2.4 – Bedded and…Wetted?

Last time, both Rosie and Lili were trundling right along in the skills needed for their careers.  And Kitty was the best spouse ever and getting us more legacy points.  And an Imaginary Friend returned from the grave just to fuck with my game.  Fortunately, I’m paranoid as hell and had saved right before dragging the doll out of Lili’s inventory.

So let’s forget all about grave-rising dolls and focus on getting Lili a man and a baby!


What’re you up to, sweetie?

Mori:  I put a hole through the ceiling!  Now, you’ll HAVE to rebuild the house to give me a bigger room!

Uh, no, don’t think so.  But you’re cute.


What?  No she doesn’t game!  Lili!  What’re YOU up to?!?!


Hmmm…me thinks the game is out to get me.  But Hans seems to have returned!  Carry on.

In the interest of preventing Hans from vanishing into the Aether again, I wanted them wedded and bedded.  However, Lili had work that could NOT be forsaken.  I stalked Hans all day to keep him from poofing.



This is all he did.  But at least he’s still in the world!


While watching Hans, I did get word that Kitty got her very first award!  Awesome!


Here’s our award winning actress!  Yes, I looked away from Hans for a moment.


And here’s her Sims Choice Award!  It’s quite lovely!  This shall be admired for many Diabolical generations yet to come.  ^_^


Another popup says that Lili got a nice promotion.  Of course, she immediately rushes her ass down to the fire station where the minion waits impatiently.


Delicious eye contact is made after nearly ten hours apart.


Then Lili goes for the full frontal assault and Hans has no choice but to relent.


He seems hesitant at her first question…


But seals his fate by giving in to her demands.


And then Lili trains him, because what else do you do with someone who just agreed to go out with you?  😐


Look at the ferocity!

Back inside, we focus once more on the mission at hand.


Lili:  You, babe, are hotter than a vase of flowers.

Hans:  …I would hope so.


Lili:  I mean, I love your face!

Hans: Getting warmer.


In the end, it appears that Lili communicates much more thoroughly with body language than any other language.

You think I’m joking about that communication bit.  See that skill bar above her head?


It’s her Charisma skill.  Woo, boy!


After a deep and insightful “conversation”, Lili moves onto the next question.

Lili:  Do you want a ring?

Hans:  What?


Lili:  Like, a really, REALLY shiny ring?

Hans:  Whatever do you mean?

Stop being coy and just be ours!


Hans:  Oh, Lili!  Of course I’ll marry you.

Good answer.


Because how could anyone resist that face!


Finally!  Lili was red all over the place.  I though we’d have an acci—


…dent.  *sigh*

Lili:  Did he see?!

Lili!  He’s leaving the building!  He’s in his car and he’s gone!  Of course he saw!

Lili:  Drat.

Get you ass up and after him!  There can be no witnesses!

Hans drives clear across town with Lili in hot pursuit.  Then he makes the grave error of inviting her inside.


Lili:  Hi!  I followed you her.

Hans:  What have I gotten myself into?

You can’t escape now!  We’re in your house, stealing your…you!  >:D


Ariel:  Why is there a prostitute in my house?

Don’t worry about it.


Ignoring Hans’s elderly father, Lili gets the Private Wedding Train going.






And with that, Hans is married into the family!  He’s also moved in.


Ariel:  Did my son just marry that prostitute?

Yes, yes he did.  Problem?

In exchange for his son, we give Ariel Azrael, Nikita’s son.  Seems fair.


“Meeting” Hans seems to have boosted Rosie into completing a skill challenge…game logic.


Meet Hans, everyone!  He is a Brave, Grumpy, Clumsy yet Athletic Animal Lover.  Got some randomness going on there alright.  His favorites are Vegetarian Chile (meh), Black (same as Max’s), and Spooky music.  Hmm…he might do okay in an evil legacy.

And his LTW?


This could be interesting.  😀


Now meet Hans post-Minion makeover.  No, I don’t know why I made him into an 80’s porn star, go away!

As soon as he contributes his genes to the next generation, Hans will have a place on the family tree and download page.  So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Oh dear! I’ve got a LOAD of chapters to catch up on… What happened here? Where did I go? How could I have missed all this? o_O

    Anyway, New Hans kinda really looks like an 80’s porn star!!! I wonder if that’s just a coincidence or a subconscious influence of some kind 😀

    Congrats to the newly weds!

    Liked by 1 person

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