2.6 – The House that Excitable Crazy Built

This marks the 3rd update of SimNaWriMo!  Bronze medal!  I’m super stoked!  Are you super stoked?  Hell, yeah!

You know what else is stoked?  Fire!


Burning buildings!  Rescuing sims!  Defeating the most dangerous of the four elements!  Saving the world!  Or at least Lucky Palms!  😀


Firefighter Hans!  Out to save your burning ass!


I originally read that as “The Woohoo 4000” and snickered.  I know, I’m so very mature.


Hans takes the Woo Woo *snickers again* clear across the desert to this very nice, large building by the radioactive red lake.  It takes a while just to get there.

Wait a second!  What…it’s a rabbithole?  I thought you got to fight fires!  I’ve been deceived!  T_T


You have to get graded too?!

This…this isn’t what I had in mind.


That’s interesting!  But why would the MILITARY have giant mutant plants?!  *Thinks about it for a moment*  Nope, that actually makes sense.  Carry on.


Hans gets to be a hero after all!

Is it bad that all I can picture is Hans doing all this in his porn suit?  XD


Even saving people in porn suits only gets you a B.  No matter.  We’ll do better next time!  *Plots to upgrade the WooWoo…snickers*


And here’s our hero of the hour!  Don’t mind the wardrobe change.  Hans apparently got promoted during the hostile plant takeover.

Look!  He has an actual fireman hat now!  *squeals with unbridled joy*

Rabbithole disasters aside, I think I really like the firefighter career.


After saving the military from their own mistakes, Hans heads back to the fire station to skill up his Handiness by beating up the harmless toilet.


I’ve started using his Handiness level as proof of his career level since I haven’t been getting promotion popups for Hans.  To anyone that’s done the firefighter profession, are you NOT supposed to get promotion popups?  Is this normal or is something wrong with Hans?  He gets promoted just fine, music and it shows up on his work panel.  I just don’t get a snazzy popup to show off.


No matter.  I’m still getting popups for everyone else, Rosie in particular!  For such a lazy sim, she rushing through the culinary career.  I believe that this is Level 3.


Shortly afterwards, Rosie maxes out her Cooking skill!  Woo!  Maybe that’s why she’s been getting promoted every day.

But I believe I promised Mori and you guys a new Diabolical Lair!



Ground floor.  The decor is due to the family head being extremely spastic about colorings and flitting from one paint palette to another without ever actually settling on one.


Upstairs.  The family ran out of money before the second floor could be finished, so there is only one door and one light.  In true Lili fashion, we didn’t plan that far ahead.


The spares, regardless of age, were shuffled down to the basement.


Rosie’s bedroom.


Mori’s bedroom.

Both are rather unfurnished at the moment.  I’m afraid decorating the ground floor got away from me.


Also in the basement is the family mausoleum.  Beyond this great portal of dread will be, eventually, the family portraits, achievements & awards, and graves.


Last basement room: the collectables room.  This is all we have currently, curtesy of Nikita’s hunting.  Well done, cat.  Well done.

There’s also a bathroom down there, but, bathrooms, meh.


Upstairs, this is the first thing you see when you come in through the front door.

Appreciate that floor, it took me ages.


Immediately to the left, there’s space for a gigantic fireplace.  We ran out of money before it could be bought.  😦  Damn spares!  Eating up all my fireplace money!


Main living room area.  With couches, chess table and exits to the dining room, kitchen and basement all over.

Yes, I was planning on having two gigantic fireplaces back to back.  But…out of money.  So I put the TV there instead.


Basement stairs and door to the laundry room.  There is no washer or dryer, as we ran out of money.

Mostly I’m showing you this to get you accustomed to that glaring wall paint.  You’re welcome.


This is Rosie’s kitchen.  You can tell it’s Rosie’s as it doesn’t give off the same excitable, unstable vibe as the rest of the house.


The dining room.  I’m fairly certain Kitty decorated this room.  It’s classy.


Lili & Han’s workout room.  I think since he has to use it too, Hans managed to persuade Lili to tone it back to just their favorite colors: white & black.


The hallway leading to the grand master bedroom, master bedroom and nursery.  The portraits are hanging in here currently, but that’s just until I finish the lair mausoleum.


The grand master bedroom, aka, Kitty & Max’s room.  Kitty’s easels are in here, just along the wall not shown.  And I later fill in that empty floor space with space rugs.

The grand master bath is off to the right, not shown because…bathroom.  Yeah, this Minion has learned to avoid those areas.  >.<


The master bedroom, where Hans and Lili sleep and do dirty things.  It actually doesn’t look too bad.  I think that’s because it was decorated last and I had stopped caring.

Once again, master bath off to the right, not shown.


Nursery!  Bright, colorful nursery for bouncing Diabolical babies!  😀

There’s another half to the room, but I, for some reason, didn’t get a picture of it.  It’s just got lots of toys in it and a funky corner.  I’m sure you’ll see it shortly anyways.  😉


Here in the Diabolical Lair, we treat our feline family members just as well, if not better, than we do actual legacy members.  Behold!  The cat room!  It’s bigger than the master bedroom.


Off the main living room, but hidden behind the massive not-fireplace wall, is the double doors leading to the study.  It doesn’t see much use.  Yet!  So, in preparation for the future, we spent the very last of our money on this room.  XD


And that’s it!  The Diabolicals have moved up in the world and their lair reflects that!  Though, they really, REALLY should have hired an actual decorator rather than leave Lili alone with a rainbow of paints.

Hmmm…I should add to that roof and make it look like three scoops of ice cream.  Yes, I should do this.

The house page has been updated to reflect house changes.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Haha! That was funny.
    Whenever someone says WooHoo in public as a cheer or something, I just loose it XD every time.
    YES! Make the house look like ice-cream! That would be awesome. The rest of the house looks great, too. I like the nursery 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If I remember well the firefighter profession should give you also jobs where you actually go inside other Sims’ homes and be a hero 😉 Maybe Han just needs to level up or something? Or maybe it’s totally random…

    Good job on the legacy house! I would have totally lose my patience with that floor. You’re crazy 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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