Wait, what? Well…I thought that thing had died somewhere or something.


Lili: Who’re you?

Puzzle/Buffo/Something-or-Other: I’m your childhood imaginary friend!

Lili:  Aren’t we supposed to be the same age, and so, the same height?


Neither can I, Lili. Neither can I.


This is Buffo (or something along those lines). It’s Lili’s Imaginary Friend that I wasn’t able to make real. Somehow, it’s real. And it immediately crashes my game. I’m overwhelmed with joy. >.<

Welp! Time to reload! Just what I wanted to do. We’ll straighten this out next time.

Hi!  Thanks for sticking around and reading!  ^_^  I’ve finished captioning generation 2, so expect the next chapters in a much more timely manner.

And the Skies were Dark and the Earth Filled with Sin

Nah, not really.

A big thanks to quackermole, who runs the Frosted Legacy, for nominating the Diabolicals for this cheery award.  They feel your love and shudder!  XD

Rules!  We’ll obey them even though we think they’re made for breaking…

  1. Thank the lovely person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

Questions from Quackermole  (that was too perfect XD)

  1. Watch Soupe Opera. Thoughts?
    Pardon me.  I now have to go show this to absolutely everyone I know.
  2. Close your eyes and point to something at random. What did you point to?
    I stood up to do this, spun in a circle, and ended up pointing straight at my laptop screen anyway.
  3. What season is it where you live? Do you like it?
    I’ve been told the first day of Fall was yesterday.  But I live in a desert, so it’s still getting up to 110 degrees F.
  4. If a chicken walked into your kitchen, what would you do?
    I’d have a sit-down with my boyfriend about bringing strange animals into the house without telling me.  Again.
  5. What is a period of history you never lived in, but miss anyway?
    The 70’s & 80’s.  Cool music and awesome world views.
  6. Thought on ‘Harry Potter book and the Cursed Child’?
    Haven’t read/seen it yet.  This confuses me.  Some people said it was a play, but others say its a book?  Meh.  Too little time currently to get involved in yet another obsession.
  7. Should Pluto be a planet?
    No.  I studied astrophysics for four years and by all definitions, except laymen, the definition of planet excludes Pluto.  That being said, it was my favorite “planet” as a kid.
  8. Favorite kids TV show?
    That’s hard.  It’s probably a tie between Avatar the Last Airbender and Invader Zim.
  9. Do you still have your teddy bears?
    I never had a teddy bear to begin with.  I had this black, white and red dog that came from a claw machine.  And, yes, I still have it.
  10. Please make up a definition for phthisical.
    The inter-sectional field of study of physics and theistics.  I got nothing.
  11. If you could have a twin, who would it be? (celebrity, fictional character, historical person etc.)
    I could really mess with this and say I already have a twin.  XD

Awards! Awards for everyone!

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  2. Noble Doubt:  I know they’ve already accepted an award, but the story really is lovely.
  3. Dustland Fairytale:  I know, I know, I’m so behind the times.  It’s a really good story that’s set in my neck of the woods…or lack thereof.  XD
  4. The Kingston Legacy:  I’m still reading through the first generation, but its a pretty good plot/observer legacy. Interesting mix.
  5. Insanity Doesn’t Compare:  An isbi with some hilarious commentary!
  6. I Don’t Play Sims 3:  It’s a relatively new legacy, but it’s also cute and I have a thing for start-ups.
  7. And for more stories I recommend (but have already been awarded a few times) see HERE and HERE!

American Inquisition

  1. What makes you bored?
  2. Do you Love the Outdoors or Hate the Outdoors?
  3. Do you think you could survive in the wilderness for a month?
  4. What’s your favorite meal/snack food?  How often do you get to eat it?
  5. They finally founded a colony on another planet and they want YOU to name it.  You don’t know anything about the colony, the planet, or the people.  GO!
  6. Speaking of go, Pokemon Go?  Thoughts?
  7. If you could only have one, which would you pick: trust or love?
  8. Internet Olympics.  What’re the competitions?
  9. Share something profound with us.
  10. What’s a small fear you have?
  11. And since I have no life, what did YOU do this past weekend?

Thanks again quackermole!  And sorry it took forever to get this out.  :/