2.5 – Baby Pop

You may be wondering why we’re back so soon.  To that I have but one word:  Boolprop.

Last time, Hans vanished, reappeared and we managed to marry Lili and Hans.  And just in time too!


Lili: *pop*  Baby!

Yes, Lili, baby.  Generation 3!  Woot-woot!

Don’t mind the stench, she was working out just before this.  I think she’s up to level 8 of Athletics.


The first thing she does after baby-popping (sounds nasty) is wish to have a girl.


Fortunately, Hans wants a girl too.  We can do that!  Just need to clear out some of his other wishes.

Speaking of which…


Hans the firefighter apparently has no Handiness to speak of.  We quickly remedy that.


Earlier that morning, Lili and Hans do some couple bonding by reading career-oriented books together.  Good job!  😀


Speaking of career, Hans heads off to his first fully controlled day of being a fireman.

He tries to do his usual shift, but I nip that sharpish.


That’s right!  Maintaining the firetruck!  Woo!

This, apparently, takes a while.  Is it obvious I’ve never done this before?


Back home, Mori continues doing all he ever does, skilling.

Mori:  It’s because YOU don’t know what to do with me!  I’m cute, I’m smart, I’m a fucking vampire!  But I’m a spare!  So you don’t know what to do with me!

Shhh, baby, shhh.


To keep him company, Lili decides to play a game or two.  She’s got Logic to work on anyways.

Mori:  Great, the hormonal crazy is invading my only safe space.


The siblings consider the open, as-of-yet untouched, battlefield.


Lili:  Maybe I should move to this space?

Mori:  Shut up!  You’re interrupting my concentration.


Silence falls once more upon the still virgin chess board.

Seriously, guys, move a piece.  I’m going grey over here!


Mori:  Very well.  Checkmate, sister!  I’ll be leaving now.


And so the board was abandoned, only to be hogged by Rosie seconds later.  But not for playing.  Just for the luxurious feeling of those leopard fur chairs.

Rosie:  Fuck off.



Back at the fire department, Hans is taking care of some wishes to upgrade appliances.  He makes the wise choice to shed his temperature retardant uniform for his clearly much warmer sparkle-porn gear.


The upgrading pays off.  And I learn something important!


Apparently, leveling up skills increases job performance and actually gets Hans a promotion!  Interesting!  *still a n00b*

Hmm…can I get him to actual firefighter status before the baby’s born?  And will this give said baby a hidden trait relating to fire?  Things to ponder!


With this discovery in mind, Hans gets on upgrading the entire fire department.


Max and Kitty, still in love!  ❤


Macavity and Lynx, sharing some brotherly bonding.  However, a few seconds later…


Lynx:  He so scawwey!


And Max is still at large and in charge of the corporate world.

Wait!  What’s that sound?!


Could it be–?


It is!  Lucky Palms is on fire!  Tune in next time!  XD

But wait, there’s more!

While I’ve got you here, the Diabolicals will be taking part in SimNaWriMo over on Boolprop.


Mori:  Do we have to do the boolprop thing?

Yes, we’re going for gold!  That’s minimum 10 chapters before Halloween!


Mori:  I don’t want to!  You can’t make me!

Well fine!  You just won’t appear in any screenshots!


Mori:  It’s not like you pay attention to me anyways!  *pouts*

😦  Baby, don’t be this way!  I’m sorry!  I love you!  I’ll give you anything you want!  Don’t be sad!  😦


Mori:  Guilt trip successful.  I want a bigger room.

Okay!  😦

And so the house was rebuilt.  But next time!


The fire station shown here and in the last chapter is the Clearwater Firestation.  It is NOT mine, but it is very lovely and fits very well in the desert landscape.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Now I understand your October writing spree! You’re such a determined writer, Fluffymao. I truly admire you. I could NEVER write 10 (!!!) chapters of the LL in one month, in fact I’m struggling to publish just 2. Could be because they start at around 1.500 words and sometimes reach even 5.000? Crazy, I know.

    Now to comment on the actual chapter:
    I love seeing Max and Kitty being still so much in love. I adore seeing elders getting the romance on! I think it’s just cute ❤

    So Moriarty has finally managed to blackmail you into building him a bigger room? I guess he deserves it. I've never seen such a handsome young vampire with so powerful manipulative skills before. He's awesome 😀

    And yay for the baby girl! Can't wait to see the little pink burrito 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yep, I got the gold pen thingy! 😀 And managed to keep my chapters at normal length! I can’t do over 2000 words for one chapter, and even then I think only the Mayfields have gotten that long of a chapter.
      I love lovey-dovey elders! Especially when it’s autonomous! ❤
      Moriarty is such a handsome little devil! I don't think I'll be able to part with him.
      Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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