No Update

Not today, at least.  Sorry.  😦

This is just to tell you guys that I’ll be taking a break from simming for a little bit to focus on the rest of this semester.  I’ll be studying and attempting to nail down my thesis topic, so I should really focus.

The Mayfields will continue to be updated, as I have quite a few chapters in reserve now (our next family head is adorable).  However, I’m all caught up to in game for the Diabolicals, so you’ll have to wait for them.  I’m not saying I’ll drop off the face of the earth, just that if I do post, it’ll be sporadic at best and non-existent at worst until the holidays.

I am sorry.  I was really getting into playing and writing the Diabolicals.  But I guess, we’ll all have to wait to see what Goodie Snow and Magno Volt look like as children.

Speaking of the newest Diabolicals, check out the awesome genetic diversity of generation 3!

Three different skin tones, two different noses, two different mouths, three different hair colors (Magno Volt actually has very dark brown hair, not black – I think its from Hans) and two different eye shapes!  All to create three very different toddlers!  8D  I love genetic diversity.  Not gonna lie, though, if we could keep these narrow, Diabolical eyes in the family for another generation, I’ll be so happy.

Also, these kids all now have their own pages over in the Diabolical Who’s Who guide.  And the Score has been updated as well, to reflect more portraits painted and the new generation.  Woo!

Okay, I’ve got some papers to read.  Nice seeing you and I hope we’ll chat soon!  Thanks for reading!  ^_^

Some Kind of Update

Alrighty.  So, I’ve been gone a while.  Partly due to my laptop.  The hard drive died about a month ago, and I’m still wrangling with customer service to get it replaced.  It’s getting close to me just throwing my warranty out the window and replacing the thing myself!

And, I’ll be honest, partly because…I found more interesting things to do.  Before my hard drive gave out, I was playing Undertale and Stardew Valley and my Mayfields, all of which were more interesting than the Diabolicals at the time.

So, there’s that.  Sorry for the lack of update or explanation.  Most of you who read this also read the Mayfields, so I usually just put updates over there and assume everyone gets it.

As soon as I fix up my laptop, it’ll be back to weekly updates, I swear!  That’s not an empty promise!  I was so close to reaching Gen 2 in game!  Mori was nearing teenager-age and the girls were celebrating becoming YAs.

I guess this is to say: hang in there, the Diabolicals WILL return!

GRE Stuffs

Just a head’s up, I’ll be gone from the sim-sphere for the next two weeks.  I’m taking my GRE Subject-Math test next Saturday and my GRE General test the Friday after that.  I’m not too worried about the General.  I’ve taken a practice and aced the math section.  Not even the english section screwed me!  So, yeah, not worried about that at all!  The Subject…T_T

There comes a point in your major when you understand the complex inner workings of the higher level stuff and you’re feeling pretty good, and then…calculus comes back to bite you in the ass!  T_T  The Math Subject is about 50% calculus…I’ve got the real analysis, I’ve got ODEs & PDEs, and abstract algebra is cake…but calculus

Anyway, enough of my bawling.  This was just to let you goes know where I’ve vanished to and about when I’ll be back.  My first day of freedom should be Halloween.  So maybe I’ll do something special.

Have a great day!  ^_^

Different Blog Theme

This is not the post you were hoping for.  Sorry to crush all your hopes and dreams.  Muhahahahahaha!  Ahem, Max must be rubbing off on me…>.>

1.3 - pic8

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been doing a bit of editing to the blog layout.  If you didn’t notice, take a good long look at the title of this post.  I really like this theme, Suits, but I miss the nice red post titles of the Museum theme*.  Can’t have everything, I suppose.  Meh.

A new thing I’m trying out is having a Head of the Family picture off in the sidebar.  It’ll probably have a link to the Family page hidden in it or something.  *waves hand vaguely*  You can thank LilyShadowWriter of the Different Winters blog for giving me the idea (cough *completely stole it!* hack-cough).

Anywho, I’ve also added some Follow buttons and a Blog Roll to the sidebar.  If you would like your Sims blog listed, provide the link in the comments below and I’ll check it out.  I’d love new reading material!  ^_^

This was just a kind of an update post and a request for reader opinions.  If you dislike this theme, or just really preferred the previously used theme, or have different suggestions, say so in the comments.  The next chapter should be up in a bit.  I’m just having problems finding a certain picture and that picture is absolutely, 100%  ESSENTIAL!  No, really, it is!

*:  If anyone can tell me how to change that, you can has a cookie!  XD