No Update

Not today, at least.  Sorry.  😦

This is just to tell you guys that I’ll be taking a break from simming for a little bit to focus on the rest of this semester.  I’ll be studying and attempting to nail down my thesis topic, so I should really focus.

The Mayfields will continue to be updated, as I have quite a few chapters in reserve now (our next family head is adorable).  However, I’m all caught up to in game for the Diabolicals, so you’ll have to wait for them.  I’m not saying I’ll drop off the face of the earth, just that if I do post, it’ll be sporadic at best and non-existent at worst until the holidays.

I am sorry.  I was really getting into playing and writing the Diabolicals.  But I guess, we’ll all have to wait to see what Goodie Snow and Magno Volt look like as children.

Speaking of the newest Diabolicals, check out the awesome genetic diversity of generation 3!

Three different skin tones, two different noses, two different mouths, three different hair colors (Magno Volt actually has very dark brown hair, not black – I think its from Hans) and two different eye shapes!  All to create three very different toddlers!  8D  I love genetic diversity.  Not gonna lie, though, if we could keep these narrow, Diabolical eyes in the family for another generation, I’ll be so happy.

Also, these kids all now have their own pages over in the Diabolical Who’s Who guide.  And the Score has been updated as well, to reflect more portraits painted and the new generation.  Woo!

Okay, I’ve got some papers to read.  Nice seeing you and I hope we’ll chat soon!  Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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