2.7 – Call Me, Baby!

Greeting to all the lovely peoples!  Last time Hans saved the military from mutant plants, but couldn’t save his extended family from the house that his rather excitable yet unstable PREGNANT wife constructed.  Oh, well!  Let’s see what the Diabolicals are up to today!


Ah yes.  Lili’s munching watermelon like they’re going outta style.  Both she and Hans want a girl.

Why is the heavily pregnant woman out in the snow?


Because it’s the weekend and the whole family has a day off together!


Except Hans.  He’s new and so is still earning his keep.

Apologies for the very crappy picture.  I was enjoying a dark lager for the very first time.  😀  Don’t drink and sim, kids.


While Hans works for this legacy, the rest of the family enjoy this last day of winter before the desert heat melts everything once again.

Kitty decides to enjoy some hot cocoa, and then gets it for free.  Score!


Suddenly, a scream rends through the slightly chilly air!  Lili’s gone into labor!  Guess she ate that fruit just in time!

Lili:  I think the watermelon wants out!  😀



While the elderly festival attendants panic, Kitty screams at Lili to get her ass to the hospital.

Lili:  Nah, I think I’m good.  ^_^


Kitty finally leads our retarded heiress out of the park and down to the hospital.  Which, fortunately for the firstborn of generation 3, is right across the street.


Dude 1:  Dude, the pregnant lady is finally heading to the hospital.  Why are you still screaming?

Dude 2:  I. Don’t. KNOW!


And what is Max doing while his firstborn gives birth to his first grandchild?  Why skating, of course!

And what’s Rosie doing?


Being fucking awesome.

But neither seem to really care that a baby is on the way.  But I care!


And, apparently, so does Hans.  Because he runs down the street from the fire station, which also happens to be right next to the hospital.  Convenient.

While we wait for the beginnings of generation 3 to come into being, the Minion will sim watch.


Ooo!  You are incredibly cute!  Are you a Dreamer?

Lady:  What?!


Abrielle Tanner.  Your genetics will be kept in mind.


Look!  Townies teach their kids!  Ermahgerd!  I’ve never seen this before!


Look!  Innit he cute as a button!  *Minion suffering toddler withdrawal*


It’s a girl!

Now, let me explain something.  Every child in the Diabolical legacy will have an evil name.  But I couldn’t think of an evil name that Lili would actually use for her child.  So I visited a supervillian name generator.


It gave me “Princess Fireball”, which was perfect.  However, EA has restricted the number of characters first names can be!  Blasphemy!  So, I puzzled my head, and finally my boyfriend suggested “Madam” instead, which was also awesome.  But still too long!  So Princess became Madam which was shortened to Mad.


The baby’s name is Mad Fireball.  Don’t question me.


Lili:  I’m a mommy!  😀

God help us all.


Lili:  Why.  Is it.  Crying.

That’s what burrit–I mean BABYS do.  It’s just what they do.  Get it home.


Seeing Lili with a baby has caused Kitty to roll some wishes.

Sorry Kitty, but that one might take a while.


Ah, yes!  We were introducing Mad Max–I mean FIREBALL!  That might happen again.  >.>

Mad Fireball was born at 1:30 in the afternoon on the last day of Winter.  I watched some snow melt while waiting for her birth.  She rolled Clumsy and Couch Potato, and likes the color Green like her Uncle Moriarty, Beach Party music like no one, and Veggie Burgers.  Interesting.  And she seems to have her father’s skin tone!  Woo!


You know what her birth means?  Generation 3 is here!  +1 point!  😀


Kitty immediately heads for Mad’s nursery.


And promptly rolls this.  She does have three children, so this might be possible.  We’ll see.

Lili conks out soon after arriving home.  And Hans?  He still work–


Hans: Wasn’t there something I was supposed to be doing?

Goddamnit, Hans.  Goddamnit.  >.<  Get your ass to maintaining the firetruck!


Hans:  Can’t even take a bath without someone bitching!  *grumble, grumble*

Yeah, yeah, like I care!


A much more productive member of the family nets herself yet another promotion!


This is actually to save some dish from a tripping waiter, but I’ll take it!  Rosie is at level 4 and one step closer to being able to leave the house!

She’s allowed to leave early, so heads home to call up Isaiah.  After all, her mother has a few wishes that need fulfilling.


Rosie:  He’s not picking up.

Goddamnit Isaiah!  You.  Will be!  OURS!

Why are sim men so hard to get?!  Argh!


With Isaiah being stupid, Rosie calls over her Romantic Interest from prom…all those years ago.


Chad:  *nasally voice*  My baby called.  Sniff.

You…you are…disappointing.


Rosie:  This isn’t working, Bob.

Chad:  Chad.

Rosie:  BOB.  I’m breaking up with you.


Bob:  Fuck you!

Rosie:  It’s rabid!


Rosie:  I can be rabid too.  Wanna see?

Bob:  Meep!  No!


He makes his excuses and exits the house.

And I shall leave you with these lovely images of Macavity finally killing Lynx.


Macavity:  We’re finally completely alone.  Bitch!  Die!


Lynx:  Mama, help!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Such an evil name for this lovely pink burrito! Pink has never looked so evil before! Muhahahaha. I’m sure she’ll take after her awesome parents. Well, just in some things… like being awesome and such *cough*nobodyspokeaboutporn*cough* 😀 😀 😀

    Anyway, the kitties are so killing me with their antics! Macavity reminds me of my little fluffy friend. Dunno why but she keeps on attacking my face just like Macavity attacks Lynx’s. Poor baby, I hope she’ll survive. Such an awesome chapter! I laughed all the time 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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