2.9 – Birth Days Ahead, pt. 1

Last time, Dinah and Nikita passed on to the great cat estate in the sky.  T_T  This time, young Mad Fireball ages up.  Among, perhaps, other birthdays.


Rosie literally pays the bills.  And what’s Lili up to, I wonder?


Skilling apparently.  I will accept this.

Lili:  Hey, Moriarty!  Guess what?  You’re gonna be an uncle!

Mori:  What?


Mori:  I thought I was already an uncle…

Lili:  Rosie beat me at having kids?!

Mori:  What–no!  You remember Mad Fireball?!  You’re daughter!

Lili:  Who?


Lili:  Darnit!  I thought for sure I’d win at having kids first!

Mori:  It’s too early for this shit.  Checkmate.

Lili:  Darn!

I don’t think she’s won a single game against him.


Just so you know, Hans is still at the fire station.  He’s not allowed to leave until he maxes the firefighter career.


He’s getting there.


Rosie…what’re you doing with the baby?

Rosie:  Isaiah finally asked me out!  *girlish sigh*

What does that have to do with Mad Fireball?

Rosie:  He’s given me so much trouble, I need a wingman.


Rosie takes Mad Fireball with her to experience her very first adult date with Isaiah.  Yes, it’s been that long.


Wait!  Rosie!  Where’s the baby?!

Rosie:  Who cares?  I got him right where I want him.


It’s early spring, but the baby’s on the freezing ground.  And she’s starving!  Perfect!  >.<

Kudos to Mad Fireball, though.  A few hours on the cold ground and a few more hours from starving to death, but she didn’t cry once.  She knows when to not interrupt.


Uninterrupted, Rosie gets down to the serious business of wooing Isaiah.


And makes him her boyfriend.  And he doesn’t immediately run away!  Can we go all the way?  Let’s go all the way!


While this is going on, Hans makes an appearance, grabs his daughter, and skedaddles back home.  I guess maxing the firefighter career will have to wait.


Rosie wastes no time in making use of the newly freed space.

Rosie:  Marry me, or you’ll never see daylight again.


He says yes, however wise that may be.

Isaiah:  Is it…gonna cut off my finger?  Why is it glittering like that?


Back home, Hans starts upgrading the appliances & plumbing around the house.  Maybe he’ll max Handiness if not his career.



Max still adores Kitty, even if the game thinks she cheated on him.


And it’s Mad Fireball’s birthday!

We did throw her a party…


Rosie even cooked for it!

Rosie:  Flipping badass pancakes while naked!  I’m fucking awesome!


The guests even showed up to block the front door.


But Lili decided to highjack it.

Lili:  Baby incoming!

Rosie:  But you already have one!


Lili:  But there has to be multiple for an heir vote!  Argh!

Rosie:  Fuck this shit, I’m out!


And Rosie left her pregnant sister to give birth in the living room.  Because that’s how Rosie rolls.  At least she didn’t leave the pancakes on the stove.  She actually finished cooking before running out to panic over Lili!


Lili does ruin whatever order existed.  The party guests can’t enter the house, and Lili can’t leave.  So Lili has no choice but to have a home birth.

Lili:  What?!


Mad Fireball then steals my camera and ages up all alone in the nursery.  Wait.  Grandma Kitty might have been there with her.


Looks like dad’s nose and eyes.


Max immediately puts her in the walker.


Then the camera zooms back across the house to Lili.

It’s another girl!  Wishes fulfilled!

This baby is born mid-spring, the day before Love Day at 7 in the evening.


I’m prepared this time.


Wait, what?

Welp!  Looks like this legacy has its very first black sheep!

The baby is named Goodie Snow to recognize her inborn deficiency.


Then she has the gall to have White as her favorite color.

Goodie Snow will NOT be eligible for heirship, as we here at the Diabolical Legacy are observing the Family Trait rule.  All heirs MUST have the Evil trait.


You are a bitter disappointment.


Even Lynx recognizes the defectiveness of this child!


Hans and Lili are all too happy to get working on a replacement child.

I’ll say this for the kid, she’s easy to ignore.


So is Mad Fireball now that she’s older.  Apparently she’s been stuck in that walker long enough to learn how to walk!


Mad Fireball:  Must.  Keep.  Moving.

Join us next time for Part Two of Birth Days Ahead!  😀

Thanks for reading !  ^_^


  1. Poor baby. She hasn’t met all her family yet and everybody already hates her. Even the cats. Let’s hope someone will have a weak spot fort this cutie pie baby ❤

    Can't help it, but Mad Fireball's face looks so much like an adult sim's face. A bit creepy? o_O But she's adorable anyway. I call it 'THE DIABOLICAL BEAUTY'. Oh, and eventhough she's just a spare, Rosie totally owns it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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